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Best Housing Developers in the Philippines

Best Housing Developers in the Philippines - Beautiful communities, families, and houses

Qualities that Make Pueblo de Oro One of the Best in the Philippines

Real estate and property development is a business and industry that is more important now than ever. Unlike other more developed countries, the Philippines is still in a stage of growth — a stage where the country’s potential is still trying to be fulfilled. At the forefront of this valiant effort is Pueblo de Oro, one of the best housing developers in the Philippines.

Housing, real estate, and properties are invaluable to society. These are the structures that serve as the foundation of people’s daily lives. Houses foster a family, the most basic unit of society. What this implies for the Philippines is that a well-functioning society requires well-functioning families and individuals. To have these kinds of families and individuals, there must be quality houses for them to live in.

That being said, Pueblo de Oro is a housing and lot developer in the Philippines that is dedicated to providing quality, affordable, and accessible housing properties across the country. Keep reading and take a look at why we are considered one of the best housing developers in the Philippines.

The Filipino Family First

Family sitting on a fountain made by the best housing developer in the philippines

One of the main qualities that make Pueblo de Oro reputable is our experience. After 20+ years in the industry, the company has understood the value of a family and the structure that houses them. What separates the best housing developers in the Philippines from the rest of the pack is this kind of understanding.

  • Affordability Without Compromising Quality and Innovation

The common notion is that when something is affordable, it also lacks in quality compared to other more expensive options.  That kind of notion is what Pueblo de Oro is actively trying to quell. Experience the quality of our structures and the lifestyle that living in them entails all at an affordable price.

By putting the Filipino family first, Pueblo de Oro has identified that affordability should be prioritized when creating houses and other projects. From the strategic outsourcing of construction materials and labor to transparency in their operations — the properties we create across different regions and provinces in the Philippines are affordable and well-designed.

  • Community Building

Thanks to our comprehensive planning, our housing projects are not only geared for a comfortable living experience but also one that involves community-building. Whether you choose to live in a townhome, apartment, or a single-detached house, you can be sure that you will find a community that you can share experiences with.

Pueblo de Oro’s housing projects, which include the construction of a wide range of amenities from basketball courts to multi-purpose halls, help build said communities. On top of that, we continuously implement the best governance practices while thoughtfully considering other elements that play an important role in a Filipino’s life.

Residential Projects Across the Country

Fountain and house made by the best housing developer in the country

Pueblo de Oro also aids in the nation’s development by creating projects on all the major island groups in the country. This is another quality that the best housing developer in the Philippines should have.

  • Batangas

Starting with Luzon, Pueblo de Oro Batangas is a developed 24-hectare residential community in Sto. Tomas City surrounded by pastoral scenes away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. There are three types of residential properties available: La Aldea Del Monte, Park Place, and Horizon Residences. Amenities in Pueblo de Oro Batangas include a multipurpose court, park, swimming pool, and playground. There is also a guardhouse that provides 24/7 security so that you are assured of your safety.

La Aldea Del Monte is a two-storey townhouse that exhibits contemporary Asian design. There are 6 units available per cluster which give you a perfect balance of privacy and fellowship.

Meanwhile, Park Place Batangas sports a two-storey, twin-home design that also exhibits a contemporary Asian influence in its architecture. Park Place can be a better option if you want more space and privacy for your family. It also comes with a personal garden which can be a great addition to those who have a green thumb.

Horizon Residences is a two-storey, single attached home that is a great alternative to Park Place’s twin-home design. Horizon Residences is Zen-inspired and could be the right kind of home for families that are smaller in size.

  • Pampanga

Pueblo de Oro Pampanga is another residential community found in Central Luzon. Similar to it’s Batangas counterpart, there is also an abundant presence of natural rustic elements. The 30-hectare real-estate development is flood-resistant and secure. Choose from 4 different properties that can surely suit your needs: La Aldea Fernandina I & II, the aforementioned Park Place, and Horizon Residences. Amenities include a standard multipurpose court, park, pool, and guardhouse.

La Aldea Fernandina has two variants that are similar while at the same time having remarkable differences. Consider La Aldea Fernandina I to be in the same vein as La Aldea Del Monte in Batangas. Meanwhile, La Aldea Fernandina II can be regarded as a more exclusive version of the La Aldea series. This is great for families who want to go that extra mile for added luxury. It is a 12-hectare subdivision within the original 30-hectares that comes with added amenities. These include a full-court basketball court, transport terminal and riverside jogging path. Townhouses in La Aldea Fernandina II also have redesigned layouts and bigger floor areas.

The Park Place and Horizon Residences series of properties are also similar to the ones that can be found in Pueblo de Oro Batangas. Choose invest from our fine selection of houses for sale in Pampanga.

