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Top 7 Cebu Delicacies You Need To Try

| by Apple Barretto

Hanging Rice Cebu Delicacies

What are the top Cebu delicacies you need to try?

  1. Lechon de Cebu
  2. Chicharon sa Carcar
  3. Chorizo de Cebu
  4. Puso Rice
  5. Dried Mangoes
  6. Budbud
  7. Masareal


Cebu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines because of its beautiful beaches, exciting nature activities, and friendly people. Not only that, but one of the other factors that draw people to the province is its tasty dishes. Today, we will go through the top Cebu delicacies you need to try on your next trip. Read on!


Lechon de Cebu

Lechon De Cebu

When you say Cebu, Filipinos will automatically think of lechon. It is a whole pig roasted above an open fire, which results in crispy skin and tender meat.

However, Lechon de Cebu is very different from the ones you can get in Manila. The roasted whole pig from Cebu is known to have a saltier taste, which means that you should forego the sarsa and go for the vinegar instead.

If you want to know where to find the best-tasting lechon, you will have to explore different restaurants before you can decide. Tourists love Rico’s Lechon for their original and spicy options which are made with organic ingredients. It is said that they pioneered the spicy lechon recipe.

Another famous choice is Zubuchon. The roasted pig prepared by its founder, Joel Binamira, was praised by the late Anthony Bourdain as “the best pig ever”. They pride themselves on using local ingredients and they ensure that no MSG or other chemical preservatives touch their dishes.

If you want to taste lechon in a different environment, you can try going to Carcar Public Market. The eateries there serve affordable lechon which is mixed with roasted pork drippings that make it even more flavorful.


Chicharon Sa Carcar

Carcar is a city in the southern part of Cebu. It is home to many heritage sites that were built when the Spanish and Japanese colonials were in the country. There are many delicacies in Carcar, just like the lechon mentioned before. But this time, we will talk about chicharon.

Carcar is the “Chicharon Center of Cebu”. In this city, you will always find them freshly cooked, which is when they taste the best. If you buy them here you will also find them at more affordable prices than anywhere else in Cebu.

The chicharon in Carcar comes in two variants: one is made from pure pork skin and the other has both skin and meat. Both are crispy and can be dipped in vinegar. You can either eat it as a snack or pair it with rice for a hearty meal.


Chorizo de Cebu

Chorizo De Cebu

Image Source: Chorizo De Cebu Philippines | Facebook

Filipinos like to eat chorizo or, as they commonly call it, longganisa. It is typically made from pork meat which is mixed with different spices and stuffed into a thin intestine casing.

Most types of chorizo in the Philippines have an elongated shape which is similar to a sausage. The difference between chorizo de Cebu is its circular shape and its different sizes. Its taste is sweet and also a little bit spicy. Like all Filipino viands, it is perfectly paired with a steaming cup of rice.

You can find chorizo de Cebu in local public markets and groceries in its raw form. Restaurants and eateries serve it cooked already. It is typically cooked in a pan or barbecued on a grill.


Puso Rice

Lechon, chicharon, and chorizo are best paired with rice. In Cebuano restaurants and eateries, you will typically see it wrapped in woven banana leaves and shaped similarly to a heart or “puso”. This gives the rice extra flavor and makes it easy to eat without a spoon and fork.


Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes

Now that we’re done talking about main courses, let’s move on to snacks and desserts.

The Philippine mango is famous for its sweet taste. Due to this, it is used in many desserts. One popular variety is the dried mango. You can see this in pasalubong stores all around Cebu and also in Asian shops abroad. Tourists from all around the globe and across the country buy packs of these as gifts for their loved ones. It can be eaten alone as a snack or used in recipes such as cakes and fruit tarts.



Budbud is Cebuano’s version of suman or sticky rice cake. It is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar, and ginger. All these ingredients are found locally in this province. It is then wrapped in banana leaves and can be served with ripe mango and hot chocolate.

Budbud is typically eaten as a quick breakfast alternative or as a snack. You can find it in most public markets around Cebu.




Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Masareal comes from the Spanish word masa which means dough and real which means fine. This pastry is made from ground peanuts and mixed with sugar syrup. It is served in rectangular blocks and often wrapped in paper. Masareal is a specialty of the city of Mandaue in Cebu.

If you want to taste this treat, you can try Didang’s Masareal, which is the most popular choice for Cebuanos. They also sell other native delicacies such as rosquillos and otap.


Key Takeaway

Whenever you travel to a new destination, it is always part of the experience to try new types of food. In this blog, we listed down a few of the Cebu delicacies you need to try on your next trip. These are all must-eats not just for tourists, but also for the locals themselves.

If you want to experience more of life in Cebu, you may be interested in living there. Some nice places to live in are Park Place Cebu, La Aldea del Mar Cebu, and Park Place II by Pueblo de Oro. If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us here. See you in Cebu!