We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Online House Hunting In The Philippines: Tips For Success

| by Apple Barretto

Online House Hunting In The Philippines Tips For Success

Important tips for online house hunting in the Philippines:

  1. Look for houses with strategic locations
  2. Know your budget
  3. Utilize reputable online listing sites
  4. Read the listings carefully
  5. Take advantage of virtual house tours
  6. Reach out to the developer/seller 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos had their fair share of reluctance when searching for their dream homes in person. Fortunately, the Internet made online house hunting in the Philippines a viable and safe option for interested homebuyers.

The top subdivision developers in the Philippines quickly adapted to the new normal and included detailed property listings on their websites. If you have a gadget, you can easily search for homes in your preferred location, amenities and other special features that are within your  budget range without ever stepping foot in the property itself. Undoubtedly, residential properties remain the smartest investment choices that garner high returns. Appreciation values of homes are set to rise further in the next few years.

To help narrow down your property options, here are five tips for online house hunting in the Philippines.

Look For Houses With Strategic Locations

Do not be tempted to go for a property because of its attractive photos or affordable pricing alone. Make sure the house has a strategic location. It is always easier to alter the appearance of a real estate asset, but where it stands will be fixed. A home with a strategic location is the key to enjoying utmost convenience with everything you need for daily living within easy reach. 

Take the homes inside Pueblo de Oro Batangas as an example. Here, residents benefit from having easy access to numerous highways and roads, and being near workplaces, hospitals, groceries, restaurants, banks, and public transport hubs.   

To add to that, going for a home with a strategic location will also be a smart investment move. These neighborhoods have high demand because of their convenient address. As a result, land values are  forecasted  to increase. If you want to have a new stream of income, you can welcome tenants or sell your home for a profit. 

Know Your Budget

Know Your Budget

Calculate your budget based on your savings and income. This way, you will know how much money you can realistically spend on your dream home. In the Philippines, there are several home loan establishments such as Pag-Ibig, banks, and third-party financing companies. You can try getting approved for a mortgage beforehand. This will save you more time and cut down options that are out of your budget.

Utilize Reputable Online Listing Sites

Numerous  property listing websites can be very helpful when  house hunting online in the Philippines. However, most of these sources can also have non-updated details on their listings. Some websites can be a few months behind in indicating if a home is already sold, while other websites can display inaccurate prices. To make sure you get only the right information on the house listings you are interested in, view only the main website of the developer.   

Read The Listings Carefully

Read The Listings Carefully

When it comes to online house hunting in the Philippines, many buyers make the mistake of judging a home only based on its posted photos. To make sure the property is right for you, read the listing carefully.

Many home listings will typically feature a short description of the property. Remember to research further. If there are photos, look at every angle and determine how you could use those spaces. Find floor plans and picture how the rooms flow from one area to another. It is always wise to know how the home will meet your daily living needs. Additionally, take a look at the subdivision’s amenities if it meets your standards.

Take Advantage Of Virtual House Tours

Real estate developers in the Philippines have quickly adapted to the changing needs of today’s homebuyers by offering virtual tours on their websites. Make sure to take advantage of these while online house hunting.

A virtual house tour will allow buyers to experience every angle of the property by clicking through different rooms.  Thanks to developments in technology, it is now possible to get a feel of the entire home without ever stepping in them. With the ongoing threat of the pandemic, this is an option that avoids compromising buyers’ health.   

Reach Out To The Developer/Seller 

Reach Out To The Developer:seller 

After noting down the pros and cons of each house you are considering, it is vital that you get all your concerns answered ahead of time to narrow down your options faster. Comparing different properties can be challenging. Consider reaching out to the developers or sellers of the home that stood out to you.

Key Takeaway

The tips for online house hunting in the Philippines we’ve stated above can make your task easier as well as ensure you get the best value for your investment. Don’t know where to start when online house hunting in the Philippines? Look for top subdivision developers like Pueblo de Oro. Experience the gold standard of community living. Click here to check our property listings now.

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