We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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6 New Normal Home Design Trends

| by Apple Barretto

6 New Normal Home Design Trends

What are the new normal home design trends?

  1. Sanitized Entryways 
  2. Hygiene Infused With Design 
  3. Smart Homes 
  4. Dedicated Home Offices 
  5. A Need For Private, Green Spaces 
  6. Kitchens Redefined 

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to reconsider their way of living. As people are spending more time at home, the spotlight has been cast upon the way we decorate spaces. For this reason, we have rounded up some of the best trends for home design in the new normal.

Many believe that this dependence on homes will persist until after the pandemic recedes. Homes are not just solely a place to live anymore — it has become a workplace and a place to unwind at the same time. Read on to know how you can design your home to be more adaptable to COVID-19 and beyond. 

Sanitized Entryways

Sanitized Entryways 

Commercial establishments have heightened their health protocols by requiring customers to sanitize their hands and have temperature checks before entering. A similar concept may arise in the new normal home design trends. 

With the developments in technology, there are innovative tools that help homes practice proper hygiene. Entryways may be defined to have transitional spaces that allow one to sanitize thoroughly. 

Moreover, during the pandemic, there has been an increase in online shopping. Through a sanitized entryway, there may be a different approach to handling parcels and groceries. 

Hygiene Infused With Design

More people may begin to pay attention to air purifiers that monitor indoor air quality, germ-resistant materials for surfaces, and self-cleaning fixtures such as smart toilets and ultraviolet appliances.  

All these are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their ability to prevent germs and viruses from spreading. 

Smart Homes

Smart Homes 

Let’s admit it, there was no need to avoid touching surfaces before. Today, people are more cautious about their personal hygiene as it directly correlates to their safety. 

That being said, smart homes can be a huge trend that rises. This can include voice or phone-controlled lights, faucets, and other appliances. Aside from impressing young tech-savvy generations, it minimizes the need to touch many surfaces. It can be of huge help to elderly people who need help in day-to-day tasks as well. 

Dedicated Home Offices

With most people working from home, rooms have been converted into make-shift office spaces. However, these new “offices” are not conducive to promote a productive environment. 

When it comes to remote work, there has to be a clear separation between working areas and relaxing spaces. As a result, this may mean a need for larger spaces to create dedicated home offices.  

At Pueblo De Oro, we offer properties that boast spaciousness. For instance, the contemporary Asian-inspired homes of Park Place II Cebu have a 65 sqm. lot area that can be expanded to 109 sqm. Rest assured we have locations that can cater to your work from home needs.

A Need For Private, Green Spaces 

A Need For Private Green Spaces

Another impact of staying indoors would be the increasing demand for private, green spaces. Everyone may end up wanting to have a small garden to reduce stress and improve air quality. 

Alternatively, people may choose to reside in communities that have spacious green spaces for leisure. Under the new normal, spending time amidst nature spots such as beaches, mountains, and parks became challenging. This has produced a high demand for greenery and natural surroundings in developments and homes. 

Many now recognize that being immersed in nature helps us appreciate beauty, peace, safety, and fulfillment — which is important now, more than ever. 

Exercise spaces and naturally-ventilated spots are now in demand to a greater extent. More home buyers and investors are starting to distinguish the hygienic advantages of living within residential projects that offer amenities like these.

For this reason, residing in a property development like Westwoods proves to be advantageous. In this 14-hectare natural enclave, you and your family can enjoy privacy in alluring surroundings with a harmonious balance of natural and man-made amenities. There are hiking, biking, and jogging trails waiting for your leisure with plenty of spaces for social distancing.

Kitchens Redefined 

With families spending more time at home and dining together, the kitchen may prove to be the heart of homes more than ever. The storage of more food may take up more space. This can mean more focus on kitchen and pantry design. The rising trend for the new normal may be home layouts that have open kitchen designs.

Key Takeaway

Home design during the new normal focuses on more space for the sake of work, recreation, and safety. 

At Pueblo De Oro, our communities and properties are designed to upscale your lifestyle under the new normal. We have locations at Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro. 

If you need assistance in purchasing a Pueblo de Oro residence, you may click here to check out our online house tours. For more inquiries, contact our team at +63 (2) 790-2200. 

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