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What To Consider When Investing In Homes in Lipa, Batangas

| by Apple Barretto

What To Consider When Investing In Homes in Lipa, Batangas

What should I consider when investing in homes in Lipa, Batangas?

  1. Economic activity
  2. Location accessibility
  3. Business and employment opportunities
  4. Lifestyle considerations
  5. Developer’s track record

It’s common now to look for properties outside of Metro Manila — and one of the most attractive options as of late is Lipa City, Batangas. It’s a fast-emerging key city in the South, with plenty of lucrative opportunities for investors and home buyers alike. 

As it transforms from an agrarian to an urbanized area, more people are interested in experiencing what Lipa City has to offer. But what does one need to consider before making the move to a house for sale in Batangas? We’ve prepared a short guide on what to consider when investing in homes in Lipa to help you get started.


Economic activity

Economic activity

Economic growth is an important factor for investors as it influences the value appreciation of the real estate you invest in.

Though it still possesses its natural, rural beauty, Lipa City is now backed by all the modern conveniences and technological advancements you would expect in the city. Life here is one of comfort and accessibility, thanks to over a decade of sustained economic growth. 

One of the biggest contributors to this growth is the emergence of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. The presence of these firms continues to promote employment rates in the area, which in turn also boosts the competitiveness of local businesses.

To meet the increasing need for talent, educational institutes such as De La Salle Lipa, Canossa Academy Lipa, and Stonyhurst Southville International School are opening their doors to more students each year. 

Included in this growth are the city’s essential establishments, such as the medical facilities of Metro Lipa Medical Center and Lipa Medix Medical Center. Lipa City also has a wide range of large-scale commercial centers, such as SM City, Robinsons Lipa, and S&R Membership Shopping.

As these sectors continue to grow, the government continues to press their development through improvements in business-friendly government policies as well as infrastructure development. This provides attractive opportunities for investors and business owners. 


Location accessibility

When buying property, economic viability is an important factor in your purchase decision — but one has to also consider its accessibility. 

Lipa City does provide excellent accessibility to its residents. It has relative proximity to Metro Manila, being about an hour and a half-long drive away from the city. It is also linked by an extensive road network, which includes the Alaminos-Lipa City Road, Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR Tollway), and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

Recent developments have also opened up Lipa City to more tourists, investors, and homeowners. These include the Nasugbu-Ternate Road, which connects Batangas to Cavite and to the Batangas-Quezon Coastal Road Project. 

Lipa City also enjoys a highly developed road system, which allows residents to access key establishments for work, study, living, and leisure with ease. 


Business and employment opportunities

Business and employment opportunities

Evaluating business and employment opportunities in a new city is always a good thing to do for home buyers looking for somewhere to settle down.

The city’s advantageous location and developing infrastructure lead to many business and employment opportunities for locals. There are special economic and industrial estates well-established within the area, as well as several power plants and metal fabrication facilities.

On top of that, many industries, such as tourism, business, fisheries, and agriculture have experienced significant growth in recent years — presenting even more opportunities for the city’s growth and development. This improved employment and quality of life prospects, and steadily generated significant revenues for the city since 2004.

Today, Lipa City has grown to be one of the fastest urbanizing areas in the Philippines — earning it a spot in the country’s new wave cities. In fact, the Commission of Information and Communication Technology (ICCT) ranked Lipa City 6th among the 10 selected cities. 

Its consistent inclusion in the list of growth hotspots in the Philippines means it is more likely to continue developing, in terms of business and employment opportunities.


Lifestyle considerations

Now, we look into lifestyle considerations. If you intend to invest in a home in Lipa, Batangas for your family, then you need to consider the features of the development — as well as its proximity to amenities. 

Is there ample space for outdoor activities, pocket parks to relax and play in, is the area walkable, and does the community offer exclusive facilities for residents to enjoy a holistic and healthy lifestyle? These are the kinds of questions to ask when evaluating a house and lot for sale in Lipa, Batangas. 

If you’re seeking a master-planned community with all these amenities — and more — consider Pueblo de Oro’s new development in Lipa. It offers amenities such as green spaces, outdoor courts, exclusive clubhouses, jogging trails, and more amenities within our gated communities. Ours is a neighborhood that you and your family can thrive in while coexisting with nature. 

We are also strategically located just a short ride away from schools like The Lipa Grace Academy, The Mabini Academy, and The Lipa Academy for Math and Science. Shopping centers and commercial areas such as Fiesta World Mall Lipa, SM City Lipa, and Robinsons Lipa are also just a few minutes away. 


Developer’s track record

Developer’s track record

In that vein, you should also consider the developer’s track record before finalizing a real estate investment. Purchasing a house and lot for sale in Lipa, Batangas from a reputed developer will help ensure a positive after-sales experience. 

Consider the planning of their existing developments — what amenities do they offer, how are they managed, and what advantages do they provide for their residents? You might even want to take a look into the build quality of their homes and condominiums. Also, take a look at value-added services, and the environmental measures the property uses. 

It is expected that you have high expectations for the prime real estate you paid for. One developer that can readily meet these expectations is Pueblo de Oro. With over 25 years of excellence under our belt, we create homes built with sustainability, quality, and comfort in mind. Included in our portfolio are our highly regarded and affordable houses for sale in Cebu City, amongst others. 


Key Takeaway

Our guide on what to consider when investing in homes in Lipa shows that the area is the ideal hub for investors and homeowners alike. 

When you invest in a property with a reputable developer like Pueblo de Oro, you get the best of what the city offers — as well as an impressive mix of sustainable design, exclusivity, safety and security, and upscale amenities. Contact us today to learn more about our development in Lipa, Batangas.

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