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Why Invest in a Developer with High CSR?

| by Apple Barretto

Why Invest in a Developer with High CSR?

Why should you invest in a real estate developer with high CSR?

  1. Their infrastructure and communities are environmentally resilient.
  2. They develop clean and safe areas for people to thrive in.
  3. They pioneer social welfare initiatives.
  4. They prioritize holistic, productive lives for their host communities
  5. They are contributing towards a healthier, safer, and better planet.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, which is a company’s or organization’s commitment to operating in a way that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Having a high CSR means that the organization is actively engaged in efforts and initiatives that empower society, help the environment, and boost its stakeholders.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should invest in a developer with high CSR. Naturally, you want to invest in something that benefits you. But when corporations exhibit philanthropic behaviors or are doing good for society, they are more likely to provide homeowners with a positive environment to live in.

Read on to know what those advantages are, and how your investment can make a difference.

Their Infrastructure and Communities are Environmentally Resilient

One facet of CSR focuses on utilizing environmental resources properly and giving back to Mother Nature. A developer with good CSR protects the planet by launching eco-friendly initiatives and projects. This is because they understand that their impact on the environment is great, so they choose to give back.

At Pueblo de Oro, we have several eco-friendly programs including our permanent efforts to maintain the 40-hectare urban forest in our Cagayan de Oro Township, our use of organic farming products, and our regular tree planting activities, among many others. You can read more about our CSR initiatives here.

Additionally, we build subdivisions that are environmentally resilient through the addition of flood control and erosion mitigation measures, recycling programs, green living spaces, and nature reserves.

They Develop Clean and Safe Areas for People to Thrive In

They develop clean and safe areas for people to thrive in.

Another facet of CSR involves providing safe, sound, and secure communities where people of all races, ages, and genders can thrive. Subdivision developers with good CSR create areas that, in addition to causing little damage to the environment, are also safer for the people who live there.

Since safety is integral to a happy and comfortable community, Pueblo de Oro’s subdivisions are known for being secure havens. Our gated communities are well-guarded and exclusive at all times of the day or night. Our infrastructure and recreational areas are well maintained and designed for the new normal ways of living.

At Pueblo de Oro, we want our residents to have all the convenience afforded to them. like healthcare, financial, and educational institutions. Also, our streets are walkable and close to public transport hubs and main thoroughfares.

They Pioneer Social Welfare Initiatives

Developers and companies with good CSR go above and beyond providing homes; they also provide opportunities for residents and like-minded organizations to join in their community-building and charitable initiatives.

Because Pueblo de Oro believes in going above and beyond safety and security, we also choose to empower our communities with the help of our foundation and social development arm, the ICCP Group Foundation, Inc. (IGFI). We have sustainable relief programs for typhoon-hit areas with special humanitarian assistance for victims and families of victims, rehabilitation of public schools and municipal resource centers, and COVID-19 assistance to those who are deeply affected by economic conditions.

They Prioritize Holistic, Productive Lives for their Host Communities

In line with community, the building is allowing host communities to thrive. Companies and developers with good CSR ensure that their nearby indigent barangays are provided opportunities to improve their lives, pursue an education, and accomplish various tasks.

They are Contributing towards a Healthier, Safer, and Better Planet

They are Contributing towards a Healthier, Safer, and Better Planet

Overall, companies or developers with good CSR want just one thing—for the world to be a better place to live, work, start families, and grow. They do what they can to achieve that, often going beyond what is expected of them.

Pueblo de Oro is one such developer, and we are glad to have you along with us on our road toward making the world a better place.

Key Takeaway

Good CSR is a sign of a company that cares—for people, the planet, and the welfare of all. Trust in Pueblo de Oro, a top subdivision developer in the Philippines with good CSR initiatives, and be part of our move to go above and beyond building safe and sustainable communities.

Contact us today to know more about Pueblo de Oro’s CSR initiatives, or to invest in one of our homes! We have locations in Cebu, Batangas, Pampanga, and Cagayan de Oro ready for you to check out and invest in—so why not start today?

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