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5 Awesome Hiking Spots Near Manila

| by janndel

5 Awesome Hiking Spots Near Manila

5 Awesome Hiking Spots Near Manila

The Philippines have hundreds of mountains that it’s almost a shame if you can’t at least climb one. Mountaineering has without a doubt caught the attention of millennials in the recent years. Relatively recently, this sport was even viewed as unusual in the Philippines. Nowadays, we frequently hear people say that when you’re lost and broken, the mountains are there to heal you. Mountain climbing can help you grow and remove your stress.

They say, when you travel, it isn’t really the destination that matters but the journey. But then again who’s gonna say no to all the wonders of prime destinations? With a breathtaking view of the majestic Mt. Makiling as backdrop, Park Place at Pueblo de Oro Batangas may just be the ideal destination. Imagine, if you lived there, you can simply go on a hike to Makiling’s twin peaks while catching a glimpse of Los Baños and the nearby towns.

Fortunately, there are a lot of awesome hiking spots – all within a couple of hours drive from Manila. Here are some of amazing hiking spots you can conquer on a weekend:

Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Binacayan, one of the well-loved trio of Montalban along with Mts. Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi, gives an impeccable view of Wawa Dam as well as the coveted morning sea of clouds which lucky visitors could witness atop the summit. If you are familiar with the folklore of Bernardo Carpio, a Herculean figure who was trapped between two rocks, then you need to hike these two mountains.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2 hours

Budget: Less than PHP 500

Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountains in Batangas. Its trail does not beat around the bush as the climb becomes steep and moderately difficult. The famous Rockies provides one of the best views of the Taal Lake and Volcano. While it is widely known for unsolved mysteries and was frowned upon in the recent years due to a mountaineer’s death, it remains as one of the all-time favorites among hikers.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2.5 hours

Budget: PHP 900

Mt. Pico de Loro

Mount Palay-Palay, also known as Mount Pico de Loro, is a dormant volcano in Cavite province in the island of Luzon. The summit offers a 360-degree view of Cavite and Batangas. You can also see the famous Parrot’s Beak or Monolith.  At the summit, mountaineers can see the Parrot’s Peak and can even climb it if they feel daring enough. It’s definitely worth it to climb the peak just for the sights alone.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2 hours

Budget: PHP 1,000

Mt. Daguldol

Mt. Daguldol gives its visitors a refreshing climb courtesy of the sea breeze. The guides are organized under the Hugom Environmental Guides Association (HEGA). This means that fees are fixed and they are reasonable. Despite being a fairly small mountain range, Mt. Daguldol offers several gems of travel experiences. You can get a good view of the Laiya coastline every now and then while going up. You can hit the Laiya beach after your hike too!

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 4 hours

Budget: PHP 1,150


Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Mt. Gulugod-Baboy provides outdoor enthusiasts a sidetrip from their diving escapades and is now a popular hiking destination. For experienced hikers, it will only take an hour going to the summit. For beginners, it will take about two to 2.5 hours with multiple stops to rest and recover. At the peak, you will be mesmerized by the Janao Bay, Maribacan strait, a faint outline of distant Mindoro, Verde Island and Batangas Bay.  A funny thing about the summit is that there’s a road on the other side. So, if you don’t feel like going down by foot, you can hire a tricycle for P500.

Travel Time from Metro Manila: 2.5 hours

Budget: PHP 900