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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Batangas Eats: Where To Eat The Best Lomi And Bulalo?

| by Apple Barretto

Bulalo on top of a table

Where can you eat the best lomi and bulalo in Batangas?

  1. Lomi King at Lipa City, Batangas
  2. Corcolon Lomi House at San Jose, Batangas
  3. Rose And Grace Restaurant at Sto. Tomas Batangas
  4. Jorjhane’s House Of Lomi and Bulalo at the National Highway, Batangas

When you talk about traveling to Batangas, one of the most common topics aside from its beautiful beaches is the food. Most travel blogs and videos will tell you to try the native dishes to get a feel of the place and know its culture better. If you want to know where to eat the best lomi and bulalo in this City, read on!

Batangas Lomi is very different from  its  Metro Manila  version of the dish. It has more meat toppings, fewer vegetables, and thicker soup. Different recipes are used by each restaurant, but they all share these similar  ingredients.  It is filling, satisfying, and a delicious comfort food.

While lomi is best eaten alone, Batangas Bulalo is usually paired with steaming rice. It is a soup-based dish with beef cuts and bone marrow. To spice it up, people often make their own mixture of soy sauce, calamansi, and chili sauce. Here are some of the best places where you can get your lomi and bulalo fix in the city of Batangas.

Lomi King

If you want simple, straight-to-the-point lomi, you can go to Lomi King located at Lipa City Batangas. You can choose from different meat toppings like chicken, liempo, and fish fillet. Expect a delicious serving of thick soup with soft lomi noodles and toppings.

The price of a single serving of lomi soup varies from 80.00 pesos to 150.00 pesos. Your tastebuds will surely be tickled from the  regular, special, seafood, and ‘Super’ versions. There is also the lomisua and lobihon for a special twist. Aside from these, you can also order noodle dishes with no soup. You will  surely love the Miki Bihon, Miki Guisado, Chami, and Canton dishes as well.

Corcolon Lomi House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are curious about  lomi with the overloaded toppings you see on Instagram and Facebook, you may want to head over to Corcolon Lomi House in San Jose, Batangas. This  hole-in-the-wall spot  is loved for  its generous servings.

This place is famous among travelers and locals. You can get a heaping amount of lomi with toppings for as low as 65 pesos. Enjoy a mixture of crispy pork rinds, deep-fried pork, liver, and kikiam! Even their pancit is also overloaded with vegetables and chicharon. Groups will also appreciate their barkada meal which is said to be for 4, but can serve up to 7 persons!

Rose And Grace Restaurant

If you want to taste the special Bulalo within Batangas, one of the crowd favorite restaurants is  Rose and Grace. This has been the go-to of travelers going to the south because it is located along the national highway. If you ask anyone that has been in this City before, they have likely dined in this restaurant. Providing ample space for diners, this restaurant also has a large parking lot.

Aside from their main specialty which is the bulalo, you can also order other types of Filipino food. A lot of people frequent this place before going to Tagaytay or touring around Batangas.

Jorjhane’s House Of Lomi And Bulalo

Close up of Bulalo
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re craving for both lomi and bulalo, then this restaurant is perfect for you. This food haven is located along the national highway in Batangas. There are also branches in Lemery and Bauan.

Craving for something new? The Sizzling Bulalo is one of the new dishes  you can try from their menu. They  also serve fresh seafood such as lapu-lapu and tanigue.  Aside from these dishes, this restaurant also specializes in serving goto, pancit, silog meals, and other  popular Filipino food.

Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering where to eat the best lomi and bulalo, most people will tell you to look for them in the City of  Batangas . Aside from these four restaurants, there are a lot of underrated and less known eateries that offer cheap but delectable cuisine when you decide to live there.

If you’re interested to move to this wonderful city, you may want to look at Pueblo de Oro’s gated communities such as the Horizon Residence, Park Place, and La Aldea del Monte. You can send a message here if you have any questions and inquiries about the properties.

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