  • Cebu

Moving on to the Visayas group of islands, Pueblo de Oro also has a residential community project on the well-known island of Cebu. The island itself has long been known as one of the best places in the world to settle down. What better way for you to actualize that sentiment than by living in Pueblo de Oro Cebu. Nature comes in many forms with this location as not only does it have the green aspects but it also has the element of the sea. Available properties include La Aldea del Mar, Park Place I and II.

La Aldea del Mar is equivalent to all the aforementioned properties in the La Aldea series. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is an ordinary townhome. There is something special that comes with being situated in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu.

When it comes to the Park Place properties in Pueblo de Oro Cebu, Park Place II offers something that no other Park Place variant can: an unparalleled view of the Mactan Channel.

  • Cagayan de Oro

The grandest project of Pueblo de Oro can be seen in Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao. Pueblo de Oro Township is a 400-hectare master-planned development that can be considered the corporation’s biggest and boldest project since it’s inception in 1999. Its scales go beyond the domain of residence as the township also has outlets for business, education, and various kinds of recreation. It is no exaggeration when Pueblo de Oro considers it the “gold standard” in community living. One look at this township solidifies the corporation as one of the best housing developers in the Philippines and here’s why.

For residential projects and ventures, Pueblo de Oro Township has the following:

The Enclave at Pueblo Golf – an exclusive two-hectare neighborhood situated beside the Pueblo Golf championship golf course.

Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates – an even more exclusive set of properties situated within the golf course that provides the ultimate feeling of luxury and privilege.

Westwoods – premium houses that come in classic, bungalow, or two-storey setups that are a short distance away from the commercial and business districts of Cagayan de Oro.

Familia Apartments – the most affordable living space in the township. Familia Apartments is a seven-building condominium development that is bordered by the Pueblo Urban Rainforest. It still provides a natural feel despite being close to other modern conveniences.

Bamboo Lane – the first three-storey townhouse project in Cagayan de Oro with a modern Asian aesthetic. It is safe from floods thanks to its high elevation and is a great residential option for people with growing families.

Aside from residential projects, the Pueblo Business Park is a 23-hectare opulent commercial business district that is home to many small-to-medium enterprises. There is also a Pueblo I.T. Ecozone that serves as the center of I.T. and BPO-related industries. These are the reasons why you should invest in a house for sale in Cagayan de Oro.

Proactive CSR Programs

Community in a project made by the best housing developer in the philippines

Now that you know the full extent of Pueblo de Oro’s impressive housing and real estate catalog, you can understand why we are at the forefront of the country’s development. However, it doesn’t stop there, our corporate social responsibility or ‘CSR’ programs are also equally of note. While we are dedicated to providing quality and affordable housing for Filipinos, we are also steadfast in generating value for the community and the environment.

  • Green Living

For Pueblo de Oro, quality design and responsible engineering go hand-in-hand when it comes to developing properties. For over 20 years, the company has consistently prioritized protecting both people and the environment in any way we can.

With the aid of the DENR, the company has been committed to protecting, maintaining, and restoring a 40-hectare urban forest at the heart of the Pueblo de Oro Township. We also use organic herbicides and fertilizers whenever possible and conduct tree-planting activities regularly. Implementation of E-vehicle and shuttle services minimize vehicular pollution.

Flood control measures are also in place to protect people against the hazards that come with the regularly occurring typhoons and monsoons. As much as possible, projects are elevated by an average height of 1.5 to 2 meters above the originally planned level. Integrated drainage systems distribute rainwater to the different canals that also serve as a reservoir for irrigation.

  • Building and Empowering Communities

Another facet of Pueblo de Oro’s remarkable corporate social responsibility program is our perseverance in building and empowering communities. Projects conducted by the company generate career opportunities for locals in a given location. Aside from that, we implement need-based skills training and workshops in local areas.

Pueblo de Oro also supports relief programs and special humanitarian assistance for victims of natural disasters. Concrete examples of this include fishing boat rehabilitation for disaster-affected areas where fishing is the main source of livelihood. We also participate in the distribution of fast-growing vegetable seeds for farming in areas where crops were destroyed. The ability and conscious decision to go above and beyond what is expected is another quality of the best housing developers in the Philippines. Pueblo de Oro certainly exemplifies that.

Your Ideal Home and Living Situation is Within Reach with Pueblo de Oro

When it comes to quality service and dedication to corporate social responsibility, not a lot of corporations come close to Pueblo de Oro. If you’re looking for excellent, yet affordable residential properties from one of the best housing developers in the Philippines, then look no further than Pueblo de Oro. Our extensive catalog spans through different major locations in the Philippines.

Click here to learn more! If you want to see a list of all our properties, click here.


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