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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Why Invest In Malvar Batangas Properties

| by Apple Barretto

Why Invest In Malvar Batangas Properties

Why should you invest in Malvar Batangas properties?

  1. An accessible location
  2. Endless business opportunities in Malvar
  3. Booming tourism hub

When it comes to investing, homebuyers have always been keen on residing  in Metro Manila. However, living in the Metro presents  challenges such as pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Imagine living in an affordable house and lot for sale in Malvar, Batangas and spend less time  on the road and more time for relaxation. Modern conveniences are within easy reach and land values are  appreciating fast.  Interested to learn more? In this article, we’re here to tell you why you should invest in Malvar Batangas properties

Located south of  the Metro Manila and accessible via the STAR Tollway is an upcoming high class municipality of Malvar. While primarily famous for its stunning natural wonders, it is also one of the provinces in the Calabarzon region expected to reach a boom in economic growth. Continue reading on why buying a residential property in this locale can be one of the smartest investments you can make. 

An Accessible Location

An Accessible Location

Malvar Batangas is conveniently located 1.5 hours from the bustling Metro Manila. Through easy access from the STAR Tollway, SLEX, and other major highways, you can easily enjoy great road connectivity when needing to do errands around the Metro.   

As a resident and investor, you can be nestled in a healthy and peaceful environment while also being in close proximity to neighboring provinces  like Sto. Tomas and  Lipa.  What’s more is when you settle in at Pueblo de Oro Townscapes Malvar, you will be nearby malls, schools, tourist spots, hospitals, and more. Living in Malvar lets you work, live, play, and shop in a swiftly growing province. 

Endless Business Opportunities In Malvar

If you are a career-driven individual, you’ll find that Malvar is a city that presents endless business opportunities. If you want to start a flourishing career or become a successful entrepreneur, owning a residential property in Malvar is the first step. With nine rural and six urban barangays, the municipality of Malvar continuously fuels its economic growth with vibrant markets in the agriculture, commercial, hospitality, and industrial sectors.

There are sprawling industrial parks in Malvar like the 170-hectare industrial area developed by Science Park of The Philippines that offers special economic zone incentives to investors. The industrial parks house  manufacturing plants from  various industries which provide locals of Malvar plenty of career and livelihood opportunities without needing to travel to the central business districts.

Backed by its accessible location to  the second largest international shipping port in the Philippines, Malvar’s progressive state further attracts investors to set up shop in the municipality. Furthermore, the local government is heavily supporting the municipality’s economic growth with streamlined business documentation and licensing processes. More businesses in the sectors of BPO and IT are expected to establish their presence in Malvar.

As a real estate investor, you are set to reap advantages from the increasing property demand and land values. Now more than ever is the time to seize the business opportunities in Malvar, Batangas. It may be a vital key to a stable and financially secured life.

Booming Tourism Hub

Booming Tourism Hub

Aside from its booming career opportunities, Malvar also prides itself in having some of the most stunning tourism spots in the Philippines. If you seek utmost relaxation, visit the Calejon Falls which is a 9-feet clear freshwater paradise for locals and tourists alike.

Looking for more recreational activities? The Metro Manila Turf Race Track in Malvar is a thrilling attraction for horse racing enthusiasts. Aside from being able to witness live horse races, you can also set sight on the majestic Mt. Makiling backdrop. There are plenty of other tourist spots in Malvar such as the LIMA Park Hotel, Immaculate Conception Church, Pamilihang Bayan ng Malvar, Sa Manggahan, Villegas Farm, and Alulod River.

Rest assured, you will never run out of  acitvities  to do should you decide to move into your Malvar investment property. Or, you can also open up a new stream of income by welcoming tenants or selling your property for a profit. The booming tourist capital will boost the occupancy rate of the municipality. 

Key Takeaway

There are numerous reasons to  invest in Malvar, Batangas properties. In this article, we’ve  ensured that you will get the best value for  your investment.

Ready to make your next smartest investment move? Pueblo de Oro is one of the top subdivision developers in the Philippines with premium residential properties in Malvar. Experience the gold standard of community  living today!

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