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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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The Best Beaches in Cebu

| by rei


Those looking for paradise for the holidays or for the weekend can book a flight or catch the ferry to the Queen City of the South. Swimming in the clear saltwater or taking in the view should be part of one’s life occurrences. Make sure to be set with travel tickets, swimwear and a Cebu house and lot before splashing in the waters of the island.


1. Bantayan Island

The island lies in the Northern part of Cebu and the largest among the Bantayan Group of Islands. It has three municipalities, Bantayan, Madridejos, and Sta. Fe—each one having long stretches of white sand and shimmering salty waters. The island also has cave pools, mangrove gardens and an enchanting underwater ecosystem ideal for diving activities.

Kota Beach

Carrying the same name as the resort, Kota Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers. With pristine sands and an amazing view, it’s no wonder it was chosen to be the filming spot of a local film about relationships, “Camp Sawi”. The beach has the same velvet white sand and clear water best viewed on a cloudless day.

Paradise Beach

It is one of the prominent beaches in Sta. Fe. The area is true to its name as it allows you to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day with a secluded shoreline. There are no resorts in the area, but there are nipa beach umbrellas and small boats owned by the locals.

Some beaches like Alice Beach, Sugar Beach, and Maricaban Beach located in Sta. Fe is worth the visit.

Ogtong Cave & Resort

A not-so-hidden paradise of Bantayan, it has three bodies of water everyone is sure to enjoy. The resort has an artificial pool and covers a good part of the island’s seashore. However, the main attraction of the area is the natural pool under cave and rock formations. Although the pool isn’t ideal for swimming, the area is a great hideout from the midday heat.

Besides the beaches at Bantayan, nearby islands such as Hilantagaan and the Virgin Islands are great are a must for a side trip.


2. Malapascua Island

Another island in the North of Cebu, Malapascua isn’t as developed as the mainland or other beach spots. Guest will have to make do with what’s available—an isolated seashore and crystal blue water. There are three islands nearby that are accessible via boat rides. The friendly locals will be happy to give swimmers and tourists a lift.

Kalanggaman, Dakit-Dakit, and Gato Islands are worth visiting for the fantastic view. Dakit-Dakit Island has small rock formations all around. Meanwhile, Gato Island is a famous dive site. The sea creatures – cuttlefish, frogfishes, seahorses, and sea snakes – make diving worthwhile. The colorful nudibranchs, as well as corals, show off the island’s diverse marine ecosystem.

Bounty Beach

The beach offers a secluded spot for swimming and lazing under the heat of the sun. It is also ideal for snorkeling for its vivid marine life. The beach is home to a rare sight – thresher sharks. These sharks enjoy deep waters but once in a while, they go to the shallows giving the people quite a site.

Besides the thresher shark, island explorers can also find manta rays, shrimps (Harlequin and Ghost types), Xeno crabs and pipefishes. Divers who want to take a plunge at night will see bobtail squids, blurring octopus, mandarin fishes, and the occasional frogfish.

Langob Beach

Another untouched paradise can be found at the north part of Malapascua. Langob Beach is perfect for those who want to avoid large groups. Guests can bask in the silence and relish the symphony of the splashing water.

Lighthouse Beach

The Japanese ship that wrecked years ago left its remains on the beach. As a result, it transformed into an artificial reef. Thus, the beach became an accessible diving site. It is a habal-habal ride or a short walk from any point of Malapascua. An alternative swimming area is the Guimbitayan Beach. Its shores are present on both sides of the beach.

Coral Garden

Its vibrant aquatic life and crystal blue waters require a snorkeling mask and some fins. The hidden magical world is best to visit under the sun.


3. Oslob

The Southern part of Cebu also has magnificent waters for swimmers and divers. Part of Oslob is Sumilon Island, a private island with an exclusive resort – Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. Bluewater Island Resort is a must-visit for its sandbar. Its accommodation rates are affordable and are available upon request.

The island of Sumilon is a refuge, just like its name. It serves as a marine haven and is the first protected sanctuary in the country. It was set up in 1974 and managed by Siliman University Marine Reserve of Dumaguete City. The expanse of its waters is abundant in staghorn corals which resemble the antlers of a stag or deer. There are also playful whale sharks (butanding) which are gentle giants of the sea.

The island has four dive sites -Julie’s Rock, Garden Eel Plaza, Coral Landscape, and Nikki’s Wall. Divers can spot the black tip sharks on occasion. Other than the lively and well-maintained marine life, Sumilon boasts white, powdery beaches that stretch into the sea. Guests will be delighted with the endless shades of the blue water and the view of Cebu City on the horizon.


4. Badian

Another major spot in South Cebu, Badian is the place to be for those who want to avoid the crowded beaches of Malboal. The area has Lambug Beach, a few kilometers away from the town proper. The beach has the same quality of Cebu’s beaches—fine, white sand and refreshing, clear waters.


5. Moalboal

The Southwestern part of Cebu also has various diving spots. Moalboal has Pescador Island, a stretch of coastline with clear water and beaches. Those looking for a place to swim or sunbathe are sure to enjoy its natural ambiance. Besides the seaside, Moalboal is also rich in other water formations. The waterfalls and caves in the area allow activities like canyoneering or cliff-diving.

Badasko Beach

Badasko or Badasku takes its name from Cebuano words “bas” meaning “sand” and “daku” which translates to “big.” The beach is also called the White Beach. The area is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists due to many established resorts in the area. The beach also serves as a camping site. Those without a tent to pitch can rent their equipment from the establishments in the area.

Panagsama Beach

Lodgings and accommodations are all present in Panagsama Beach. Together with Badasko or White Beach, the areas that were developed and has become thriving tourist spots. Various dining and entertainment establishments off the coast of the beach give visitors a break from diving activities.

Indeed, the beaches of Cebu are a sight to behold. Its natural environment has the same majestic quality as its cities. Moreover, the seaside remains vibrant while its marine life continues to flourish. Families will definitely enjoy their time under sun creating lasting memories.