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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Top 7 Restaurants In Pampanga

A group of friends dining together

What are the top restaurants in Pampanga?

  1. Everybody’s Cafe
  2. Cafe Fleur
  3. Razon’s
  4. Wooden Table
  5. Binulo Restaurant
  6. 1956 Downtown Cafe
  7. Denlim’s Kitchen


Pampanga is known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”. If you’re planning the ultimate food trip with your friends and family, you need to try these restaurants in Pampanga. These establishments are guaranteed to satisfy any rumbling tummy that needs a gastronomic delight. The food scene in Pampanga is a culmination of different culinary tastes, both international and local leagues. Here are the top choices you should try out in Pampanga to expand your culinary horizons.


Everybody’s Cafe

Everybody's Cafe in Pampanga, Philippines

Everybody’s Cafe is an exotic restaurant that’s quite popular with locals and foreigners. To try out the best selling items, it’s best to arrive as early as possible. Everybody’s Cafe serves fried stuffed frog, fried crickets, cured carabao meat, and more. However, take note that not everyone is ready to try out these exotic delights. Comfort food is also a staple at Everybody’s Cafe. Try out the chocolate Batirol, Morcon, Mami, and Sinigang na Sugpo. The restaurant also sells Sylvanas and other goodies in their mini shop.

Currently, there are two branches you can visit. One is located at Nepo Mart in Angeles and the other is in MacArthur Highway in Del Pilar, San Fernando. Depending on where you’re headed, both offer the same items. But if you want an ancestral experience, the MacArthur Highway branch is the way to go. This branch is an actual ancestral home turned restaurant.


Cafe Fleur

Cafe Fleur is a homey restaurant by Chef Sau del Rosario. This restaurant serves a mix of Filipino dishes with a touch of French cuisine. You have your classic Kapampangan dishes such as Pako Salad, Buro, and Fried Hito. Cafe Fleur also serves shrimp cake, crispy pork belly, and macadamia kare-kare for those who love the rich taste of Filipino food.

You can visit Cafe Fleur by heading over to Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario, Angeles City.



Pancit palabok and halo halo from Razon's

Razon’s has a lot of branches in Manila but heading to the original is worth it. What started out as a humble refreshment parlor has thrived to become a household name. The staples of Razon’s are the Halo-Halo and Pancit Palabok.

What makes Razon’s unique is its minimalist version of the classic halo-halo. Their halo-halo uses only four ingredients: evaporated milk, leche flan, sweetened banana, and macapuno. It’s the best dessert for those who want a simple yet refreshing afternoon halo-halo. Pair it with pancit palabok and you’re set.

There’s also a shop within the restaurant that sells chicharon, arrowroot cookies, sardines, and crab fat for you to take home. Head over to MacArthur Highway in Mabalacat, Pampanga to get your own diet halo-halo.


Wooden Table

For the next-level “Lutong Bahay” experience, Wooden Table is the premiere restaurant to try out boodle fights and other traditional dishes in. Enjoy specialties like Laing, Crispy Pata, and Lechon Manok for starters. Wooden Table makes you feel at home with the site, scent, and taste. It’s comforting, inviting, and familiar. You can even call it your home away from home if you’d like.

The restaurant is located along Manuel A. Roxas Highway in Mabalacat, Pampanga.


Binulo Restaurant

Wrapped suman or Philippine sticky rice dessert

For a blend of Kapampangan cuisine and U.S. steaks, Binulo restaurant is the place to go. It has everything you could possibly want for an authentic Kapampangan experience with a twist. Signatures include Paco Salad, Pangat na Ulang, and Binukadkad na Hito. There’s also desserts like Suman with Mango Ice Cream to complete your meal. It’s a great restaurant to visit with family for intimate gatherings and celebrations.

Visit Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Mabalacat, Pampanga for an authentic Kapampangan experience.


1956 Downtown Cafe

Chef Claude Tayag is a renowned Kapampangan chef who established this restaurant to commemorate his birth year. The restaurant has a retro-style diner aesthetic that’s Instagram ready. You can expect aromatic dishes like spring duck, lechon tacos, sinigang na lechon, and fried samosas. Halo-halo is also a best-seller at 1956 Downtown Cafe that you should definitely give a try.

Experience the nostalgia at Nepo Plaridel Street, Angeles, Pampanga.


Denlim’s Kitchen

Close up of shrimp gambas

Have you ever desired to experience private dining? You can do it at Denlim’s Kitchen. This private dining kitchen and experience allows you to sample Chef Dennis Lim’s home-style cooking. The restaurant uses limited space, which means reservations are essential. Only 24 guests can be accommodated each night so be sure to plan accordingly.

You get to experience a 7-course meal that includes baked mussels, beef ala Dione, shrimp Elena, and pugon liempo wrap. It’s a bit more luxurious than your typical restaurant, so make it extra special by dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Denlim’s Kitchen is located in Maharlika Street, San Fernando, Pampanga.


Key Takeaway

These restaurants in Pampanga embody the essence of the “Culinary Capital of The Philippines”. If you’ve been craving something unique, each restaurant listed above offers a different experience and taste. From home-style cooking to a luxurious multi-course meal, you will surely be satisfied with the array of dishes served.