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Privacy Policy

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Pueblo De Oro

In the usual course of our business, Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (“Pueblo”) requires certain personal and sensitive personal information (“Personal Data”) from various individuals whom we transact with. The collection, use, disclosure and disposal of these Personal Data are necessary for the effective performance and management of our operations.

Pueblo is committed to comply with the Philippine Republic Act 10173, also known as the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“Act”). We recognize and value the privacy rights of individuals and ensure that all Personal Data collected are processed in adherence to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality. We are dedicated to observe and implement necessary security measures to safeguard these Personal Data.

This Privacy Policy summarizes, among others:

  • What Personal Data we collect;
  • Why we collect the Personal Data;
  • How we collect the Personal Data;
  • To whom we disclose Personal Data;
  • How long we keep and how we dispose Personal Data; and
  • How we protect and secure Personal Data.


What Personal Data We Collect

Personal Data refers to any information, which on its own or when put together with other information, can reasonably and directly ascertain the identity of an individual.

Pueblo collects Personal Data only to the extent necessary, such as name, address, contact numbers, date and place of birth, educational background, business information, family information, among others. We may collect certain sensitive personal information (as defined by the Act) only to the extent reasonable and necessary, such as age, gender, civil status, tax identification number, salary or income, among others.


Why We Collect Personal Data

Pueblo will use or disclose Personal Data insofar as reasonably necessary, but not limited to the following legitimate purpose:

  1. Property sales transactions with buyers; from sales inquiries to turnover of property, marketing and promotions and any other related activities.
  2. Property lease transactions with lessees; such as lease application, lease contracts, and any other related activities.
  3. Vendor and contractor accreditation, bids and canvass, purchase order, payment and any other related activities.
  4. Recruitment and employment activities includingbenefitadministration, and any other related activities.
  5. Banking transactions, loan arrangements, service agreements, business correspondence, and any other related activities.
  6. Investor relations activities and reporting.

In addition to the above legitimate purposes, Pueblo may use or disclose Personal Data in compliance with legal obligations, for the protection of the important interest of individual subjects, or to the extent as provided by law.


How We Collect Personal Data

Pueblo collects Personal Data directly from individual subjects in the following manner:

i. By way of personal interaction,

ii. Thru application form, information sheet or other documents containing personal information, and

iii. Thru digital media (PODC website, Email, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram).

We collect Personal Data only in a lawful manner and with the consent and freewill of the individual subject. Where Personal Data is collected indirectly, such as thru accredited agents/ brokers, business partners, agencies or applicants, we assume that the collection of such information was made with the consent and freewill of the individual subject and in a manner, which is in compliance with the Act and our Privacy Policy.

To Whom We Disclose Personal Data

Pueblo will only disclose Personal Data as necessary and upon the express consent of the individual subject, to persons within or outside of our organization (i.e. banks and other financing institutions, among others) in order to perform and fulfil our legitimate purposes, or for the exercise of its legal obligations or as may be required by law. maybe required by law.


How Long We Keep and How We Dispose Personal Data

Pueblo stores and keeps Personal Data, be it physical documents or electronic data, only for as long as is necessary to fulfill our legitimate purpose as specified in our Privacy Policy. After which, Personal Data in the form of physical documents will be permanently destroyed by way of shredding while electronic data will be anonymized.


How We Protect and Secure Personal Data

Pueblo is committed to protecting Personal Data. We have implemented organizational, physical and technical security measures to protect Personal Data from unauthorized use, access or disclosure, modification, accidental loss or unlawful destruction.

We limit access to Personal Data to those with need to know and we only retain Personal Data for as long as deemed reasonably necessary or otherwise required by law.


How You Can Access, Correct and Delete Personal Data

Pueblo will take reasonable care to ensure that the Personal Data we hold is accurate, complete and up to date. We will allow access to, correction or erasure of Personal Data, where deemed appropriate and reasonable to do so.


Policy Review and Changes

This Privacy Policy is effective as of September 1, 2017. Our Privacy Policy is subject to regular review. We will post any changes to our Privacy Policy on this site.

Any Questions or Concerns?
If you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you may email our Data Protection Officer at dpo@iccpgroup.com.ph

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