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Homebuyer’s Tips: Best Small Space Design Tips

| by janndel

Homebuyer’s Tips: Best Small Space Design Tips

Ever wondered how to fit your things into a small home or how to make a room feel bigger? Here are a few design ideas for small spaces.

Get rid of clutter. The more items and accessories you have in the room, the more cluttered it will be. Decide the function of the room and keep only furniture or items that you really need and love. The rest of the items can either be stored, sold, or donated to someone who would appreciate them.

Look for multi-functional furniture. A sofa that unfolds into a guest bed or a chest that serves as a coffee table and provides storage are great multi-functional furniture. By clustering two small tables instead of using one large coffee table, you can save space by moving them around during times when more floor space is needed, at the same time serving as extra seating for your guests.

Find storage anywhere possible. Try using the dead space under the stairs or bed, or install hooks behind doors. Cabinets that reach the ceiling allow you to maximize vertical space.

Choose items that give the illusion of more space. Examples are transparent furnishings such as those made of glass or acrylic. Mirrors and metallic accessories that reflect light also make the room appear larger.

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