We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Why Invest In Cagayan De Oro Real Estate

| by Apple Barretto

Why Invest In Cagayan De Oro Real Estate

Why should you invest in Cagayan de Oro real estate?

  1. It is strategically located
  2. Increasing infrastructure development
  3. Booming business process outsourcing (BPO) industry
  4. Vibrant tourism capital

You’ve probably already heard that Cagayan de Oro (CDO) has plenty of tourist destinations. Going beyond being a famous tourist spot, there are plenty of other reasons why you should invest in Cagayan de Oro real estate.

Dubbed as the “City of Golden Opportunities”, CDO is known as the growth capital of Northern Mindanao. The locale continuously develops in the sectors of business, trade, information technology, and tourism. For this reason, it has been the center of investment inflows in the region as well.

Investing in an affordable house and lot for sale in Cagayan de Oro proves to be one of the smartest decisions you can make to grow your wealth, long-term speaking. According to real estate experts,  Northern Mindanao city is on the brink of a real estate “explosion”. During these times when the economy is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to be skeptical about the investment choices you make. Below are four compelling reasons why to invest in Cagayan de Oro real estate.

It Is Strategically Located

Cagayan de Oro is known as the gateway of Northern Mindanao. Because of its strategic location, you will find the city easily accessible to air, land, and sea transit. It is the entry and exit point of products and passengers going to and from CDO and other provinces like Misamis Oriental, Agusan, Bukidnon, Camiguin, and Davao. Moreover, the city facilitates direct and cost-efficient cargo shipping to Manila, Cebu, and international shipping hubs.

If you invest in Cagayan de Oro real estate, you can easily conduct business operations within and outside the city. 

Increasing Infrastructure Development

Increasing Infrastructure Development

Cagayan de Oro is continuously reaping the benefits of the Build, Build, Build program. Some of the infrastructure developments in the city include the CDO Coastal Road, CDO Civic/Convention Center, and the expansion of the Laguindingan Airport. All these further enhance the position of the locale as a booming investment and tourism destination.

The CDO Coastal Road will reduce traffic congestion and let residents and visitors enjoy greater accessibility while going to nearby cities, while the CDO Civic/Convention Center will increase the land value in the area. The expansion of the Laguindingan Airport means more international flights will be accommodated every year. This being said, there will be more business investment opportunities that cater to the air freight and air travel needs of Northern Mindanao.

With increasing infrastructure development, investors will also reap greater benefits for setting up shop in CDO in the fields of tourism, commercial real estate, and service.

Booming Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry

The BPO industry has rapidly thrived in the Philippines and company owners are continuously creating regional branches for expansion. CDO emerged as one of the prime locations for accommodating BPO expansions. Aside from the city offering increased accessibility due to more infrastructure projects being built, CDO also has a highly skilled workforce, affordable labor costs, and a hassle-free business registration process.

CDO will continue to attract investors with its booming BPO industry and this will contribute to the city’s economic development. As a result, more budding entrepreneurs will also benefit from taking their operations in CDO. If you choose to invest in CDO real estate, you can easily join aspiring entrepreneurs in the area or you can take advantage of the increased residential real estate demand. Rent out your property for passive income or wait for land values to appreciate and sell your property for a better return on investment (ROI).

The top subdivision developers in the Philippines like Pueblo de Oro are making more improvements to increase the value of their CDO residential offerings with premium amenities. Undoubtedly, you can attract more tenants or buyers if your property aims to provide a gold standard of living.

Vibrant Tourism Capital

Vibrant Tourism Capital

CDO is dubbed as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines. It is one of the fastest-growing tourism hubs in the country as it is the gateway to all the exhilarating travel destinations in Northern Mindanao. Its tourist influx rose by 18% since 2012 as well due to its popularity as a leisure and meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) destination.

CDO showcases beautiful historical landmarks, museums, beaches, marine life, stone formations, waterfalls, virgin forests, and many more recreational facilities. If you invest in Cagayan de Oro real estate, you can easily go whitewater rafting, paragliding, spelunking, hiking, ziplining, or bungee jumping for a thrilling time. But if you’re looking for  a serene tourist activity, you can take a dip in the cold spring waters or ride a horse through the woods and feel one with nature.

As an investor, you can reside in a CDO property and feel like you’re on a vacation all year round. However, you can also take advantage of the dynamic tourist scene. The influx of both foreign and local visitors makes flipping real estate properties for vacation rentals become a viable business option. Now that the country is recovering from COVID-19 due to the rollout of vaccinations, the tourism industry is expected to open up too.

Key Takeaway

Cagayan de Oro is a first-class and highly urbanized city in Northern Mindanao. It continues to maintain the reputation of being a promising locale backed by a thriving economy, which attracts more and more investors. As an investor in Cagayan de Oro real estate, you will be surely set to reap the benefits of this dynamic city.

Ready to invest in CDO? Check out Pueblo de Oro’s residential properties. With decades of experience in the real estate development industry, we designed our projects to align with your investment goals. Click here to contact us and inquire about our properties in CDO! 

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