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The Benefits of Buying a House for Sale in Cebu

House for sale in Cebu

When trying to find a suitable place to settle down in the Philippines, the first place people look to is Metro Manila. It’s no surprise as to why this is the case because Metro Manila and the whole National Capital Region (NCR), in general, is the most developed and most popular region in the country. However, many people fail to realize that there are other wonderful places in the Philippines where a given person can live and a prime example of that is the island of Cebu. Buying a house for sale in Cebu is now more viable than ever and knowing the reasons why can be the deciding factor in your search for the ideal living situation.

With houses for sale in Batangas and other key locations, Pueblo de Oro is one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines. We have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort when it comes to developing the other parts of the country outside the NCR. Thanks to Pueblo de Oro Cebu, the sentiment that Cebu is one of the best places in the world to settle down is becoming realized.

Before delving into the island itself, take a look at your options regarding houses for sale in Cebu care off Pueblo de Oro.

Properties in Pueblo de Oro Cebu

House for sale in Cebu

Pueblo de Oro Cebu is a 30-hectare gated residential community project created by Pueblo de Oro in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu to provide quality and budget-friendly houses to Filipino families looking to settle down on the beautiful island. The general features of the community that are accessible to all its residents include landscaped parks, trails, basketball courts, multi-purpose clubhouses, and playgrounds.

Looking for a suitable house for sale in Cebu is also not difficult because Pueblo de Oro is comprised of three different housing projects with properties available at different price points — each having their own distinct features and designs. The fact that these properties are found in Cebu makes it all the better because nature manifests in many different forms from abundant trees to the briny waters of the sea and nearby beaches.

La Aldea del Mar

La Aldea Del Mar

2BR Townhouse – La Aldea del Mar, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Babag II Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Designed with a contemporary Asian facade, this La Aldea del Mar town home is suitable for all lifestyles.

₱ 2M






Floor Area



Lot Area

La Aldea del Mar is a housing project that features two-storey townhouse properties that sport a contemporary Asian facade. Investing in this kind of house for sale in Cebu is a great idea whether you’re single or newlyweds because, despite its humble size, it has ample space to support your lifestyle. With just 6 units available per cluster, you get a perfect balance of privacy and community.

If you consider yourself to be creative or if you value customizability when it comes to interior design, La Aldea del Mar can be a great option because you get a somewhat bare unit that doesn’t come with floor tiles, wall finishes, and bedroom partitions. This allows you to personalize your home from the onset, giving you a level of freedom in terms of your home-living experience.

Park Place I

Similar to the previously mentioned property in Pueblo de Oro Cebu, Park Place offers two-storey twin homes that have contemporary Asian influenced designs. If you are not too familiar with what a twin home is, think of it as two properties joined into one structure, with the owners having rights and responsibilities to their side of the lot.

If you do not fancy that kind of set-up, there is no need to worry because single-attached homes are also available. Properties in Park Place are more suitable for big and growing families alike because the units have expandability features. It also comes with a garden which is sure to please many individuals with a green thumb.

Park Place II

Park Place II takes the great ideas that were developed in the first iteration of Park Place and improves it even further. Park Place II is a newer housing project that offers the same types of properties as its predecessor, albeit in a better and more limited fashion. Homes found here have a modern contemporary design and have something that can be considered a privilege, an unparalleled view of the Mactan channel.

Why Living in Cebu is a Great Idea

Hanging out in a House for sale in Cebu

Now that you have a good grasp of what Pueblo de Oro Cebu can offer, it’s time to look into why Cebu itself is a great location to settle down in.

It is a highly developed province

Known as “the gateway to a thousand journeys,” there is so much to be said about the province of Cebu. The first thing to note is that Cebu is already at a high level of development. Usually, the word ‘province’ is associated with rural scenery and a relative lack of infrastructure and development. However, if you compare the infrastructures that can be found in Metro Cebu to that of Metro Manila, both are almost equivalent.

That being said, what makes buying a house for sale in Cebu a tad more special than other locations in the Philippines is all the other natural, historical, and cultural elements that are accessible while still living in a highly urbanized environment. There is also an increasing amount of career opportunities that have emerged in Cebu which can make living there financially sustainable.

There is a strong cultural identity in Cebu

Culture is one of Cebu’s biggest strengths. Because it is a province located in a set of islands in the Central Visayas region, there is still so much pristine character and culture that lives within the region. One of the biggest cultural influences Cebu has is Roman Catholicism that was introduced during the early stages of the Spanish colonial period in the year 1521. Because of this, Cebuanos are known to be devout Catholics that respect and revere Catholic traditions.

As a testament to that, one notable display of earnest Catholic culture is the celebration of the Sinulog festival, the largest festival in the Philippines. It is celebrated every 3rd of January to commemorate the Child Jesus or the Santo Nino de Cebu. The celebration lasts for 9 days and culminates in a grand parade on the final day. People from all over the Philippines and even the world go to Cebu just to participate in the Sinulog festival.

Cebu has a Rich History

In Cebu, history and culture go hand-in-hand because the former is what generally influenced the latter. On top of that, Cebu City is recognized as the oldest city in the Philippines. As previously mentioned, Spanish explorers came to Cebu for the purpose of colonization. One of the most recognized Philippine historical figures, Lapu-Lapu, was the first native to resist the colonizers which led to the battle of Mactan — a battle where Lapu-Lapu and his men managed to repel Ferdinand Magellan’s forces.

Even way before that, as early as the 9th century, the islands were already inhabited by people of Malay origin. They established fishing and trading villages that flourished by engaging in trade with other nearby civilizations in Malaysia, Japan, Burma, and India. The early Cebuanos were known to have tattoos and used gold jewelry and silk clothing.

In more recent history, Cebu greatly benefitted from the American colonization of the Philippines. The Americans built new infrastructure and improved already existing public works, some of which can still be seen in different parts of Cebu today such as the Rizal Library and the Cebu Capitol.

There is an abundance of sights and attractions

If you are not widely interested in history and culture, there are still good reasons for buying a house for sale in Cebu: beautiful sights, scenery, landmarks, and natural attractions. Tourists from all over the world are aware of this and often put Cebu on top of their ‘must-visit’ places when planning a trip to the Philippines.

Some of the most popular attractions in Cebu are the following:

  • Bagacay Point Lighthouse in Liloan
  • Tingko Beach in Alcoy
  • Carcar Dispensary and Museum in Carcar
  • Island in the Sky Mountain Resort in Cebu City and Balamban
  • Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan
  • Malapascua Island in Daanbantayan

By living in Cebu, you can have access to all these attractions and many more. Investing in a house for sale in Cebu can be the literal key to a thousand adventures that await you in the group of islands.

Settle Down In Paradise With a House For Sale in Cebu With Pueblo de Oro

Now that you understand the value of living in Cebu and the kind of lifestyle that it will entail, what better way to do it than with Pueblo de Oro! Not only are the houses for sale in Cebu in Pueblo de Oro Cebu are of excellent quality, they are also budget-friendly.

Whether it’s a house for sale in Pampanga or elsewhere, factor in the many other locations and community development projects by Pueblo de Oro that can be found across the country, we are undoubtedly one of the most reputable housing developers around.

Click here if you want to learn more. If you want to see a list of all our properties beyond Cebu, click here!


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