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House For Sale in Pampanga in Master-Planned Communities by Pueblo de Oro

House for sale in Pampanga

Do you approach the buying process from a practical rather than an emotional standpoint, and vice versa? You can do both with Pueblo de Oro! Houses for sale in Pampanga within master-planned communities provide first-time homebuyers with the opportunity to experience living outside city life without having to live in a rural area at an affordable price point.

Three Best Private and Gated Villages in Pampanga

Gated Village that has a House for sale in Pampanga

Are you a first-time homebuyer, looking to transfer to a structured community, or choosing between a townhouse or a two-story single-attached home? Here are the villages where you can find the best-designed houses for sale in Pampanga.

La Aldea Fernandina I & II

La Aldea Fernandina I & II projects are houses for sale in Pampanga that offer homeowners the creative freedom to maximize their interior design. The units come with floors that are not tile-finished, unfinished walls, and partitionless bedrooms. With this, you are given the opportunity to choose tiles you want to fashion the floor, the colors of the walls for every area in the house, as well as the walls that separate bedrooms from one another.

If you and your loved one are planning to have a baby, the partitionless bedrooms will allow a loft-style space. The spacious area provides more room for big furniture and an entertainment area.

For bigger families, the partitionless bedrooms will allow you to divide the space according to the needs of every family member. Moreover, the tileless floor and unpainted walls will give each family member the opportunity to personalize their respective rooms with the design of their choice.

The houses are contemporary Asian-inspired two-story townhouses with large windows, plastered interior wall finishes, decorative moldings, and metal grillwork. All that is left for you to do is customize the interior of the house according to your taste and preference.

Obtain shared amenities while living the best life of your house for sale in Pampanga, located in Pueblo de Oro’s master-planned community. From wide roads, parks, playgrounds, multi-purpose court, village clubhouse as well as a riverside park and jogging path. In La Aldea Fernandina I and II, you will never run out of morning and afternoon activities to do.

Park Place Pampanga

Part of Pueblo de Oro Pampanga’s 30-hectare land is Park Place, a master-planned residential village that offers contemporary Asian-inspired two-story twin homes. The twin dwellings are decorated with molding accents with large windows and an earth-tone exterior palette. The village boasts massive open spaces and park-like settings that showcase the natural beauty of residential suburbia living with the modern conveniences of city life.

Acquire amenities including wide roads, a clubhouse, a multi-purpose court, parks, as well as playgrounds. Experience the ultimate feeling of being part of a larger community where great neighborhood relationships are established between homeowners.

Horizon Residence Pampanga

Horizon F

2BR Single Attached Premium Home – Del Carmen, San Fernando, Pampanga

Del Carmen, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Built on a first-class master-planned community, this 2 bedroom home offers the perfect combination of city convenience and riverside tranquillity.

₱ 3M-4M



Premium Bedrooms



Floor Area

110 minimum cut


Lot Area

If twin homes or two-story townhouses are not for you, Horizon Residences Pampanga offers you a whole different and balanced lifestyle experience for you and your family with Zen-inspired two-story single-attached homes. The homes are highlighted by contemporary, grooved walls and decorative molding accents.

Horizon Residences offers a comfortable lifestyle living with modern amenities in the middle of relaxing parks and well-manicured, landscaped gardens. Located within 30-hectare land and master-planned communities, houses for sale in Pampanga are near-exclusive amenities like wide, accessible roads, multi-purpose clubhouses, basketball courts, parks and playgrounds as well as a swimming pool.

Advantages of Living in A Master-Planned Community

Having friends over in a House for sale in Pampanga

The main difference between a master-planned community and a neighborhood is the development of the surrounding area. While certain neighborhoods are secure within their confines, you will still feel safe even when you step out of a master-planned community.

In this regard, master-planned communities remain the best option. Here are some of the advantages of why living in a master-planned community is better than living in a gated neighborhood.

Great Outdoor Landscaping

A master-planned community consists of parks and playgrounds where walking, jogging and biking trails can be utilized by homeowners. Moreover, master-planned communities employ landscapers and gardeners that maintain the entire neighborhood to allow clean and manicured surroundings.

