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5 Activities for a Cagayan de Oro Adventure

| by janndel

5 Activities for a Cagayan de Oro Adventure

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Besides being the capital of Misamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro City is also the adventure capital of Mindanao. With the natural environment, untouched sceneries, and adventure parks near its downtown district, a house for sale in Cagayan de Oro would make all these exciting activities easily accessible. These heart-pumping activities are ideal for healthy and able individuals. They can bring people together as they learn to face their fears, rely on their strengths, and work together.


1. Paragliding

CDO is now one of the five paragliding sites in Mindanao. Paragliding is an aerial sport that gives you the most real sense of flying. The rider equips a harness under a fabric strip that acts like wings. Beginners need not worry about the risk. A paraglider pilot will be there to assist and drive the parasail. The parasail can hold up to a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Flying is similar to controlling a kite. The paragliding in Hugo Skye Lounge comes with a professional that assists during the flight. The Sky Lounge, located in Sierra del Oro Resort at Barangay Indahag, is now the tallest point in CDO. The height of the area provides the lift for the heart-pumping adventure.

The thrill of the flight costs around P3000. Flyers get to experience a bird’s eye view of CDO and Macalajar Bay.


2. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an extreme sport that will make you appreciate the power of nature. The natural course of the river and the challenge to brave shifting currents and varying levels of rapids, has made it the outdoor activity for everyone except for the faint-hearted.

The extent of Cagayan de Oro River is an excellent location for water activities. The features of the stones, riverbed and other elements of the river make the water dynamic. These elements add to the power of the river’s rapids that come in grade between Class I and IV.

The local government supports whitewater rafting as a tourism initiative. Thus, the prices of courses are standardized. The rapids dictate the courses, so there is a beginner, advanced, and extreme courses. The typhoon Sendong (international name, Washi) changed the structure of the river when it landed in CdO in 2011. Therefore, there are only two courses available – Mid and Lower Section.

Rafting at the Lower Section costs P1200 and covers fourteen rapids that take three hours. The Mid Section costs P1800 and covers 24 rapids that take four hours in the river. The whitewater rafting operators provide the essentials upon settling the fee—life vest, helmet, paddles and the raft. Following the rafting tips for beginners and the guides are essential. It minimizes the risks and dangers involved in the activity.

The best time to go on a whitewater rafting adventure is from October to February.


3. Cruising obstacles

Still part of the highest peak in CDO, Larry’s Hill in Sierra del Oro brings to life every adult’s childhood dream. The area includes a huge ball pit, Bungee trampoline, High and Low Ropes, and Maze Adventure.

The Maze Adventure is the latest addition to Larry’s Hill. The ordinary maze leads you to find your way through the walls while this one leads the players up until they reach the highest point in the course. Meanwhile, the Ball Pit is in almost a 150 square meter enclosure. Thousands of assorted and colored balls are in the pit. There’s a children’s slide on a padded platform on the side and a climbing wall on one corner.

High Ropes is an obstacle course composed of ropes. There are spider webs, climbs, tunnels, bridges, and children can even rappel!

There are different rates for each activity. The Ball Pit is P150. The High Ropes at Skye Level is at P250 while the low-lying ones are P150. There’s also a two-way zipline (P250) and rappelling from the helicopter wall climb (P150).


4. Glamping

Being one with nature without sacrificing comfort and luxury or glamping (a portmanteau of glamorous camping) is possible in Cagayan de Oro. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort is on the edge of a mountain in Bukidnon. The high area in Pualas is a serene and relaxing ambiance. Those who want to escape the city can avail the Safari Tent Camping. Couples, families, and barkadas can set a tent on their green and breezy grounds.

A tent can fit up to five beds. Hiring one costs P2000 for five people. Any additions to the group must pay P295 per head. The Safari Tent Camping is a must for those who need some time alone and pampering without being too far from the city.


5. Nature walking

Mapawa Nature Park includes outdoor activities like camping, canyoneering, cliff diving from 25-feet, ziplining, and horseback riding. Other activities include river trekking and rappelling from the 65-foot waterfall. The mountainside, river, waterfalls, hiking, and biking trails are open to individuals and groups who want to get some sun while taking in amazing views. The biking trail leads to a 350-year-old Dao Heritage Tree.

Another must-visit site is the Macahambus Adventure Park, Cave, and Gorge. The Macahambus Cave is a significant landmark for Kagay-anons. The short passage, 57 meters in length, is the site of the Philippine War of Independence in 1899 to 1902. The Macahambus Adventure Park includes the canopy walk on a 150-foot high and 135-long Sky Bridge. The bridge has thin wooden planks and thick ropes to prevent any fall.

After crossing, a 120-meter zip line and 100-feet rappel are available to reach the ground. The Macahambus Gorge is a heritage site believed to come from the collapse of a cave 200 years ago.

Experience unforgettable moments in these nature-inspired pursuits. Remember, a Cagayan de Oro adventure will not be complete without safety precautions. Be responsible and prepared before trying out any daring stunts.

Research each spot, bring the necessary equipment and safety gear. Most of all, fill tummies with Kagay-anon cuisine before going on an adventure. You need the energy to paddle through the river, glide with the chilly breeze, and jump from heights.