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Lipa Food Trip: 7 Must-Try Dishes In Lipa, Batangas

| by Apple Barretto

Delicious Food

What is the best food to try while in Lipa, Batangas?

  1. Lomi
  2. Gotong Batangas
  3. Kapeng Barako
  4. Tsokolate Tablea
  5. Bikong Batangas
  6. Panutsa
  7. Sinigang na Maliputo

If you’re visiting Lipa, Batangas, then you’re in for a treat. Rich with gorgeous mountain topography and sweeping views of the picturesque sea, Batangas is one of the most beautiful provinces in the Philippines. 

While Lipa, Batangas is well known for its scenic beaches, it has a diverse selection of delicious dishes as well. Batangueño cuisine has a dish waiting to be tried by anyone — from simple snacks that can satisfy your sweet tooth, to hearty seafood stews that warm the belly! 

To guide you on your gastronomic journey, here are the best food to try in Lipa, Batangas! Make sure to check out our list to find the best dishes, drinks, and delicacies around.



Lomi is well-known comfort food for Filipinos everywhere. It is the best dish to have for those who want to take a break from the usual rice and ulam. The Batangueños add a special twist to the classic Lomi dish. 

The Batangas Lomi’s soup is much thicker and is topped with delicious pork meat, pork liver, chicharon, kikiam, and eggs! This dish is also commonly enjoyed with chili, soy sauce, and calamansi.

You can find the famed Lomi nearly everywhere in Lipa. Though you may notice several Lomi eateries on the road, we suggest stopping by Liam’s Lomi House by Gen. Luna St to get some of this well-loved delicacy. 

Gotong Batangas

Gotong Batangas originated in Lipa and stands out from other Goto recipes around the Philippines. Why? Because it is packed with beef innards, such as liver, beef shanks, tendon, and the star of the show: beef tripe!

Unlike the other goto recipes you may have tried, Gotong Batangas is served with plenty of ginger, garlic, and annatto powder, which gives the soup its iconic orange tint and strong, aromatic taste. We highly recommend grabbing a bowl of this hearty dish from Tessie’s Goto & Bulalo in Tiaong – Lipa Road! 

Kapeng Barako

Kapeng Barako is a coffee variant that is grown particularly in Batangas. This distinctive coffee is so prolific that most of the public markets you’ll pass by in Lipa are selling it. 

But why is Kapeng Barako so popular? The answer lies in its taste. It is one of the strongest coffee varieties in the country. Its robust taste and aroma are enough to wake up anyone with just one sip. 

If you’re looking for an authentic cup, head to local Lipa cafés — like Café De Lipa. Nearly every one offers some great Kapeng Barako. The locals know just how to prepare and serve it to draw out its iconic taste and punch. 

Tsokolate Tablea

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Another must-try in Lipa is the Tsokolate Tablea. This is the perfect ingredient for making drinks for those who have a sweet tooth. Cacao chocolate drinking has been a long tradition in Batangas and the province is one of the best producers of cacaos. 

To make Tsokolate Tablea, the locally harvested cacao is heated and ground. This is then made into tablea, which are cacao balls that local cafes use to brew the famous hot chocolate drink. 

Stop by any cafe in Lipa and ask for a Tsokolate Tablea drink. You can also pick up some to bring home from Bryan’s Pure Tablea de Cacao, located in Barangay Bolbok. Authentic recipes call for melting the tablea with water, sugar, and milk. Then, a special tool called batidor is used to stir the chocolate into thick and sweet perfection.

Bikong Batangas

Also called sikumani, Bikong Batangas is a local rice snack or kakanin typically sold in eateries, pasalubong shops, and public market stalls around Lipa. Bikong Batangas is made with brown sugar, malagkit (sticky rice), gata (coconut milk), and latik (coconut caramel). This is mixed together and topped with the delicious ground and roasted peanuts. Get some from Aling Meding’s Special Kakanin at City Park Avenue, Lipa, Batangas.

Bikong Batangas is so famous that there’s even a festival dedicated to it — the Sinukmani Festival! This is held annually in Batangas City. During the festival, locals and tourists can feast on long tables filled with Bikong Batangas.



Source: Flickr

A dish that’s similar to Baguio’s peanut brittle is Lipa’s Panutsa. While Baguio’s peanut brittle is typically light-colored, thin, and comes with crunchy layers of peanut, Lipa’s Panutsa is denser and darker. When making Panutsa, locals use darker-roasted peanuts and caramelized brown sugar. These ingredients are molded into circles and packed in cling wrap. 

Panusta is a favorite treat of those who love mildly sweet snacks and peanuts. In the past, Batangueños love cutting up pieces of this delicacy to sweeten their tea, too! It’s definitely worth picking up from the market or pasalubong center and trying. 

Sinigang na Maliputo

This list can’t end without one of the most popular broth dishes in the Philippines: Sinigang. Well-loved for its incredibly sour taste and savory stewed meat, there are many different versions of this dish around the country. In Lipa, Batangas, they have Sinigang na Maliputo. Made from a rare freshwater fish only found in Taal Lake, it’s a must-try provincial delicacy. 

The Maliputo is a naturally flavorful fish. Once cooked, it has a salty and sweet taste. These flavors are highlighted by the rich and sour broth of the Sinigang

The Sinigang na Maliputo partners well with Tagaytay patis or bagoong, which complement the natural flavors of the fish and the sour flavor of the broth. Enjoy a bowl of this with freshly cooked rice at Hapag Filipino Restaurant, found in Gen.Luna St, and you’ll have an unforgettable meal!

Key Takeaway

Lipa, Batangas is a must-visit destination in the Philippines. With its abundance of natural resources and beauty, there’s a lot to see and enjoy in this city! And whether you’re going on a spontaneous day trip or vacationing around the area, you should always set aside time to try the food in Lipa, Batangas. You’re sure to leave full and satisfied!

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