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There’s No Way But Up

“No Other Way but Up ― Le Ciel Est La Limite”, sky is indeed the limit. As a company, it has always been the path we envisioned to take – onward, upward!
Pueblo de Oro’s performance has been on an upward trend since 2016. This 2019, we project to end the year with another stellar accomplishment, surpassing our 2018 financial figures. I surmise these to have been driven by a confluence of factors:

Internal Factors

Value-packed housing products – PDO brands like La Aldea, Park Place and Bamboo Lane have been perceived to be valued more than what customers actually pay. PDO maintains reasonable price points, not taking advantage of buyers’ hard earned money.

Flexible payment options – PDO has always been keen and conscientious in offering the best payment schemes for our customers. Alongside our partner financing institutions, we truly understand that buying a home should not be cumbersome.

Team effort and collaboration – major adjustments in the organization were implemented to ensure its ability to cope with the ever-increasing financial targets. Officers and staff from all departments have been encouraged to take ownership, coordination and team spirit as indispensable traits in achieving its goals with ease.

Management support and guidance – PDO has always been under the constant guidance and direction of no less than ICCP Group Chairman, Mr. Guillermo D. Luchangco, and PDO President & COO, Mr. Prim Nolido, who share their expertise and considerable experience in property development.

External Influences

Overseas remittances – like most developers, PDO enjoys good uptake in its residential products, primarily driven by OFW remittances. A big chunk of our residential portfolio is taken up by the OFWs in search of quality homes in good communities for their families.

Speculative market – a surge of interest in the Pueblo Business Park in Cagayan de Oro brought down our commercial inventory to just one lot in Regatta Square. There is a seeming bandwagon effect in investing in the uptown area. This market reaction prompted me to conclude, “There’s no other way but UPTOWN”, referring to the plateau where PDO Township
is nestled as the next CBD.

Robust property market – The Philippine real estate industry continues to grow steadily amidst stiff competition. This is very well manifested in PDO’s sales production for the past two years.

The interplay of the aforementioned factors has certainly worked to our favor. Admittedly, we have had taken risks which made us feel like we were figuratively hitting the rock bottom, but we were able to bounce back and soar multiple times higher. Indeed, with sheer willpower, we will be travelling a path no other way but up.


Chrysler B. Acebu
VP and General Manager