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Spend Forever With Your Loved Ones in La Aldea Fernandina II

| by Apple Barretto

La Aldea Fernandina II in San Fernando, Pampanga

What do you need to know about La Aldea Fernandina II?

  1. La Aldea Fernandina II Is a Residential Development
  2. All About La Aldea Fernandina II’s Units
    1. Premium Unit
    2. Classic Unit


The latest property development from Pueblo de Oro is an affordable real estate option for young families and single professionals. Each room in La Aldea Fernandina II is a great canvas to get your creative juices flowing. From modern aesthetics to traditional designs, turn your very own La Aldea Fernandina II townhouse into a personalized home.

Pueblo de Oro offers Pampanga homes for families using only the highest quality materials for a worthy investment. Here are some features of La Aldea Fernandina II that may be of interest to you and your family.


La Aldea Fernandina II Is a Master-planned Residential Development

A family having fun in a La Aldea Fernandina II home

La Aldea Fernandina II is a master-planned residential development from Pueblo de Oro. It is part of a 30-hectare community located in the bustling San Fernando area of the province of Pampanga. Looking to spend forever in your dream home? Let La Aldea Fernandina II be your first step.

Pueblo de Oro has chosen San Fernando, Pampanga because of its first-class traits as a Philippine province. The Culinary Capital of the Philippines is endowed with many surprises, sites, and interesting structures that all contribute to the Philippines’ history. Be a part of this beautiful city and the wonderful community at Pueblo de Oro. You are ensured to have an easy transition from your former busy city life to the quiet provincial living you’ve always dreamed of.

San Fernando, Pampanga is also very accessible through the North Luzon Expressway. You can easily go to other surrounding provinces or back to the heart of Manila whenever you desire. Bring balance back into your life and bask in the glow of a first-class provincial experience with Pueblo de Oro’s La Aldea Fernandina II.


All About La Aldea Fernandina II Townhouses

Interior of a home in La Aldea Fernandina II

Why is La Aldea Fernandina II perfect for singles and starting families? For starters, space and affordability are what makes it unique. Real estate and residential developments in Manila may offer you limited space at an expensive price. At Pueblo de Oro’s new development, you don’t need to worry about limited space. Moreover, Pueblo de Oro ensures that even if you have a small budget, you get the quality you deserve. This is the gold standard we strive for.


Premium Unit

At La Aldea Fernandina II’s Premium Unit, the living room, dining, and kitchen area are built with enough space to freely fit your furnishings, decor, and appliances. Kitchens are equipped with high-quality fixtures and top-of-the-line cabinets that are easy to maintain, which will surely last for a lifetime.

The living room is cozy, warm, and inviting. It’s perfect for movie nights with your family or intimate gatherings with friends. Don’t forget about the spacious dining area that can be customized to your interior design preference. To top off the first floor, you get a spacious bathroom built with high-quality porcelain, ceramic, and all the fixtures you need.

For the unit’s second floor, you have your very own master’s bedroom and kid’s room. If you’ve been wanting to customize and bring to life your concepts and personal style, these are the best places to start. Make your children’s room colorful and imaginative with curated decor and furniture. Go all out with your interior design. Create the master bedroom of your dreams. It’s easy to achieve all of this with La Aldea Fernandina II’s premium unit.


Classic Unit

La Aldea Fernandina II’s classic unit is a prime choice for those who are single or for those looking for something a bit more compact. Classic units are perfect for bachelors or bachelorettes who need a space that they can call their own well within their budget. The living room, dining area, and kitchen are all located on the first floor for your convenience.

Entertaining guests will be a breeze with these carefully planned spaces. Once again, Pueblo de Oro gives you the creative freedom to design what your heart desires for your forever home. Unleash your inner artist and interior designer with Pueblo de Oro’s classic unit.

What makes the classic unit a unique choice is its free flowing layout. There’s no partitioning found in the unit, which helps the second floor exude the Scandinavian minimalist style right off the bat. It’s the perfect bachelor’s pad that combines the modern vibe within a classic design. Transform the unit’s second floor into the all-in-one master’s bedroom of your dreams.


Key Takeaway

Pampanga homes for families and singles can be easy to find at Pueblo de Oro. If you’ve been looking for the perfect combination of space and affordability, you need to check out La Aldea Fernandina II. Live in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines without losing accessibility to modern conveniences. This development is the perfect combination of living your best provincial life with a hint of urban living.

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