We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Pueblo de Oro’s ESG Programs 

| by Apple Barretto

Pueblo de Oro's ESG Programs 

What are Pueblo De Oro’s ESG Programs?

  1. Green Initiatives
  2. 40- hectare Urban Rainforest
  3. Bank Protection and Erosion Mitigation
  4. Smart Township Integration
  5. Nationwide Tree Planting Programs
  6. Economic Empowerment
  7. Education and Training
  8. Basic Community Services
  9. Community-Based Environmental Projects
  10. Other Community Programs
  11. Strict Governance Practices

The term “ESG,” which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, refers to the programs that organizations create to improve their impact on society. These programs orient how an organization runs their business in a broader social context — and is a good indicator of their sustainability and commitment to excellence.

At Pueblo de Oro, we take our ESG efforts seriously. We have long-established programs that have helped us become what we are today — one of the preferred and trusted developer for countless Filipino families. Read on to learn more about Pueblo de Oro’s ESG programs, and how we continue to make a positive impact even in the post-pandemic world.

Environmental Programs

We seek to create value for the environments in which our communities are established. To do so, we have committed ourselves to develop and upholding green and sustainable developments. We tap into innovative practices and strategies to better our designs, construction, and operations in all aspects. 

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

We have always believed that part of the value of our master-planned communities is the natural beauty surrounding them. To protect that, we have consistently exerted green initiatives to better maintain our developments and communities.

Here are our key green initiatives that help us keep our communities sustainable and beautiful:

  • Energy and Water Efficiency — The most important substances in the world, and what we depend on to survive. Water conservation in particular is important to us. To reduce our consumption, our developments include drainage systems that allow us to create reservoirs for irrigation and water conservation. One example of this effort is seen on our championship golf course located in Cagayan de Oro.
  • Recycling of Waste — We promote garbage separation for all households in our communities, to facilitate more efficient recycling.
  • Reducing Carbon Emission — To cut back on emissions and noise pollution, we support the use of e-vehicles and shuttle services to ferry our residents around and from our townships. 
  • Flood Control and Erosion Mitigation Measures — Flooding and erosion create disasters not just to private property, but also wildlife and the natural environment. To counteract this, we have installed bank protection and erosion mitigation systems in our townships. Additionally, a 6,700 square meter outflow was built to retain water runoff before dispersal into the Calanaan Creek. These measures not only protect our communities, but also nearby ones that are susceptible to flooding. 
  • Use of Organic Herbicides and Fertilizers — We avoid using chemicals to maintain our public green spaces to prevent harm to the environment, and our resident’s health. We also encourage our residents to do the same. 

Urban Rainforest

Since 2005, Pueblo de Oro has dedicated itself to maintaining an urban rainforest — a 40-ha piece of land that is home to numerous rare animal and plant species. Beyond being a natural wonder that enhances the beauty of our Cagayan de Oro communities, we believe we must protect the indigenous plants and animals that call this rainforest home. We do so through close coordination with nearby schools, volunteer organizations, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Smart Township Integration

Working closely with our affiliate, Science Park of the Philippines, Pueblo de Oro is currently developing a 212-ha smart township. This will be a mixed-use development located in Malvar, Batangas. Our plans include an industrial park, called the Light Industry Science Park IV (LISP IV), residential subdivisions, commercial areas, and an institutional center. This ongoing development is master-planned by Sasaki & Associates, who are internationally renowned for their collaborative, interdisciplinary design practices.

Nationwide Tree Planting Programs

Nationwide Tree Planting Programs

We go above and beyond typical environmental practices by extending our initiatives outside of our master-planned communities. Pueblo de Oro has an ongoing, nationwide tree planting program, with regular projects in San Fernando, Pampanga, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Mactan, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro.

Social Programs

These are programs that we follow that are geared towards supporting the local economies of the communities we work with. As a response to the new normal, we have taken extra steps to improve our program’s scope and effectiveness. 

Our programs are geared toward economic empowerment, community-based environmental projects, improvement of basic services, education & training, community empowerment, and humanitarian assistance

Economic Empowerment

The pandemic has put many communities in hard times. To help them, Pueblo de Oro has committed itself to economic empowerment through various avenues. These include events such as seminars and orientation to applicants, to better orient them on the pre-employment process. We also host Trabaho Caravans (job fairs), the most recent one being in Calamba, Laguna, to help people find employment. 

Pueblo de Oro also offers livelihood skills training sessions to the community — particularly for women. One recent example was our Basic Entrepreneurial Training and Salon Management event that we held in Malvar, Batangas. We also offer ongoing application assistance and job generation to empower the local economy. 

Education and Training

To help those in the surrounding communities have a stronger foundation, we assist in education and training efforts. The first is our ongoing project called Tulong Pambaon, which provides transportation allowance to selected indigenous students. We also seek to improve the quality of their educational institutions by providing essential resources, through our regular donations and provisions for school materials and equipment.

Pueblo de Oro also hosts events such as training, seminars, and workshops to support the skills enhancement of community members. In the past, we have organized and facilitated events covering topics like micro-enterprise development, financial literacy, etc.​

Basic Community Services

Pueblo de Oro also commits its social improvement efforts to basic community services. We have hosted bloodletting activities for the Red Cross as well as local hospitals. We also conduct health forums, such as our recent Health Fora for Understanding COVID-19, to better educate the community on the risks and appropriate safety practices. Pueblo de Oro also regularly commits to providing much-needed health equipment to local healthcare providers and institutions.

Aside from the health sector, we also take pride in our contributions to nearby educational institutions. We have multiple projects regarding facility improvements, which include the repair and providing furniture for daycares and schools. Our last projects included the donation of construction materials for the library of Santiago Elementary School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Community-Based Environmental Projects

Pueblo de Oro believes in the preservation of the natural environment — and not just in our developed townships and gated communities. In line with that, we have multiple community-based environmental preservation projects. This includes reforestation efforts, running seedling nurseries, and continuous tree-growing projects. 

We also take the time to include local groups in our preservation efforts. Pueblo de Oro often holds talks with kids and students to educate them on environmentally-friendly practices, as well as seminars on waste management, vermicomposting, and recycling. We have also frequently held river clean-up events that call on the local community to work together to make their area a cleaner, safer place to live.

Other Community Programs

Other Community Programs

Pueblo de Oro is dedicated to community empowerment. We provide much-needed food, supplies, and assistance to families and their beneficiaries that are deeply affected by the poor economic conditions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

We are also committed to providing special humanitarian assistance during times of disaster. Most recently, we were able to provide relief goods to victims of typhoon Odette (Rai) the previous year. In this relief effort, Pueblo de Oro was able to distribute over 6,000 liters of water, 2,000 kilos of rice, and 900 solar lamps to households in Barangay Basak and Barangay Babag, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Strict Governance Practices

Pueblo de Oro adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards — it’s the foundation of our success as a trusted and reputable developer in the Philippines. In line with this, we only follow competent, experienced leaders. The Board of Pueblo de Oro is composed of highly competent individuals who guide upright and credible governance.

This guidance allows us to institute organizational policies that promote employee integrity, as well as operational transparency. This helps us ensure that the interest of every stakeholder is taken into consideration for every decision we make. 

Key Takeaway

All Pueblo de Oro’s ESG programs work together to establish us, and our developments, as sustainable and valuable assets to our society and environment. Our ESG programs have allowed us to create truly green and empowered communities, for the benefit of all. And, even in the face of recent, difficult years, our ESG programs have allowed us to continue to uphold the gold standard of community living. 

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