At Pueblo de Oro, the entrance gate, as well as the guardhouse, features landscaped grass. Moreover, a 12- meter wide main road and an 8-meter wide secondary road with trimmed grass alongside allows homeowners to have a peaceful drive going home.

Community Wellness and Socialization

One of the many reasons why wellness and socialization are amplified in the setting of a master-planned community is because of the many shared amenities. These shared amenities promote oneness that allows homeowners to feel part of something larger than themselves.

Socialization is encouraged in situations like bringing your child to the community playground, attending the mass in the local church, or even going to the same school within the structured community.

Modern Architecture

Houses for sale in Pampanga within master-planned communities take inspiration from contemporary Asia with a mix of Spanish-Mediterranean and Zen to provide a serene, tranquil setting as well as a picturesque facade. In general, the houses embrace a modern look with its simple, plain, and linear elements. The open interior floor plan allows homebuyers to customize the space, while glass and steel materials are used for the exterior.

Accessibility to Lifestyle and Amenities

Aside from being located near external conveniences, houses in master-planned communities are also surrounded by amenities within the village. Amenities include full use of a multi-purpose clubhouse, basketball court, swimming pool, park, and playground. Master-planned communities encourage homeowners to join their weekly activities and sign up their kids to community services that teach the young ones valuable lessons.

Living Opportunities in Pampanga

Aside from the development framework strategy of several business tycoons and international developers suggesting the future of Pampanga leaning towards a constant sustainable development, here are other reasons why living in Pampanga is the next big thing.

Easy Access to Metro Manila

Thanks to the Northern Luzon Expressway and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, Pampanga is now more accessible than it ever was before. Moreover, Mabalacat will soon be home to a new international hub as the development of Clark International Airport finishes. Pampanga is envisioned to be a part of an aerotropolis with a reliable, world-class airport. Pampanga will be surrounded by huge local and international businesses, commercial and residential areas.

Deemed the Culinary Capital of the Philippines

Pampanga is widely revered as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”. It is home to the best buffet restaurants that offer lavish Kapampangan dishes as well as an extensive international menu. They boast ingredients that make the dishes an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Buro — a widely used fermented ingredient made of vegetables and shrimp, is one of many the flavorful condiments used to create tasty dishes.

Aside from the great-tasting, flavorful and savory food, Kapampangan restaurants also pride themselves on their great architectural design. Restaurants make sure that both locals and tourists will find their place worth visiting because of the exteriors.

Location Filled with Festivities

Colorful festivities with rich culture and unique native traditions are proof that Kapampangans live a happy life. Each province celebrates its own distinct festivals. Living in your house for sale in Pampanga allows you to experience colorful and fun festivities, devour great food, visit countless destinations and attend mass at historic churches.

The festivities are a symbol of community building, where locals become one and share the joys of life. From frog festivals to Duman and Dukit festivals. The streets will be filled with cheering locals and dancing tribes.

Great Places for Worship

The number of churches in each pueblo or municipality is a symbolism of their solid Christian Foundation. Pampanga prides itself on the history-filled, valuable churches that contain works of art. These sacred places are open for everyone’s use. Whether you are a devotee, an art enthusiast, a history lover or a tourist, you will surely find a church in Pampanga interesting. If you are keen, you will notice great differences of each church from one another.

Unending Family Bonding Moments

Apart from culinary delicacies, families from the Metro flock to Pampanga for adventure destinations. From wall-climbing facilities, ATV rides and aerial obstacle courses, Pampanga is a place where you will never run out of activities. Moreover, Pampanga is the city that pioneered the first rollercoaster zipline as well as the tallest swing within the country.

Begin a New Chapter in Life with a House for Sale in Pampanga from Pueblo de Oro

Living in master-planned communities is the next big leap in neighborhood living. More and more first-time homebuyers are choosing fully-developed communities where every essential amenity is within their reach. Aside from security, houses for sale in Pampanga, located within a master-planned community, offer homeowners their needs outside of traditional city life without having to live in isolation.

Acquiring property from the best housing developer in the Philippines, Pueblo de Oro, brings you closer to unique celebrations, great-tasting culinary dishes, historic churches, endless destinations and a house that can easily access other parts of Luzon. If you want to buy a house for sale in Cebu, Pampanga, Cagayan de Oro, and other places in the Philippines, click here!


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