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What To Look For When Buying A Family Home

| by Apple Barretto

What To Look For When Buying A Family Home

What should you look for when buying a family home? 

  1. The right layout
  2. Ample storage
  3. Great outdoor spaces
  4. Safe neighborhood
  5. Premium amenities 
  6. Convenient location
  7. Potential for childhood memories

Buying a home is a huge commitment and can be a daunting prospect. When you have a family, there are a lot more factors to consider such as convenience, safety, and spaciousness. This home needs to meet the needs of all the people in your household. As a result, the pressure to pick the right one is even greater than usual. That’s why in this blog, we look closer into what to look for in a family home to help you get started. 

The right layout

The right layout

The first thing to look for when buying a family home is the layout. Open-plan layouts are a popular choice for younger families. They not only create a more spacious feeling but also provide clear sightlines throughout the home. This is great for keeping an eye on your children while they’re playing and you’re busy in another area of the house.

On top of that, consider what the current layout offers for your family. It’s always best to plan how your home may transform in the next five to ten years. Is there enough room for another child, or a pet, or for when you have visitors and friends over? Pueblo de Oro’s three-bedroom house and lots in Horizon Residences, Batangas are a great family home if you’re looking for more space!

Ample storage

Another very important factor to look for when buying a family home is ample storage. Most children come with a mountain of clothes and toys. If your family home is limited in storage space, then these things can quickly become unmanageable clutter. Being able to designate enough room to pack away your loved one’s things is crucial. 

If your chosen family home does not come with excellent storage solutions, consider if it has enough flexibility for you to add more storage in the future. Nowadays, it is easy to add more shelves, drawers, closets, and by being creative with the square footage of your home.  

Great outdoor spaces

Great outdoor spaces

Aside from the interior of your chosen family home, consider if it has an outdoor area where your kids can play. If so, check if it is secure and big enough. There are many great communities like Pueblo de Oro that provide more than enough garden space to create a dedicated outdoor play area for your child. This space could also serve as a get-together area for guests.  

Safe neighborhood

Another factor you should consider is the safety of the neighborhood where your potential family home will be located. What you should be looking for is a place without too much traffic and with low crime rates. Simply put, your family home’s neighborhood should provide peace of mind when letting your kids walk or bike around. 

A good indicator of a safe neighborhood is if it is popular among families with kids. So be sure to take a good look around the area and speak to potential neighbors about neighborhood safety. 

As much as possible, choose a home in a place that’s guaranteed to be safe for your entire family — such as a gated village.

Premium amenities

Premium amenities

As mentioned earlier, outdoor spaces are good for growing families. If your garden is not big enough for your liking, then be sure to check for amenities in the neighborhood. 

If your potential family home comes with amenities like parks, outdoor gazebos, playgrounds, sports courts, and more, then you and your kids have plenty of options for bonding and building the best memories.   

These areas also give your children the opportunity to run around and play, which is important for raising active, healthy kids. And, if you can get a home with walking and jogging trails — like Pueblo de Oro’s properties in Cagayan de Oro — you can incorporate family walks into your daily routine. 

Convenient location

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to look for when buying a family home is location. Consider how close this home is to all the establishments your family needs. This can include grocery stores, schools, health facilities, commercial centers, and more. 

Aside from that, consider its proximity to transportation links. Is it easy for you to use public transportation nearby the neighborhood? Is it located near major motorways and  thoroughfares so you can travel to and from the city with ease? 

Finally, are there plenty of kid-friendly places near your home? If there are plenty of family restaurants, shops, and leisure spaces that are easily accessible from your home, your family can have an improved quality of life. 

Potential for childhood memories

It’s also a good idea to check for exciting locations nearby your future family home. As your kids grow, you want them to have good memories of their childhood home. So if the family home you’re looking at is within an hour’s drive from great beaches, scenic outdoor activities, and other places of interest, then this is a big bonus for you and your family!

When you pick a home in places like Pueblo de Oro’s La Aldea Del Mar in Cebu, then you can enjoy short breaks to the seaside, weekend trips to the beach, afternoon excursions to bustling malls, and more with your kids! Choosing a family home within the neighborhood is sure to build an eventful and fulfilling childhood that they can look back with fondness as they grow up. 

Key Takeaway

Knowing what to look for in a family home will make it a lot easier to choose the perfect home for you and your growing family. And while this list isn’t all-encompassing, it should help you identify all the needs and wants of your family when choosing a potential home. 

That being said, buying a new family home is one of the biggest life decisions you might ever make, which is why it is important to trust a reputable developer like Pueblo de Oro. Contact us today and we can help you find your family’s dream home! 

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