We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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The Next Wave City: Pueblo de Oro Business I.T. Park

| by Apple Barretto


What’s different about Pueblo de Oro I.T. Ecozone?

  1. Features of Pueblo de Oro Business Park
  2. Ease of Navigation
  3. The Promise of Business-ready Connectivity
  4. Guaranteed Government Incentives

Cagayan de Oro is considered the second most competitive city in the Philippines. This golden city is a place full of opportunities, a bustling economy, and your future house in Cagayan de Oro. The recent developments and efforts of its local government, as well as townships such as Pueblo de Oro, have evolved the city into the top choice it is today.

Pueblo de Oro developed a township and a business park in CDO, one of which is the Pueblo Business Park. The 23-hectare I.T. Ecozone and Commercial Business District is ripe for the picking of starting businesses and established multinational companies. Any corporation or enterprise will enjoy this uptown business and lifestyle center because of its perfect location and rising land value. Are you interested in this next wave city? Read on to learn more!

Features of Pueblo de Oro Business Park

A K-9 dog on patrol

A city without amazing features and amenities has no backbone. Doing business and thriving at it requires a place that exudes development, thoughtful planning, and creativity. That is how and why Pueblo de Oro Business Park came to fruition.

At Pueblo de Oro, we also understand the importance of security as a necessity, not as a luxury. This amazing ecozone features round the clock 24/7 security with K9 patrol and fire stations for your protection. We promise only the best when it comes to this essential. You will enjoy working, living your best life, and thriving at Pueblo de Oro Business Park.

Ease of Navigation

A businessman driving to eork

While you may be used to the hustle and bustle of the intense city life, you may be looking for a chance to get away from it. Traffic is certainly a difficult everyday encounter that can slow down your productivity. But what if you can do business and grow in a place that works at your own pace?

At Pueblo de Oro Business Park, we have created a smart, master-planned road network that is easy to navigate. You can easily access the I.T. Ecozone with either a private or public vehicle. For your convenience, we are located along Masterson Avenue and Macapagal Drive. If you happen to live at Pueblo Bamboo Lane or Pueblo Golf Estates, getting to work and meeting with friends on time is a breeze.

The Promise of Business-ready Connectivity

A businessman typing on his laptop

To really bring the next wave into Cagayan de Oro, the business park promises business-ready connectivity. If your business has been troubled by an unstable internet connection or with constantly losing signal, you will not experience it here.

Pueblo de Oro I.T. Ecozone is fiber-optic ready. Many central business districts in Manila offer the same, but finding the same features down south is more difficult. In our premiere ecozone, you will only get the best connection in Cagayan de Oro.

Communicating and making calls is also easy here at Pueblo Business Park. We only have the best telecommunication facilities available in the area. This is to ensure that you are connected to your business and loved ones at all times.

Guaranteed Government Incentives

A call center businesswoman

You will not find another PEZA accredited location in Cagayan de Oro. Pueblo Business Park is the right place for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for business process outsourcing. Why source from a backwater area when you can hire promising, skilled workers from Cagayan de Oro?

This is especially helpful if you are a new outsourcing company. Specifically, those looking for highly-skilled personnel and the perfect place with the right tax incentives. Take a leap and take advantage of Pueblo Business Park PEZA accreditation to make the most out of your business. As a company, here are government incentives you can enjoy:

Income Tax Holiday

If you are a non-pioneer IT enterprise, you can enjoy a 4-year income tax holiday. For Pioneer IT enterprises, you will enjoy a 6-year income tax holiday.

Gross Income Tax

As a business in Pueblo de Oro Business Park, you will have the option to pay a 5% tax on Gross Income in lieu of all national and local taxes. This is once your Income Tax Holiday expires. However, real property taxes are an exception.

Tax Exemptions

You will have tax exemptions on duties and taxes on your imported machinery and equipment. The additional deductions will be equivalent to 50% of training expenses and raw materials. If you are a processing or industrial business, you can make this special exemption work for you.

Resident Status

If you are a foreign investor that has made an initial investment of USD 150,000 or more, you will be able to receive permanent resident status in the Philippines. This also applies to your immediate family.

Key Takeaway

Your house in Cagayan de Oro and your professional future are all at Pueblo de Oro. You can find opportunities at Pueblo Business Park while living at your Pueblo de Oro home. Start your future in the next wave city by clicking here to learn more!