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Pioneering “Green Living” in the Philippines. For more than 25 years, we have consistently integrated powerful and award – winning environmental programs in each of our developments in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Pampanga and Batangas. This includes flood control measures, erosion mitigation measures, recycling programs, green living spaces, and nature reserves — all of which make our communities more environmentally resilient, elevating the quality of life for our homeowners.


In 2017, Pueblo de Oro partnered with Bagasawe Farmers and Fishermen Association to plant 65,000 mangrove seedlings in Tuburan and Sitio Judas Belt, Babag II, Cebu.

Working with Nature to Protect our Environment

We have been committed to protecting Mother Earth through our eco-friendly programs

  1. Permanent efforts to maintain and protect our 40-hectare urban forest in our 400-ha Cagayan de Oro Township which is home to numerous rare animal and plant species. We do this in coordination with nearby communities, volunteer organizations, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
  2. Use of organic farming products, such as herbicides and fertilizers. This allows us to cut out harmful chemicals while preserving the beauty of our developments.
  3. Regular tree planting activities, garbage separation, support for e-vehicles and shuttles cut down on emissions and waste, ulitmately promoting sustainability.

Flood Control Measures

  1. Geohazard and hydrological studies determine flood control measures for all our developments.
  2. In our Pampanga communities, we have elevated our 30-ha development by an average height of 1.5 to 2 meters above its original level. Since then, our homeowners have been enjoying a worry-free rainy season for years. This flood control measure has withstood that worse floodings to date namely, Typhoon Pedring, Quiel, Maring and Lando.
  3. In Pueblo Golf course, we installed drainage systems that allow rainwater to spread through different canals, which also serves as a reservoir for irrigation.
  4. A 23,000 cubic meter detention pond was built in the lower portion of the Cagayan de Oro Township to contain water runoff from the plateau to the valley before dispersal into the creeks helps protect the areas downhill from flooding.
  5. Bank protection and erosion mitigation such as gabions, riprap and soil filling at Westwoods in Cagayan de Oro.


Empowering communities through the help of our foundation and social development arm, the ICCP Group Foundation, Inc. (IGFI) and various local government units and esteemed organizations, we are able to roll out outstanding social welfare initiatives for our adopted communities.


1. Sustainable relief programs for typhoon-hit areas and special humanitarian assistance for victims and family of victims. Notable projects include restoration of fishing boats in an islet whose livelihood is mainly fishing; installation of water system; donation of essential equipment like genset as well as construction materials for schools and community library; and the distribution of fast-growing vegetable seeds for farming.

2. Rehabilitation of public schools and municipal resource center or library; and provision of educational materials and equipment in Batangas, Laguna, Pampanga, Cagayan de Oro and Cebu.


3. Covid -19 Assistance. We supply food and other supplies to families that are deeply affected by economic conditions.

Aside from innovative, environmentally-protective measures, we also dedicate ourselves to promoting the social aspect of our developments.

In our communities, we strive to provide for holistic living, such as commercial spaces and reputable healthcare, financial, and educational institutions. All conveniences easily accessed through walkable streets and proximity to public transport hubs and main thoroughfares.

Not only does this make life healthier and stress-free, but it also promotes eco-friendly habits. We encourage families to take a stroll to their destination safely— rather than drive. We also have pocket green spaces and fitness parks in our Townscapes Malvar that not only provides closeness to nature but is also undeniably beneficial for the health and well-being.


Skills training for community women to help cultivate the entrepreneurship mindset.


Tulong Pambaon Program which started in 2012 provides allowance to indigent students as well as essential resources like school materials and equipment.

Pueblo de Oro also implements award-winning social welfare initiatives, which are aimed at benefiting our adopted communities. We provide employment opportunities, training programs, life skills workshops, and much more.

As one of the leading developers in the country, we are dedicated to providing the best house and lots for sale by strictly following our ESG strategy. Through this, Pubeblo de Oro will continue to create sustainable developments where Filipino families can truly enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Odette Relief Efforts_B 1-min

Pueblo de Oro donated water, rice, and solar lamps to victims of Typhoon Odette (Rai) in Brgy. Basak and Brgy. Babag, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.


Pueblo de Oro proactively participates in sharing resources to support government initiatives in ensuring ample food supply for host communities.



Smart Home Choices in the New Normal

The future of real estate is no longer about delivering four walls to homebuyers. House buying in the new normal has drastically changed, too.

Homebuyers are now looking for comfort, convenience, and safety—new normal ready communities that offer plenty of open green spaces, better air ventilation, regularly sanitized amenities, and an environment conducive for leading a healthy lifestyle.

People are also spending a substantial amount of their time at home, with remote work and online schooling. The emphasis on health became more important and these factors affect all decisions including purchasing a residence.

Well suited for the new normal

Pueblo de Oro’s townships and gated communities in Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro offer abundant greenery. You can look at views of the mountains or enjoy picnics in landscaped parks and gardens. There are plenty of outdoor space where you can take a stroll while enjoying fresh air. All these are well suited to the new normal ways of living.

Pueblo de Oro’s townships and gated communities also feature health and wellness amenities. Our subdivisions have multifunction clubhouses and courts, parks and kids playgrounds. Because of the wide roads, biking, walking, jogging and other forms of cardio activities are possible. Neighborhoods in Pampanga also include a riverside park and a jogging path. Our 400-ha township in Cagayan de Oro has the Pueblo de Oro Golf & Country Club within reach.

Even prior to the pandemic, we were already seeing the trend towards digitalization and social media. This need was heightened during the pandemic and so PDO pivoted to adjust to the new normal. We had set up our online inventory and payment systems, intensified our social media campaign, resorted to new technology apps for virtual walk throughs, and other innovations.

Even in land acquisition, we are using technology such as drones to be able to check the viability of the properties.


Prioritizing safety and wellness

We are excited and optimistic as our residential projects, which are surrounded by nature, are receiving a lot of attention among today’s homebuyers and investors.

Take Pueblo de Oro Townscapes in Malvar Batangas, which we recently launched. This masterplanned work-live-play-learn community has well curated residential subdivisions that allow sprawling green spaces and other amenities to improve air quality, accommodate proper social distancing, support an active lifestyle, and make residents feel relaxed.

We likewise offer an environment that prioritizes safety and wellness—particularly important in light of the COVID-19.

We cannot stress enough that gated, green and sustainable communities are the best choices for families as these have become the new normal.