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5 Must-Try Delicacies in Pampanga

| by Apple Barretto

Pampanga Delicacies

Pampanga is synonymous to Puning Hot Springs, Nayong Pilipino, Hot Air Balloon Festival, and of course, to thriving communities like the Horizon Residences Pampanga. But mostly, it’s home to the most delicious food in the country. If you go on an excursion to this splendid province, you will discover why the region is known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Living up to its name, you can eat here both familiar and inimitable dishes that will make anyone ask for more. Kapampangans are also known to prepare no less than five different dishes for any supper or event. Look at this rundown for the must-try delicacies in Pampanga.



On top of the ishes that is well known to be an original Kapampangan dish is none other than sisig. Pampanga is known as Sisig Central, on the account of Aling Lucing, a resto owner known to be the inventor of the famous dish. Her sisig begun when she chose to blend leftover cuts of the pig (counting the face) and blended them with either chicken or pork liver. Aling Lucing’s is certainly an unquestionable must-try, particularly in the event that you just have sufficient energy to look at one place in Pampanga. You can never claim that you went to Pampanga if you have not tasted the authentic Kapampangan sisig.


Betute and Camaru

(image credit: Recipes ni Juan)

Categorized as exotic or bizarre, the betute (stuffed frog) and camaru (crickets) have a special place in the heart of the locals. Pampanga has a wealth of rice fields, making frogs and crickets a typical sight in the district. That’s why it’s no longer a surprise that they cook and eat these critters. The French are known for eating frog legs, but the Kapampangans don’t waste anything, and they eat the entire frog, stuffing it with some ground pork, then broiling it. As for the crickets, they sear these little creepy crawlies and cook them adobo-style. If you are passionate about exotic food, these should be on your must-try list.


Buro or Balo-Balo

Buro or balo-balo is basically fermented rice mixed with shrimp or fish. This Pampang’s most loved side dish or sauce. The smell is quite strong, yet the taste is wonderful, particularly when eaten with fricasseed hito (feline fish) or mustasa (mustard greens). Once you overcome the thought of eating fermented food, you will find that eating buro is actually a very enjoyable experience every time.



Did you know that Pampanga has a local form of meatloaf? This Kapampangan dish is called murcon. Much like an embotido or any sort of meatloaf, it is a dish shaped from the blend of various types of meat, creating a unique flavor. Murcon is commonly made of chorizo, hardboiled eggs, carrots, and quezo de bola. All these local and rich flavors are what make murcon such an appetizing dish – always perfect with a cup of steaming rice.



Tocino is a staple in pretty much every Filipino home and has been one of the most recognized breakfast items for many years. This dish is usually served with a sunny side up egg and rice. This cured pork dish tastes salty and sweet. However, Pampanga has an extraordinary version of tocino called pindang damulag, which is made of restored carabao meat. The taste of pindang is sour compared with the common sweet tocino. When you try it with a bowl of steaming rice and cut tomatoes, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been having this dish for breakfast yet.


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