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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Trending House Designs For 2022

| by Apple Barretto

Trending House Designs For 2022

What are the trending house designs for 2022?

  1. Earth tone colors
  2. Sustainable materials
  3. Large windows
  4. Bringing in plants and demand for green spaces
  5. Multifunctional spaces

There’s no doubt that home design trends are ever-changing. But when it comes to 2022, it seems that  home design trends are leaning more towards  comfort. Thanks to worldwide COVID-19 vaccinations, the new year will be on the tail of challenging times. Read on this article as we list down the trending house designs for 2022.

Many believe that 2022 will be centered around renewed interest such as bringing in nature indoors. Sustainable materials, earth tone colors, houseplants, and natural lighting are predicted to rise in decor popularity next year. Homes are also no longer seen as a sole place to live in — they have become versatile: a place where one can unwind and work at the same time. Continue reading on for our curated picks of trending house designs for 2022. Take inspiration from these in decorating your home for the new year.

Earth Tone Colors

The truth is, earth tone colors will never go out of style. But, the popularity of these these hues will be more prevalent than ever this 2022. One look at earth tone color should be enough to remind you of natural things like skies, soils, leaves, and the sun. Some examples of earth tone colors include warm brown, beige, terracotta, dusty rose, rich red, olive green, and cool blue.

Earth tone color schemes like those found in nature are known to reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, and make people feel happier. After a few years of living and working indoors, people will be more likely inclined to create peaceful ambiances.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Following the concerns with climate change and the depletion of natural resources, more people will encapsulate longevity into their living spaces. In 2022, there will be an emphasis on using sustainable materials. Think furniture pieces like desks and chairs that are fused with bamboo, rattan, timber, or recycled glass. Dried flowers and grasses will also be trending accessories.    

Large Windows

Living spaces will large windows that let plenty of natural light in will be a trending house design for 2022. Given how much time people spend indoors nowadays, large windows will be a well sought-after feature among aspiring renovators and homebuyers alike.

Take the houses in Park Place Batangas as an example. Here, the modern Asian-inspired 2-story twin homes are designed with earth-tone palettes and large windows. One step inside the properties is enough to relieve your stress. As a resident, you will have an enhanced view of the vibrant outdoors and be provided with abundant daylight.

Bringing In Plants and Demand For Green Spaces

Bringing In Plants And Demand For Green Spaces

Another impact of spending more time indoors is the predicted house design trend of bringing in plants in 2022. Everyone wants to reconnect with the calming outdoors, which is why more plants may be infused in decor. For example, living room desks may have a fresh snake plant or bedrooms may have spider plants in hanging baskets. Homeowners may also want to have small gardens.

For many people, it has become challenging to rejuvenate amidst nature spots. This may also boost the demand for communities with plenty of greenery and naturally ventilated spots. Plants not only improve oxygen levels but also enhance moods and creativity. Undoubtedly, bringing peace and positivity to homes is more important than ever. This being said, residing in a green community like the Westwoods in Cagayan de Oro by Pueblo de Oro will be advantageous.

Westwoods recently won  double  gold awards in the  Environmental and Low-rise residential categories by Property and Real Estate Excellence Awards 2021.   This green  subdivision situated in Cagayan de Oro is surrounded by a 40-hectare urban rainforest .  Moreover, the hiking, jogging,biking trails, and swimming pool  offer utmost peace and quiet amidst nature in the Westwoods.    

Multifunctional Spaces

One of the top trending house designs for 2022 is predicted to be multifunctional spaces. In 2021, multifunctional spaces were introduced with the rise of makeshift office spaces. For the next year, the trend is most likely here to stay.

The pandemic made people realize that homes are havens and spaces can be molded to accommodate different activities. For example, kitchen bar tables can double as workstations. If you  are reconsidering how your spaces will function, then choosing to invest in a property in Pueblo de Oro will be a smart move. Pueblo de Oro properties have open-plan layouts and flexibility,  which means you have the  create freedom to design your home the way it will fit your lifestyle and family. 

Key Takeaway

The trending house designs for 2022 are expected to lean  towards comfort and functionality. At Pueblo de Oro, we have designed our residential properties to address your 2022 home needs. We have masterplanned communities and townships in  locations like Batangas, Cebu, Pampanga, and Cagayan de Oro.

If you need assistance in viewing a Pueblo de Oro residence, you may click here to browse through our online house tours. For more inquiries, contact PDO at +63 (2) 790-2200.

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