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Innovate or Die…

That was the astounding message from a keynote speaker in the recently concluded Mindanao HR Beat – a human resource and business summit held in Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). When he further narrated his topic, I could not help but be proud that innovation is on Pueblo de Oro’s radar. Unfortunately, innovation does not guarantee success. This is why such a big word remains a challenge to most companies that are averse to risks and failure.

Innovation is an essential part of growth, especially in this day and age when everything needs to be “fast-moving, unique or new”. Innovation is a long and difficult process. One needs to invest immeasurable effort and intensive focus to be able to achieve desirable results.

This was our experience during the planning of Bamboo Lane. It was a rough journey in the beginning, but indeed a sweet victory when the team finally launched the project. It is impossible to please everyone, most especially the discerning target market. Knowing that Bamboo Lane is the first ever three-storey townhouse development in CDO, many have doubted the project. The question “Is it going to work?” was at the back of each and everyone’s mind, not knowing if our target market will bite into our own innovation.

PDO claims a lot of “firsts” in the real estate market. Equally innovative houses are likewise offered in all our project sites in Batangas, Pampanga and Cebu. We don’t want to be different, but rather thinking out differently and not being constrained with traditional thinking.

Innovation can be challenging, but we have to start somewhere and everything must begin with passion, and not just the passion to hit our target sales but also the passion to compete. The soul of a successful innovation starts with the passion to serve – the passion to give our buyers the quality they are looking for, to serve their needs and demands, to reassure comfort and security. Having said that, the foundation of a successful innovation is not completely within the hands of the innovator, it is also in the hands of the people it serves well. This is where it all begins, and in finding ways to serve our buyers and partners the Gold Standard, we at Pueblo de Oro find our passion to innovate.

Chrysler B. Acebu

VP & General Manager