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Top 5 Cafes in San Fernando, Pampanga

| by janndel

Top 5 Cafes in San Fernando, Pampanga

Sometimes we need to go out and discover new places that gives us time away from the house. That kind of place that has a fantastic ambiance; comfortable seats that inspire creativity and relaxation, but most of all a retreat that satisfies your taste buds!

If you want to take a break from your house and lot in Pampanga, we’ve listed down the five must-visit cafés in the neighborhood of San Fernando.


1. Café Noelle

This café in Greenfields, Mc Arthur Highway brings the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. Noelle translates to “born on Christmas time.” The meaning of the word is brought to life all over the café.

Cafe Noelle Pampanga
Source: Café Noelle

The interiors include the holiday colors – green and gold. There are glimpses of the festive season in the shop’s tiny details. The evergreen garlands, small hollies, and shiny, swirling decals all contribute to the magic of Café Noelle. Other than the holiday display, it also boasts a luxurious home appeal. The items of furniture in wood and white, hanging light fixtures, chandelier and panellings bring out the modern appeal of the cafe.

Space includes a dining hall and function room. Thus, Café Noelle is perfect for events, casual meetings, and elaborate parties. The Christmas-themed café serves hot and cold beverages, blended drinks and desserts. It also has meals such as Truffled Bacon and Potato SoupTruffled Mushroom Pasta and Grilled Chicken Salad. Their delicious finger food like the Salmon Croquettes and Mozzarella Sticks are a must try.


2. Velvet Ganache

Velvet Ganache
Source: Velvet Ganache

Nearby the vicinity of Greenfields, a patisserie & boulangerie stands. Velvet Ganache is as sweet and dreamy as its name. The cafe is lavish yet simple. Pops of color highlight the pieces of furniture in white. Rich purples and yellows bring elegance and coziness to the interior. The walls and windows are all in white but balanced by the steel stand shelf, black cake display, and indoor plants.

The café maximized the space by having wall benches adorned with pattern covered pillows.Velvet Ganache offers the sweet things in life – comfort and grub. Must try dishes are Chicken Barbeque PizzaSeafood Pasta, and Velvet Ganache Beef Burger. Refresh with their Cucumber Lemon Juice. Locals and food explorers highly recommend it.


3. Cafe Jungle

Located in San Isidro, this café is inspired by Café Amazon in Thailand. Cafe Jungle brings the “taste of nature” on the table as well as in the scenery. The varnished shelves, wood panels, and tropical-themed decors complement the plants. The decorations bring the diners to a rainforest adventure. The concept is unique and the first of its kind in the area. The casual and friendly environment of the café is what people love most.

Cafe Jungle opening
Source: Cafe Jungle

Cafe Jungle’s menu considers people of all ages. It thinks of the Filipino’s standard of delicious food in each dish. It recently launched new pizza flavors with catchy names. There are Crabba Panizza and Bos Panizza which are all drenched in c?cream cheese. Other flavors to try are Tarzan’s and Jane’s Style Pizza, whose names perfectly fit the theme.

Besides the amusing food names, Cafe Jungle offers premium coffee products. They accept reservations for different occasions and catering services based on the client’s budget.


4. The Heritage Cafe

Sto. Rosario is proud to have this café on the streets of Consuji. The Heritage Cafe resembles the New York cafeterias of the 90s. The area remains well-maintained. There’s ample light to go around. It combines the cool and warm glow of light that gives the place intimate vibe. There are steel ceiling fans and a hanging clock that brings back the taste of the past.

Heritage Cafe
Source: The Heritage Cafe

The Heritage Cafe offers a meeting place for workers and professionals of the city center. It has a range of local and international dishes on its menu. It serves tocinobeef tapalonganisa and Bangus belly for breakfast. It also has a Full English platter for a hearty morning meal. The lunch menu includes native Kare-KarePinakbet with Bagnet, and Sisig, There are also dishes like Chicken Curry,Fish and Chips, and Bangers and Mash inspired by foreign cuisine.

The Heritage Cafe has organic coffee, and frappe as the establishments promotes ganoderma products. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine. The mushroom sprouts in different colors but the red ganoderma is the most common. The ganoderma mushroom contains 400 nutrients and is the most alkaline food in the world.

Unlike other cafés, it offers affordable beers and glass of house wine. Thus, the menu also includes snacks and pulutan. Afternoon snacks have dishes you can share with friends. There are Palabok and special noodles – The Heritage Cup Noodles. It has Miki noodles with stir-fried chicken and vegetables. The café has crowd favorite pulutan such as Buffalo WingsNachos, and Potato Chips.


5. Amo Yamie Crib

The cute and youthful café opened its second branch in San Fernando last three years ago. The coffee shop has books and movies which are great for chilling. Best of all, the concept of café and movie house is mixed under one roof.

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House

Source: Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House

The interiors are colorful and whimsical, like a dollhouse for adults. There are top and bottom commune spaces. There are tiny Japanese coffee tables on elevated areas. The café’s walls feature various creative work from the customers. The customers are encouraged to leave short messages, photos, and doodles for the world to see. It provides a cozy ambiance for everyone.

Amo Yamie Crib translates to LoveDelicious, and Home. These three elements are converted to the fairy tale and childhood -inspired designs. The café has sections such as Snow White’s Secret Room, Neverland and Tinkerbell’s Den.

The fairy tale concept extends to their food. The menu and presentation show a lot of creativity and fancy presentation. Their must-try overload drinks are Nutty and Nice FrostPotted Milk TeaSnow White with Special Sauce, and Drunk Dwarf Wizard of Oreo. To a satisfy a sweet tooth, their Banapple Waffle is something to try.

Amo Yamie isn’t limited to sweets and desserts. They have Mini Bites – made from Australian Ground Beef and seasoned with crumbs, herbs, and spices. All the ingredients are all-natural and made from scratch.

These cafés are little getaways from your house and lot in Pampanga, each on with their own distinct offering. If you want something unique, Café Noelle and Amo Yamie Crib is the place to go. If you seek the company of your family and friends, head to Cafe Jungle and The Heritage Cafe. If you want to spend time with a significant other, check Velvet Ganache.