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5 Must Try Adventures in Cagayan de Oro

| by janndel

5 Must Try Adventures in Cagayan de Oro

As the business hub of Northern Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro or CDO is growing leaps and bounds. But while the industry is taking center stage, the city offers more outside its urban enclaves. There is a world of adventure just waiting to challenge your courage and senses. Here are five activities that every resident or tourist should try.

Pueblo de Oro | Adventures in Cagayan de Oro | White Water Rafting


White Water Rafting

CDO is the  white water rafting capital of the Philippines. Less than an hour’s travel from the city is the jump-off point for Cagayan de Oro River, which boasts rapids up to Class 3. Furious paddling alternates combined with calm stretches of beautiful scenery climax to an unforgettable journey. Numerous river operators in CDO are willing to lend their expertise to help you navigate the furious river.

Pueblo de Oro | Adventures in Cagayan de Oro | Canyoneering


Blessed with striking mountains and thriving forests, the city has also become a hub of canyoneering. Every year, thousands travel to  Mapawa Nature Park, a 2,500-hectare reserve about half an hour from the city, to navigate its canyons and gigantic trees through a mixture of hiking, water sliding, cliff jumping, and rappelling.

Pueblo de Oro | Adventures in Cagayan de Oro | Ziplining


Ziplining is the closest that mere earthlings will experience to flying like Superman. Fortunately, the province boasts the  longest zipline in Asia. At Dahilayan Adventure Park, adventure seekers trek 4,700 feet above sea level to begin an 840 meter drop down lush forests. An exhilarating, adrenaline rush, the trip is not for the faint of heart.

Pueblo de Oro | Adventures in Cagayan de Oro | Glamping



Adventure doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Staying out at night in the forests of Misamis Oriental sounds like it requires experience and dedication. Not in the center of Northern Mindanao. Sleep outside in style inside  luxurious roomy tents. Bring your family to stare at the stars at night and retire into a cozy and comfortable sleeping bag to wait the coming dawn.

Pueblo de Oro | Adventures in Cagayan de Oro | Night Shopping


Night Shopping

Plaza Divisoria or Golden Friendship Park  transforms every Friday and Saturday night into the place-to be in CDO. It is filled with food stalls and ukay-ukay shops. Locals and tourists gather to eat affordable food, drink cheap beer, enjoy live entertainment, and search for great deals. Sometimes overwhelming, never boring, it’s an exciting way to end an adventure-filled day.

For the adventurous, the province is never boring. Consider hanging your hat in our thriving city. Send us a message if you’re searching for a Cagayan de Oro house for sale!