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Top Breakfast Spots in Cagayan de Oro

| by Apple Barretto

A breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, sausages

What are the top breakfast spots in Cagayan de Oro?

  1. Missy Bon Bon
  2. King’s Diner Bulua
  3. Brew Berry Cafe
  4. Chub’s Diner


Cagayan de Oro is definitely one of the country’s most underrated places to visit. You may find yourself amazed by the variety of water-based activities you can participate in. Adventure lovers wouldn’t find a shortage of extreme activities like paragliding, water rafting, or ziplining.

Imagine yourself in this beautiful region in the Philippines. Before you start your day, one thing is always on the top of your mind – breakfast. Luckily enough, Cagayan de Oro houses just some of the most delicious foods in the country. Its breakfast restaurants are something you wouldn’t ever want to miss out on.

From delectable pastries to savory dishes, Cagayan de Oro has it all. If you want to start your day on a beautiful note, continue reading to find the best breakfast places in CDO.


Missy Bon Bon

A cup of coffee for breakfast

The first restaurant on our list is perfect for those who like to begin their mornings on a sweet note. Located along Rosario Drive in Limketkai Center, Missy Bon Bon opened its maiden stall in 2009. It sold a variety of baked goods and pastries.

Featuring well-lit interiors and vibrant, intricately-designed wall art, Missy Bon Bon is the perfect place for you to take your first sip of coffee for the day. Pair your espresso with a variety of bread offered, such as their blueberry cream cheese or mocha sandwiches.

For those who prefer a much savory and hearty morning, you can order the restaurant’s chicken adobo, ham and egg, and fish curry buns. The restaurant is also known for its all-day breakfast meals. Try out their European and American-fusion signature dishes like the Missy Fish Teriyaki, Power Omelet, and Steak Breakfast.


King’s Diner Bulua

Monggo or Mung Bean Soup

Who says you have to fork out 500-peso bills just to get a good breakfast? Certainly not King’s Diner Bulua. Located in 270 Zone 6, this well-loved cafeteria-restaurant offers you some of the most affordable meals you can find in the city. Perfect for those who are on a budget and are seeking value-for-money meals.

Early birds will find happiness in this place. They open their doors as early as five in the morning, ready to serve their customers with their savory breakfast and lunch dishes featuring local flavors and local produce.

Some of their must-try dishes include adobong pusit, binagoongan, mongo, lumpia, and pinakbet. With King’s Diner Bulua, you certainly won’t have to miss the taste of home-cooked goodness.


Brew Berry Cafe

Steak with mashed potato and gravy

It wouldn’t be farfetched to imagine that one of your considerations before eating in a restaurant in a strange city, is that if it is locally-owned. With locally-owned restaurants, you can be sure to have a taste of some of the region’s most prized and well-loved delicacies.

Located at the corner of Don Apolinar Velez and Toribio Chavez Streets, Brew Berry Cafe makes this ideal a realization for you. It is one of the few locally-owned and grown Kagay-anon restaurants and coffee shops in Cagayan de Oro.

As you step indoors, you’ll be greeted with cozy and European-style architecture interiors. But don’t be fooled – the European-style lighting fixtures and the gorgeous seating exudes a luxury that fortunately does not reflect in the price of their appetizing meals. Silog lovers will want to taste their tapa, tocino, chicken tocino, longganisa and corned beef meals for less than 110 pesos each.

For less than 250 pesos, you can also get a plate of high-grade, beautifully-marbled slabs of wagyu steak. Paired with a savory steak sauce and your choice of mashed potato or steamed rice, you’ll leave the place with a happy stomach. Seafood lovers, on the other hand, can try out the restaurant’s freshly-caught and grilled seafood dishes, like blue marlin and sizzling squid.

If you want to end your visit on a sweeter note, you can choose from a variety of their perfectly-baked pies and cakes. These include the Chocolate Moist Cake, Black Forest Cake, and Apple Pie.


Chub’s Diner

Pork adobo with rice

Conveniently situated in front of Xavier University along Corrales Avenue, Chub’s Diner serves a variety of all-day breakfast dishes, perfect for the student budget.

For just under 200 pesos, you can get a generous serving of their most popular item, the Crispy Pork Adobo. Along with the golden-brown and crispy fried pork cubes, two eggs, and fried rice, their Crispy Pork Adobo also comes with your choice of unlimited coffee, hot chocolate, or iced tea.

The diner’s name is eponymously reflected in the portion sizes of their meals. A bit of good advice would be to tag a friend along if you find yourself unable to finish another morsel more of their mouthwatering dishes.


Key Takeaway

Cagayan de Oro’s breakfast restaurant spots are just some of the best in the country. Eating a filling and delectable meal does not have to be an expensive endeavor – you simply have to know where to look. The next time you take a trip to CDO, always keep in mind that some of the best tasting meals you can find in the region are also some of its most well prized and well-kept secrets.

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