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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Nature and Man-made Living With Westwoods Bungalows

| by Apple Barretto


What do you need to know about Westwoods?

  1. Overview of Westwoods
  2. Details of Westwoods
  3. Westwoods Amenities
  4. Westwoods Advantages

Looking for bungalows in Cagayan de Oro? Look no further than Westwoods from Pueblo de Oro. Pueblo de Oro has once again exceeded expectations when providing classy, sophisticated homes for Filipinos. Westwoods offers are both unique and compelling. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the perfect balance between nature and man-made, this is the high-end choice for you.

Overview of Westwoods

Wide shot of a structure in Westwoods, Cagayan de Oro

Westwoods is located in the heart of Pueblo de Oro’s township. You can easily find a fulfilling balanced lifestyle here. Like the other diverse properties of Pueblo de Oro, you’ll find various amenities and facilities that you can use exclusively as a resident. With a lot size of 120-240 square meters, the Westwoods units give you enough space for you and your family. The limited units also provide excellent privacy and a spectacular view of Pueblo de Oro’s lush landscaping.

Westwoods is solemn, beautiful, and open. The property is built 30 meters above sea-level, which ensures that you won’t experience the hassles and dangers of flooding. Your family and your property are safe as Westwoods and Pueblo de Oro offer 24/7 security with CCTV and K9 patrols. Living in Westwoods feels like paradise in an urban setting and it’s definitely not one to miss.

Details of Westwoods

Interior of a house's living room

Homes in Westwoods are beautifully detailed and are a perfect mix of modern design and nature. Pueblo de Oro knows the importance of space. Unlike congested cities with closely built homes, Westwoods is created for privacy and peace. There’s no need to worry about noisy neighbors. You can relax and know that once you’re home, peace and your family are ready to greet you.

With that being said, Westwoods provides breathing space for the different units available. Choose from bungalows, classic, or premium two-story houses. The entirety of Westwoods is surrounded by a 40-hectare rainforest that promises serenity. If your family is looking for a new home that offers ample space and a gold standard community, Westwoods can get you started.

Westwoods Amenities

A group of friends outside hanging out and drinking

Properties of Pueblo de Oro are built with gold standards. You can expect the same quality amenities from Westwoods. As a resident, you have access to the exclusive Westwoods Clubhouse. The clubhouse is inclusive of function rooms and a balcony. Host your gatherings, no matter how small or big, at the clubhouse to impress your guests.

On hot days, you could always head over to the beach, but Westwoods also has a community pool that you can use. There’s no need to drive to nearby beaches and resorts. Just prepare your swimwear and towels to take a dip. There’s also a wading area where you can bring your kids for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Active lifestyles can also be achieved at Westwoods. There’s vast hiking, biking, and jogging trails you can use daily for your health. As you jog along the trail, you can breathe in the fresh air that only Pueblo de Oro can offer. It’s all thanks to the surrounding rainforest.

Westwoods Advantages

A living room

Driving and commuting are difficult. A lot of Filipinos can surely relate to the struggle, especially if you live in congested, urban areas. When beginning a new chapter in life, a change of pace can be the key to a fulfilled and wholesome lifestyle. For that, you would need a community that’s conveniently located and masterfully planned.

The convenient location of Westwoods ensures that you save enough time to enjoy moments with your family. All it takes is a 5 to 10-minute drive to various business districts or even Pueblo Golf. Pueblo de Oro makes sure that everything you need is right at Westwoods.

Westwoods bungalows offer kid-friendly, open designs the whole family can enjoy. The amount of space you have in your bungalow allows you to expand and customize your home. Alternatively, you can impress your whole family and guests with a unique open design. Westwoods ensures a bright, sunny, and airy home for you, the privileged few.

Westwoods also offer two-story homes. The concept of these two-story homes uses the same open design but with much more floor space. You can have all of these benefits at competitive prices. The added height to the Westwoods two-story homes gives you a direct view of your landscape. The lush greens of Pueblo de Oro and Westwoods offer a therapeutic experience. Situate rooms on the second floor for great views and pristine privacy.

Key Takeaway

Choose among a wide array of bungalows in Cagayan de Oro at Westwoods. Pueblo de Oro’s development promises that you, the privileged few, will only get the best facilities, amenities, and homes. All while still being convenient and accessible. Westwoods blends nature and man-made structures to create a unique paradise at the heart of Cagayan de Oro. Make a move to Westwoods today and experience the gold standard living of Pueblo de Oro.