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Pampanga’s mix of traditional and modern appeal boosts its real estate sector

| by Pueblo Admin

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DISTINGUISHED for its timeless charm and cultural heritage, Pampanga not only stands out as a festive hub during the Christmas season but also proudly bears the prestigious title of the ‘Culinary Capital of the Philippines.’

Boasting a robust economic backdrop, strategic infrastructure, and investor-friendly policies, Pampanga presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses seeking to capitalize on the province’s growth potential.

Pampanga’s economic trajectory positions it as an attractive destination for real estate investment. The province has become an economic powerhouse, fueled by a resilient and diversified economy spanning sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

Capitalizing on this economic vigor, real estate developers can tap into a thriving market with sustainable growth prospects.

Beyond its economic indicators, Pampanga’s cultural richness presents an untapped resource for real estate development. Investors can leverage on the province’s vibrant festivals, historical landmarks, and culinary heritage to create unique offerings that align with the preferences of both local and tourist markets.

Currently hosting 10 special economic zones and industrial parks, the province accommodates diverse businesses, including offices, BPOs, and facilities for light and heavy manufacturing.

Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PDO), the property development arm of the ICCP Group, has played a pivotal role in fostering the province’s economic advancement.

In recent years, PDO has successfully introduced and launched three residential subdivisions – La Aldea Fernandina, Park Place, and Horizon Residences – in Barangay Del Carmen, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

The company’s portfolio of townhouses and single detached units has garnered acclaim within the local market, establishing Pueblo de Oro as a provider of high-quality yet affordable residential units.

Aligned with its commitment to delivering “the gold standard in community living,” PDO actively progresses additional phases of these residential subdivisions, contributing to the expansion of the 30-hectare Pueblo de Oro community in San Fernando, Pampanga.

In 2017, PDO launched La Aldea Fernandina II, a 12-hectare townhouse project featuring 1,108 units.

This was succeeded by Park Place Pampanga Phase 2 in 2018, an eight-hectare subdivision offering 545 single-detached and single-attached units.

The latest addition, Horizon Residences 2, initiated groundbreaking in 2020, comprising 170 units with single-attached and single-detached options.

Strategically located two kilometers from the North Luzon Expressway’s San Fernando exit, Pueblo de Oro’s gated communities facilitate easy access to Manila and other key areas in Luzon. Proximity to modern conveniences such as schools, hospitals, and other essential establishments enhances the appeal of these projects. Commercial activities also abound in the area with the entry of Alfamart convenience store which effectively meets the daily needs of the community.

Dedicated to providing exemplary family living, Pueblo de Oro incorporates amenities such as a clubhouse, multi-purpose courts, and playgrounds, complemented by landscaped parks and open areas.

Certified as flood-free and secured by 24/7 personnel, Pueblo de Oro’s residential projects offer residents peace of mind while enjoying the advantages presented by the province of Pampanga.

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