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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Living In A Condo

| by Apple Barretto

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What are the benefits of living in a condo?

  1. Enhanced safety and security
  2. Ease of transportation
  3. Accessibility to urban areas
  4. Hassle-free maintenance
  5. Family-friendly community living

Are you looking for the perfect home? Or maybe a new investment? There are a lot of choices out there in the market like single detached homes, twin houses, apartments, and condominiums. Each has its own advantages but choosing to invest in your own property is already a wise choice you can make for yourself and your family. For this blog, you will learn more about the benefits of living in a condo. Read on!

Enhanced Safety And Security

Enhanced Safety And Security

When you live in a condo, you are given peace of mind that you are safe and secure because of the 24/7 security service provided by the real estate developer.

In condominiums, there are guards patrolling the area and a lobby to screen guests. Outsiders can’t easily enter the building premises without permission.

CCTV Cameras are also placed around the building to monitor surroundings. Furthermore, ample lighting is available in hallways and outdoor areas. In case of emergencies, condominiums have automatic fire sprinklers and fire exits.

Ease Of Transportation

In the Philippines, one of the main concerns of people living in the Metro is parking. An average house doesn’t have a dedicated space to convert into a garage. This is why you will see cars parked on the streets. This is not only unsafe for the owner but an obstruction to other drivers as well.

Thankfully, most condominiums nowadays have their own common parking area. Because of 24/7 security, you can be sure that your car will be safe and sound. Instead of paying for parking outside your community, you can easily access your vehicle when needed.

Some low-rise affordable condominiums in Cagayan de Oro , like the Familia Apartments,  offer shuttle service  to SM City Cagayan de Oro. This makes commuting easier, especially if you need to do a quick errand run. You can also easily transfer to other public jeeps and buses if you need to go somewhere else.

Accessibility To Urban Areas

Accessibility To Urban Areas

Another good thing about condominium living is that it will provide you convenient access to the city. This means that you can live near the country’s best business districts, schools, hospitals, parks, and entertainment centers.

For example, Familia Apartments is located within the Pueblo de Oro Township in Cagayan de Oro. Its convenient  location gives its residents access to the Pueblo Business Park and the PEZA accredited Pueblo I.T. Ecozone. Job-seekers and professionals will definitely benefit from this advantage.

Aside from that, Famila is also only minutes away from the Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club. For students, nearby schools are Xavier University and Corpus Christi. Malls like Sm Cagayan de Oro is also within reach.

Hassle-Free and Safe Maintenance

Perhaps one of the best perks of condominium living is hassle-free maintenance. The space is manageable. Even if you are living alone, it would only take a few hours of your time to clean or maintain the whole unit.

For elderly couples who plan to retire, busy parents with children, or young professionals with budding careers, a condominium is the best choice to live in. Instead of worrying about cutting the grass, fixing the roofing, and cleaning the hallways, you have someone who will do it for you.

Moreover,  most condominiums are also strict when it comes to sanitation. High contact objects such as door handles, elevator buttons, and handrails are routinely disinfected.

Family-Friendly Community Living
Family Friendly Community Living

If you are planning to start a family or enjoying a growing family,  condominium living is a good choice for you. Most developers offer different types of units, so you can choose to have more space if you want.

Most condominium communities also have multi-purpose halls, playgrounds, or basketball courts included in their amenities. You will feel safe knowing that your children are just happily playing around the area.

This also creates an opportunity for you to belong to a community. If you have an occasion to celebrate, you can invite other residents and friends. Your children can also easily find new playmates.

Key Takeaway

These are only some of the benefits of living in a condo. You may also discover more personal advantages if you decide to move to one. If you’re looking for a convenient, comfortable, and safe residence of your own in the city, condominium living is a great choice.

If you’re interested in Pueblo de Oro properties, you can take a look at these different locations. Aside from a condominium, there are also single detached homes and twin houses located in gated communities for you to choose from.

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