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How Pueblo De Oro does ESG

| by Apple Barretto

How Pueblo De Oro does ESG

What are some ways that Pueblo de Oro does ESG? 

  1. Green Initiatives
  2. Basic Community Services
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
  4. Community-based environmental projects

Developers need to go beyond creating sustainable infrastructures. In the Philippines, urbanization has grown to many provinces outside the nation’s capital, which can either help their communities, or endanger them and their homes. 

Following ESG criteria, real estate developers can avoid the latter by acting on three fronts: environment, social, and governance. By doing so, we create a more sustainable and green infrastructure for our communities. 

At Pueblo de Oro, we use ESG criteria to establish our master-planned communities, and promote our sustainability goals to our residents. Here are some ways on how Pueblo De Oro does ESG.

What is ESG? 

ESG refers to environmental, social, and governance investing. This refers to a set of standards for a company or business to adhere to socially conscious standards. This helps them screen potential like-minded investors. The acronym in ESG refers to certain criteria that guide these companies in achieving their goals. 

The environmental criterion focuses on the efforts of the company to safeguard the environment. These include their corporate policies that address green and sustainable goals. The social criteria focus on the relationship of all those involved in the business and its community. Lastly, governance focuses on how a company leads its employees and staff, all the way to shareholders. 

This also applies to the real estate industry since it impacts many communities. 

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

At a glance, Pueblo De Oro has many developments throughout the country. These include a 40-ha urban rainforest in Cagayan de Oro that is home to many indigenous plants and animals. To protect these developments, Pueblo de Oro strives to keep up its green initiatives. 

Master-planned communities under Pueblo de Oro follow a smart township integration with the help of its affiliate, Science Park of the Philippines. This makes sure that homes adopt sustainable architecture with the help of world-renowned architect Sasaki & Associates. 

On top of this, the communities practice and promote sustainable and environmental goals. Part of this is a nationwide tree-planting program. All host communities are also encouraged to use organic herbicides and fertilizers.

Lastly, e-vehicles and shuttle services are also used within our master-planned communities, to reduce car emissions, noise pollution, and promote green practices. 

Basic Community Services

There are various basic community services in every Pueblo De Oro community. 

With the help of the local government and the Philippine Red Cross, regular bloodletting activities are conducted. Also, hospital equipment is donated, and regular health forums organized for the communities. 

To ensure that all facilities are well-maintained, many projects are devoted to improving important buildings and institutions. These include the repair of various daycare centers and schools. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

For the social criterion of ESG, Pueblo de Oro has many programs that are geared toward empowering the economy and providing humanitarian assistance. 

One of the efforts is job generation and livelihood programs. In the different barangays in Batangas, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Pampanga , an employment pooling system is created to track the status of its citizens. We provide assistance to those in need of jobs. 

We also provide seminars and orientations for applicants to guide them through the pre-employment process. Some communities received educational assistance, which we offer to gifted indigent students. These include various school materials and equipment. 

Some programs are devoted to providing training on the livelihood skills of different members of the community. Training, workshops, and seminars are also given to community members. 

In the height of the pandemic, we reached out to those who were deeply affected by quarantine restrictions by providing financial assistance, shelter and food. Presently, we continue to supply food and livelihood assistance to families within our host communities.

In times of disaster, we also make it a point to quickly assemble teams for special humanitarian assistance. We mobilize and provide prompt disaster response for our neighbors through relief and rehabilitation activities, helping people recover from flooding and typhoons.

Community-based environmental projects

Within the community itself, there are targeted environmental projects. 

There are reforestation projects done year-long. Mahogany seedlings and other sturdy trees are planted on a regular basis with the help of employees and other partner organizations. 

Waste management talks are offered to homeowners. These seminars target individuals of all ages from students to working professionals. Topics range from recycling activities to river clean-up initiatives.

Key Takeaway

ESG in the real estate industry is indeed possible. This article tackled how Pueblo de Oro does ESG through the structure of its master-planned communities and activities. 

If you’re interested in investing or buying a lot in one of Pueblo de Oro’s land developments, contact us here! We have communities in Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. All our townships and communities implement sustainability plans , green efforts and community-wide initiatives. 

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