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6 Things To Do In Pampanga

| by Apple Barretto

A couple going on a roadtrip to Pampanga

What are some things you can do in Pampanga?

  1. Eat Sisig At Aling Lucing’s
  2. Go To The SandBox Adventure Park
  3. Visit Mount Arayat National Park
  4. Attend The Hot Air Balloon Festival
  5. Tour Dinosaurs Island
  6. Go To Nayong Pilipino


Known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga is one of the most culturally-rich places to visit in the country. If you weren’t already aware, this beautiful province from Central Luzon has a rich colonial history dating as far back as the 16th century. Pampanga was the first established province in the Philippines as declared by the Spaniards.

Visiting the area may be something that you will find exciting with the multitude of things you can do in Pampanga. Knowing where to begin or where to find the most popular activities and tourist attractions can make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable. This guide will present you with a narrowed-down list of exciting activities you can do in this region.


Eat Sisig At Aling Lucing’s



If you’ve been a long-time resident of the Philippines, the sisig is a quintessentially-Filipino dish that you have to try. You have probably tried many varieties of this tasty and fatty dish – some of which you might think is a hit or miss.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t miss out on trying the version at the birthplace of this Kapampangan dish. The place to go to is Aling Lucing’s in Glaciano Valdez Street, Angeles, Pampanga. This humble restaurant is where you can trace the origins of this savory and sour delicacy. The delicious pork dish made of burned pig ears and snout sauteed in onions and vinegar was accidentally created by one Lucia Cunanan – the person the restaurant was eponymously named after.

Served in a traditional sizzling plate, this sisig dish is something that you cannot miss when you visit Pampanga.


Go To The SandBox Adventure Park



Lovers of any sort of daring act would definitely find SandBox Adventure Park a worthwhile visit. Filled with a variety of obstacle courses, unusually tall swings, and other interactive attractions, this two-hectare adventure park will leave you wanting more.

For those who have a penchant for such daredevil-like acts, they should try out the Giant Swing. Dubbed as the tallest swing mechanism in the country, this ride features swings which rock back and forth at a staggering distance of 10 meters. Each swing compartment can accommodate three people. Take note, you might have to think twice about bringing your squeamish friends here.

Another activity you can engage in is rock-climbing and rappelling down the 15-meter wall of Adventure Tower. This installation can offer just some of the best views of Alviera on Porac Access Road.


Visit Mount Arayat National Park

Mount Arayat National Park

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Your trip to the Kapampangan province would not be complete without experiencing the natural wonders this region has to offer. One natural park you should visit is Mount Arayat National Park.

The highlight of this natural park is the Mount Arayat volcano. Though this volcano has not erupted for many decades, it’s a land formation that is rife with mythological stories of fairies and other magical creatures. While you might not necessarily spot these creatures once you’re in the area, you will definitely be greeted with an expansive view of Pampanga’s rich forestry once you reach the peak of the volcano.

You also don’t have to be an expert trekker or navigator to climb this peak. By wearing the correct climbing and trekking gear as well as equipping yourself with proper knowledge about the activity, you’ll be able to safely and successfully reach the top.


Attend The Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon

Treat yourself to the colorful and vibrant sights of beautiful and intricately-designed balloons at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark City, Pampanga. One word of advice for you, however, is to visit the city in February and March as this is the scheduled time the event is usually held.

Whether you’re a participant or simply a sight-seer, seeing the balloons take off from the ground and float into the blue sky above is definitely a wonder to behold.


Tour Dinosaurs Island



If you’re touring Pampanga with your family and children, one park you should definitely consider going to is Dinosaurs Island. This animatronic theme park can be considered as the country’s very own Jurassic Park of sorts. It features life-like mobile structures of dinosaurs from different epochs, all of which seem to be uncharacteristically real due to the sound and physical animations. You and your children will definitely feel like they have gone back to the time of these towering creatures.

Typically, this theme park is open to visitors and customers every day from eight in the morning to six in the evening. If you want to avail of the discounts, you may visit the park’s online site and view all the available packages beforehand.


Go To Nayong Pilipino

Nayong Pilipino, Philippines

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What better way to end your day than to engage in various interactive activities while also learning about the rich history of Pampanga? You can achieve all this by visiting the Nayong Pilipino theme park.

Featuring over 15 museums, the aim of the museum complex is to provide children and tourists with information and knowledge about the country’s history. The museums feature expertly-crafted replicas of the various heritage sites and natural wonders of the country – definitely one to watch out for.


Key Takeaway

With a multitude of locations and places to visit, your stay in Pampanga cannot be anything short of enthralling. This province has everything to satisfy the interests of anyone who might find themselves here.

While there are still endless things to do in Pampanga, the guide above has hopefully provided you with a starting point on just some of these activities you can engage in.

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