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Which Type of Home is Best for Your Family?

| by Apple Barretto

Which Type of Home is Best for Your Family?

What types of houses are available for your family?

  1. Single-detached homes
  2. Townhome
  3. Condominium

Whether you’re starting or already growing your family, you’ll want a home where you can live for a significant amount of time. This raises the question, which type of home is best for your family?

Since a home is such a significant investment, you want to ensure it’s in a good location with plenty of opportunities for you and your family. Whether you’re buying or renting, it’s always wise to explore all available options.

Single-Detached Home

Single-Detached Home

A single-detached home or a single-family home is a type of housing that stands alone and is not attached to other homes. That means it sits on its lot and thus affords its residents privacy, space, and autonomy. While they are typically more expensive than other types of housing, they also offer more benefits.

Single-detached homes often have multiple levels and can include various features like a garage, patio, deck, and outdoor living spaces. They can accommodate different family sizes and lifestyles as well since they are customizable and roomy.

Pueblo de Oro provides you with two master-planned communities: Pueblo de Oro Residences in Malvar, Batangas & Horizon Residences in Pampanga. These are perfect for growing families that give you space to move around and customize as your forever home.


A townhome or townhouse is a type of residence that shares one or more walls with similar units, usually arranged in a row or block of attached units. Designed to maximize living space while minimizing yard and maintenance, these are popular in urban and suburban areas.

Typically, a townhome has multiple levels, and its bedrooms and living spaces are on different floors. Walls and certain amenities like pools may be shared among units.

Compared to detached single-family homes, there is a greater sense of community in townhomes. Residents share common spaces and have more opportunities to interact with their neighbors.

Pueblo de Oro’s La Aldea Townhomes in Batangas offers two-storey units highlighted with metal grill works, accent decorative moldings, and plastered interior finishes. Ideal for singles, newlyweds, and small families, it is easy on the pocket with a price point of Php 1.4M.



A condominium or condo is a type of housing where individuals own a specific unit or apartment within a larger building or complex. The individual owners share ownership of the common areas and amenities of the building and experience benefits like maintenance-free living. Condos are typically managed by a homeowners association (HOA) that maintains the common areas, enforces community rules, and collects monthly fees from unit owners for expenses.

Condominium ownership is different from single-family homes and townhomes in that owners can modify and renovate the interior of their unit, but might be subject to restrictions and guidelines of the HOA. Additionally, the cost of living in a condo often includes a monthly fee to cover shared expenses.

Discover Westwood Storeys, our newly launched mid-rise condominium in Cagayan de Oro. Nestled in the heart of an urban rainforest, this forest-inspired vertical living space offers an array of amenities designed to help you reconnect with nature, including a landscaped meditation deck and nature trails.

Key Takeaway

You shouldn’t limit your options when it comes to choosing a home for your family. Like all families, homes come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the people who’ll reside there. So the question of which type of home is best for your family is actually entirely up to you.

One thing’s for sure, though. When looking for a home to live in, your best bet is relying on the best housing developer in the Philippines. So send Pueblo de Oro a message today!

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