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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Benefits of Living in Batangas

| by Apple Barretto

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What are the benefits of living in Batangas?

  1. It’s away from Metro Manila traffic
  2. It’s a cleaner environment
  3. It presents a lot of business opportunities
  4. It has expert urban planning

One of your prime investment options in the Philippines is Batangas. This province is one of the fastest-growing in South Luzon as evidenced by the growing land value. It offers a wide range of offerings for both residential, tourism and business. If you’re looking for a peaceful residence to settle down to, here are the reasons why you should consider living in Batangas.

It’s Away From Metro Manila Traffic

Its Away From Metro Manila Traffic

Traffic takes a significant amount of time out of someone’s daily routine. Waking up early for work or school can get tedious. The morning rush contributes a lot to this bothersome cycle

Instead of swimming through a rush of people, what if you could kick back and relax on your way to work? Living in Batangas allows you to do just that. The recent ratification to convert Sto. Tomas to a city makes you appreciate living in the suburbs with all the modern conveniences that a bustling city like Sto. Tomas offers. It will be a breeze from your home to work and vice versa. This means you can spend more quality time with family or other things that you love to do.

It’s A Cleaner Environment

Its A Cleaner Environment

Pollution can contribute to sickness. It can be a big downside when living in a polluted city or area. For people that have lung problems, pollution is an irritant that persists. Other forms of pollution like noise pollution and smog can be equally bothersome.

In the city, quiet nights can be hard to find and clean air seems like a luxury. If you want to settle down in a cleaner area, Batangas is the perfect place for a lifestyle change. The province is not too urbanized yet also not too rural that you’ll miss out on some essentials.

The clean environment is a refreshing change from the city life. You’ll immediately notice the calmer difference. This is a favorable investment for those planning on retiring or for expatriates. It’s the perfect mix of the provincial lifestyle and modern living. You can enjoy all of this with a cleaner environment and clearer skies.

It Presents A Lot Of Business Opportunities

It Presents A Lot Of Business Opportunities

Provinces in the Philippines are no longer rural and isolated. Many investors, both local and multinational, are looking to develop these provinces into an economic powerhouse. You can enjoy a career down South, or better yet, enjoy the proximity of Batangas to Metro Manila as well as to various economic zones. There’s a wealth of career opportunities in Batangas, and other surrounding areas like Sto. Tomas and Malvar.

The special economic zones located in Batangas allows both local and foreign investors to establish and benefit from their businesses. You get amazing tax-free incentives and foreign business incentives. The province currently has a high yield rate and developments such as commercial hubs and industrial parks are currently being looked at. The continuous development is enticing and you should take advantage of right now.

It Has Expert Urban Planning

It Has Expert Urban Planning

You can find malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and many exciting commercial establishments in Batangas. Even with these developments, you can enjoy the amazing countryside resorts available within the area. These establishments are placed strategically so as to not disrupt any major areas by causing traffic.

The expert urban planning allows residents to enjoy a lower cost of living compared to urbanized areas. The local government also continues to bring innovations for the good of all residents. You won’t miss out on quality health care facilities and education for your growing family. In Batangas, you will be provided with the best opportunities.

Key Takeaway

The best investment option in the Philippines is in Batangas. With these amazing benefits, who wouldn’t want to live here? This province is ripe for opportunities and you can be part of this development. If you want to start building your new home in Batangas, consider approaching Pueblo de Oro.

We are ready to bring you forward to your sustainable future. We currently have developments in Batangas, Sto. Tomas, and Malvar ready for you to call home. Just give us a call to set up a meeting or visit our website for more information. Click here to learn more about our gold standard living in Batangas.

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