We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.


We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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Grow Your Family at Bamboo Lane

| by Apple Barretto


Why should your family move to Bamboo Lane?

  1. Bamboo Lane Is for Growing Families
  2. Offers Flexible Ownership
  3. Safe and Flood-free
  4. Guarantees Amazing Amenities

A house in Cagayan de Oro is very different compared to other cities. There is something peaceful about living in the city of golden friendship. If you are wondering where you can start or begin again, Pueblo de Oro’s Bamboo Lane is a three-story modern Asian townhouse for you.

Families need a place that is both nurturing and accessible. You need a place to thrive and make memories. Bamboo Lane can do just that and more. Explore the best of Bamboo Lane by scrolling down.

Bamboo Lane Is for Growing Families

A family having fun in their living room

Growing families need enough space so that they can live comfortably without feeling the constraints of city living. Bamboo Lane offers enough space and is located at Pueblo de Oro’s Township along PN Roa Avenue. Bamboo Lane is also just a few minutes away from schools, malls, as well as a business park. You can have everything in one convenient area while being cost-effective.

Officially launched on August 20, 2018, Bamboo Lane was introduced to the public by a motorcade around the city, followed by an appreciation event. Like all projects of Pueblo de Oro, Bamboo Lane is created with care, innovation, and is designed to provide worry-free expansions for growing families.

Offers Flexible Ownership

Two parties shaking hands after finishing a housing deal

Bamboo Lane is the right choice for families that are starting out or for individuals that need a lot of space. It consists of three-story townhouses that can be owned under a Transfer Certificate of Title ownership. The certificate of title is a government-issued document that identifies the owners of a property. This is documentary evidence of your ownership of your very own Bamboo Lane townhouse.

Having this document on hand presents a lot of advantages. If you plan to repaint or redesign a part of your townhouse, you may do so. Upon getting the property under your name, you can choose to customize the townhouse in any way you like to make the house uniquely yours. You can expand rooms or make them smaller. You can extend your yard to maximize your lot area. You can give your family the home that they deserve at Bamboo Lane.

Safe and Flood-free

A teddy bear looking out of a raining window

Cagayan de Oro has unique weather conditions. To prepare for that, Pueblo de Oro ensures that the Bamboo Lane townhouses are built 20 meters above sea level. These stylish and modern townhouses are planned and built to last even under the strongest storms. Before construction began, experts and engineers conducted a flood study to see the depth of rainfall during a storm. With this data, it was determined that Bamboo Lane should be built 20 meters above sea level and should include extra flood mitigation plans. For your safety, Bamboo Lane has included bank protection and implementation of the easement as well.

Since Bamboo Lane is located within Pueblo de Oro’s township, you can only expect the best safety measures. 24/7 security is available as well as CCTV cameras within the premises. Pueblo de Oro understands the importance of round the clock safety and you will be assured that your family is safe and secure at all times.

Guarantees Amazing Amenities

Inside of a luxury townhouse

Pueblo de Oro’s homes have a wide array of facilities like a pool, clubhouse for events, basketball court and nature trails, to name a few. At Bamboo Lane, you and your family can enjoy all these facilities on top of a high-quality property at a budget-friendly price. More importantly, it is located near the natural and lush landscape of Pueblo de Oro’s man-made rain forest. Every morning you get an amazing view of the golf course that allows you to breathe, recharge and start your day right. Your very own townhouse comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 powder room, and a carport provision.

Bamboo Lane is unique by using a three-story floor plan. This allows homeowners to make use of their space efficiently. The total floor area of a Bamboo Lane townhouse is 78 square meters. The ground floor of Bamboo Lane, which can be your living area and dining area, is around 22 square meters. You can meet and greet your guests and enjoy family time with the comfortable space. The second and third floors can be reserved for your family bedrooms with 28 square meters of space.

Key Takeaway

Life begins at Bamboo Lane, your affordable house in Cagayan de Oro. For families who want to be closer to nature, this three-story townhouse is perfect for you. The modern Asian aesthetic fits anyone who wants a minimalist living space and a laid-back lifestyle. Growing families will enjoy living in Bamboo Lane as it is near conveniences such as schools, malls, and businesses. All of these are just a few minutes away. If you’re interested in owning your own Bamboo Lane townhouse, click here to get started!