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6 Reasons Why Foreigners Are Moving To The Philippines

| by Apple Barretto

Family moving into home

What are the reasons why foreigners are moving to the Philippines?

  1. Accessible nature spots
  2. Warm climate
  3. Availability of food back home
  4. Low cost of living
  5. English is the secondary language
  6. Hospitable people

Many foreigners have chosen to settle in the Philippines, and they absolutely love it here! Most have started their own families, invested in condominium units, and enjoying life both in the city and the provinces. Ever wonder why? From the food, the environment, to the people, let’s take a look at the best reasons to move to the Philippines. Read on!

Accessible Nature Spots

Accessible Nature Spots

The Philippines consists of  7,100 islands and most places are situated near beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes.

Even if you live in the capital city of Manila, you can easily access nature spots like beaches and mountains. If you choose to live in the province, going to these beautiful and scenic locations is even easier!

For example, foreigners that love adventure consider residing in Cagayan de Oro as there are many fun things to do here. They can enjoy white water rafting and paragliding. Additionally, a few hours from the province is Camiguin Island, where you can enjoy white sand beaches with blue waters.

Warm Climate

For foreigners who prefer warmer climates, the Philippines is the perfect place to live in. That’s why many tourists travel to this country to enjoy the weather. Being a tropical country, it only consists of two seasons: dry and wet.

Most days are sunny, so you’re sure that any outdoor activities you have planned will mostly be fun and successful. Rain is usually expected from June to November, so you have a lot of time to enjoy sightseeing and pursuits.

Availability Of Food Back Home

Different dishes on a table

Malls and restaurants in the Philippines offer a vast array of cuisines from American, Middle-Eastern, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Vietnamese, and other international dishes. If you can’t find  what you are craving for  from physical establishments, chances are, you will   find it on the Internet. You’ll never miss the food back home, as you can find it here.

Since Filipinos  are adventurous foodies , restaurant choices are  boundless, from high-end , hole -in-the wall to fast food, you can find your food cravings anywhere in the Philippines. If you prefer to cook yourself, most online stores offer imported ingredients like Korean, Chinese, Japanese , Thai, Spanish, American and Italian to name a few.

Aside from that, there are vegetable dishes, meat dishes, and desserts. Let’s not forget that Filipino dishes are incredibly flavorful and delicious too.

Low Cost Of Living

Compared to other countries, the cost of living in the Philippines is low.  This is especially true if you reside in the province — where rates are lower compared to the city.

And even if you do choose to live in the province, there are top-notch infrastructures and condominiums near malls, hospitals, schools, and even business centers. You won’t ever have to worry about accessibility and convenience.

English Is The Secondary Language

English Is The Secondary Language

There are many dialects spoken in the Philippines aside from Tagalog, but almost everyone can speak and understand English. It is the second language of Filipinos because it is part of the educational curriculum.

Official and government documents are also all written in English. So whether you are signing a business contract, applying for permits, or reading the requirements for your new condominium in Cagayan de Oro, you will have no trouble understanding it.

You won’t have a hard time doing your daily tasks because even product labels at the grocery, salon service lists, restaurant menus, and pay parking instructions are written in English. If you have any questions, you can ask a Filipino, and they most likely understand and answer you in this universal  language.

Hospitable People

Filipino people are famous for their warm smiles and hospitable personalities. You won’t feel out of place as they will welcome you into their homes, gatherings, and out of town trips. You can be sure that they will try their best to help you feel at home.

That’s why many foreigners are happy marrying Filipinos. Many also choose to come back to the country for their vacation and settle in the long run.

Key Takeaway

There are more advantages as to why Expats or Foreigners choose to live in this country. These  reasons to move to the Philippines should help you easily decide to relocate in this tropical country. You can enjoy the beautiful nature spots because of the warm climate, and eat good food whether it’s local or international. Also, Filipinos are incredibly hospitable and communication is easy.

Pueblo de Oro offers townships living and gated communities in Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro.  If you want to own a condominium, the Familia Apartments is a great choice because it is situated near the Pueblo de Oro rainforest, schools, malls, local transportation, and a world-class championship golf course.

For any questions and inquiries, you can send a message here.

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