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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Where to Eat the Best Cebu Lechon

| by rei

Where to Eat the Best Cebu Lechon

Where to Eat the Best Cebu Lechon

Why is it that Cebu Lechon gets such a nice rap? Let’s admit it: “Lechon! Lechon! Lechon mo diha” are just some of the magic words we want to hear. Lechon literally means roasted pig. The way it is made is with a whole pig cooked on a large stick over a pit filled with charcoal. If you ask any Filipino for the most popular dishes in the Philippines, you will certainly get “Lechon” as one of the answers. That’s not a coincidence.

At Pueblo de Oro Cebu, we consider Cebu lechon unique in a way that it’s not just a traditional dish prepared for special events or fiestas such as holidays, but hands down, it is the best lechon in the Philippines. A visit to Cebu will never be complete without having a taste of the finger-licking roasted suckling pig. And it’s so easy to get some because lechon is available nearly in all corners of the island.

However, with so many choices, knowing where to eat the best Cebu lechon can be a daunting task. Hence, we have narrowed down some of the top picks and compiled the list below:

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Rico’s Lechon

Rico’s Lechon has made a name for itself in the food landscape of Cebu and is believed to be the pioneer in spicy flavored lechon throughout the island. Some of its key ingredients are garlic, leeks, and secret spices which give its succulent taste. Rico’s lechon is also known for its crispy golden skin with slightly salty and tender meat. The business, founded by Mr. Enrico V. Dionson, had been operating for the past 13 years.

Website: https://ricoslechon.com

Address: Unit 3 & 4 Mactan Promenade, Airport Road, Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City

Tel No: +63995-618-9363


Zubuchon Lechon is a native Filipino restaurant that offers not only delicious and crunchy lechon, but also native dishes such as sizzling boneless bangus, pinakbet, dinugdog and many more. Fun fact: Zubuchon was established by the same man who served lechon to Anthony Bourdain when he visited Cebu. The famed chef declared the lechon he was served is “the best pig ever.” If that’s not a dealmaker, we don’t know what is.

Website: https://zubuchon.com/

Address: Unit 28 Bldg. The Outlets at Pueblo Verde Basak, Lapu-Lapu City

Tel No: +63 032 232 1680

Alejo’s Lechon

Located in El Salvador, Labangon Cebu City, Alejo’s Lechon will surely mystify you as you savor the taste which some tourists described as truly tender and juicy. Alejo’s Lechon is considered to offer the crunchiest lechon skin in Cebu. The lechon they offer is stuffed with lemongrass and has the right amount of saltiness to make your mouth water every time you get a whiff of the aroma of their roasted pig.

Address: 132 Katipunan St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Tel No: +63 32 261 8575

CNT Lechon

Last, but not least, we have CNT Lechon. The makers of this lechon claims it doesn’t need sauce, as the way it was roasted locked the unique taste and dipping the meat or skin isn’t necessary. However, you could ask some if you prefer to eat it with gravy. Aside from the crispy skin, the meat is also very tasty. CNT Lechon has numerous locations all over Metro Cebu.

Address: 1377 V. Rama Avenue | Guadalupe, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Tel No: +63 32 513 9283