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A Real Estate Guide for Foreigners in the Philippines

| by Apple Barretto

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How to buy real estate in the Philippines as a foreigner:

  1. As a person with dual citizenship
  2. As a former Philippine citizen
  3. Through long-term lease
  4. Purchasing a condominium
  5. Purchasing through your spouse

The Philippines is a country that is beloved for its friendly communities, tropical climate, stunning beaches, and rich culture. It’s also known for its reasonable cost of living — making it a hotspot for foreigners everywhere. It’s no surprise that the Philippines is one of the most popular ex-pats and retirement destinations in the world. If you’ve fallen in love with this country’s sunny beaches, cool mountains, and everything in between, why not stay for good?

If you’re thinking of making the move, then you need to read our Philippine real estate guide for foreigners:

Finding the Ideal Location in the Philippines

Finding the Ideal Location in the Philippines

First, consider where you want to relocate. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you embark on this journey of moving to the Philippines. There are several things you have to keep in mind when looking at possible locations. 

Do you want to live in the thick of a booming city? Do you love the hustle and bustle of urban living? Or do you perhaps want to leave this all behind and live a tranquil life by the province or the sea? 

With Pueblo de Oro, you can find master-planned communities that offer the best of both worlds. Located in North and South Luzon like Batangas and Pampanga, our homes offer many of the conveniences and amenities you expect from the city — such as restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment. Moreover, we’re strategically located right next to thriving businesses, healthcare facilities, and top-class schools, providing all you need to build a fulfilling life in the Philippines. 

And, all this is nestled in green sanctuaries. Our communities take pride in being environmentally friendly and sustainable. We go the extra mile in creating safe havens for local and foreign homeowners alike, complete with stunning views, green pockets, and unique outdoor amenities. Our homes are the pinnacle of sustainable tropical living, where our residents can enjoy the gold standard of living. 

Ownership Solutions for Foreigners

wnership Solutions for Foreigners

That said, while living in the Philippines is a great choice, buying properties in this tropical paradise is not as easy said as done. This is because there are a few laws and regulations regarding foreign ownership, which you must follow religiously. Doing this will help you move into the country of your dreams smoothly.

Foreigners are generally prohibited from buying real estate, but they are permitted to own a residence legally. Here are a few ownership solutions for foreigners:

As a Person with Dual Citizenship

The Philippines accepts dual citizenship — which is good news for those who later on become foreign citizens! You’re still eligible to buy property and land in the country. However, if you decided to abdicate your Philippine citizenship in the past, you’ll be treated as a foreigner. In that case, the restrictions on land ownership will still apply to you. 

As a Former Philippine Citizen

Luckily, if you’re a former Filipino citizen, you have some options available to you. You can buy residential properties in the Philippines — but you’re limited to properties up to 1,000 square meters only. 

Through Long-Term Lease

Another option for you is having a long-term lease of the property you want. This can be done for any kind of home you desire — such as our house and lots for sale in Cebu. If you’re planning on settling down here, you can go for up to 50-year lease periods. This is considered a long-term rental, and a renewable lease agreement can be applied. 

Purchasing a Condominium

It is legal for foreigners to purchase condominiums — as per the Philippine Condominium Act — which includes the properties we offer at The Grove in Cagayan de Oro. 

This is the simplest option for foreigners. You can purchase a single condo unit so long as 60% of the other units in the same building are owned by Filipinos. 

If you go this route, you’d be the bonafide owner of your unit. You’ll have all the responsibilities of an owner, too, such as paying utility bills, upkeep and maintenance, repairs and monthly unit payments, and association fees.

Condominiums for sale by developers like Pueblo de Oro offer convenience, luxury, and high-quality living. 

Purchasing Through Your Spouse

If you are married to a Filipino citizen, then you can purchase real estate through them. While only their name may appear on official documents and land titles, your name can still be included in the purchase contract.

That said, if you become legally separated from your spouse, or your spouse dies, then you cannot have the land transferred to your name. However, you can transfer the property to your children, or your spouse’s relatives. You can also sell the property and collect the proceeds if you wish to do so. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve read through our Philippine real estate guide for foreigners, you’re ready to start preparing for your move. However, we know that buying a house and lot as a foreigner can be a lengthy process, that is why we are here to help. Contact Pueblo de Oro today, and find your dream home in the Philippines! 

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