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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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5 Kid-Friendly Spots in San Fernando, Pampanga

| by rei


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San Fernando, Pampanga is fast becoming a developed and urbanized city, giving a corporate concrete jungle vibe. Fortunately, the city still preserves the vibrancy of youth where kids can let their imagination run wild. These kid-friendly spots in San Fernando are accessible from a house and lot for sale in Pampanga. Let your kids go wild these weekend in these fun parks.

Let’s start with the two amusement places in Paseo Las Palmas in Barangay Dolores. Fun Rules Here is an establishment that has three indoor facilities as well as function halls for hosting parties and celebrations. The complex has Fun Ranch, Jump Yard, and Lazer Maxx.


1. Fun Ranch

Fun Ranch is an indoor play area with lots of interactive activities for children. The huge playground can also be used as a venue for parties.

The area has a Playdium—its version of a playground. It has padded floors to protect the young ones from a fall or an injury. All the sections of the playground are kept safe by marshals. Since it’s a big playground, parents can accompany their children when going up or sliding down.

The Playdium offers twelve slides kids can choose from. Long and short, high and low—all of these slides are present in the large playing dome. Some slides lead to padded areas while others head straight to a ball pit.

Other than these features, Fun Ranch also has animal rollers and mechanical horses. Kids can ride these soft and furry animals to go around the place. The most exciting feature of the Playdium is the role-playing area. Kids can try out different, real-life occupations for themselves.

Fun Ranch allows children to mingle with other people with the same age. It teaches children to build social skills, connect with other people, and share each other.


2. Jump Yard

Jump Yard is an indoor trampoline park. Rain or shine, young ones can jump and bounce to their heart’s content. The activity area has various sections with different trampolines.

Anyone can enjoy the amenities of the park. However, children under three years of age are too young to be on their own. There are seven sections and four of them available for children’s use.

Young ones can visit the Toddler Section and enjoy jumping with minimal supervision. Only children are allowed in the area. Slightly older children can enjoy the Foam Pit and Open Space Trampoline. It’s best to accommodate kids when trying out the sections of the park open for everyone. The foam pit by the wall, for instance, allows jumpers to wall-climb. The members of the family can split into two teams when playing on the Dodgeball Court and make it an old-fashioned family feud.

Safety is a priority of the park. Hence, the management requires a waiver from each of its jumpers. Visitors under 18 years old must let their parents sign their waivers and present a form of verification.

The park also requires proper attire. Jumpers must wear comfortable clothing and avoid accessories that can tear the trampoline. Most of all, they must wear grip socks and make sure to use one in excellent condition.

3. Lazer Maxx

Laser tagging is a fun and creative way to bring the family together and inject a dose of competition. Lazer Maxx in San Fernando can accommodate two tag teams each having 12 players. The arena is a dark-lit room with obstacles and ramps in each opponents’ home base disc.

The goal of each team is to protect their post and tag the players—shooting targets with laser lights—from the opposing team to earn points. Laser tagging is a game of strategy so prepare your mind to come up with tactics on how to beat the other team before time runs out. It’s also a fun way to break a sweat.

There’s an instructional video before each game. Focus on the short presentation as knowing what to do can help your team win!


4. Sky Ranch

Next to SM Downtown San Fernando is a theme park for fans of exciting rides. Presently, there are sixteen rides in the park Sky Eye Ferris Wheel, Grand Carousel, and Mini Viking to name a few.

The Bumper Boat, Express Train, Safari Splash and Wonder Flight are all kid-friendly. Children can get on board without the company of parents or a guardian. Meanwhile, the Double Decker Carousel is open for children and adults—perfect during early evening for you to witness the glimmer of the lights.

Besides these rides, Sky Ranch also has a Planetarium. Moreover, they have new rides you can explore. These six rides lean towards the adults than children

Exploring the outdoor park requires energy. There are food stalls and establishments in the area to get your fill. Convenience stores, fast food, and fine dining concepts are all present for visitors and park goers.

The rides in Fun Ranch is an instant mood booster. It also gives riders an adrenaline rush from the speed, highs, and lows of each lift.

5. Villa Alfredo’s

The resort has swimming pools with a theme. Each theme is every child’s dream play area. The Pirate Cove and Water Fort are examples of interactive swimming areas with a structure. Children can splash the water or explore the towering station in the middle of the pool.

The wave pool is another theme in itself. It brings the beach close to the city. Meanwhile, some pools come with a slide. There are short ones by the pool while the tall slides are on a four-level sliding area.

After a day of swimming, it’s best to explore the environment in the resort. The plants and trees produce a fresh breeze and add to a green ambiance. The animals and bird species under the care of Villa Alfredo’s makes the resort a well-rounded getaway location for children.

Kids who aren’t into organized activities and would rather spend the day in a relaxed paced will appreciate the ambiance of Villa Alfredo’s. The mix of nature and civilized amenities combines fun and relaxation in a comfortable setting.

The City of San Fernando continually expands its boundaries. Though Pampanga isn’t close to beaches or mountains, it’s culture establishments, and good-natured people make up for them. Pampanga isn’t only a haven of food, it’s also a place to build your family’s lifestyle.