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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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The Ultimate Cagayan de Oro Travel Guide

| by Apple Barretto

The Ultimate Cagayan De Oro Travel Guide 1024x682

What do you need to know about traveling in Cagayan de Oro?

  1. How to get there
  2. Unique dishes
  3. Best places to eat
  4. Things to do in Cagayan de Oro


Cagayan de Oro, known as the “City of Golden Friendship”, is an ideal destination for a balance of fun, adventure, comfort, and community living. Real estate developers in the Philippines believe that this city has evolved wonderfully in recent years. Due to its modern establishments and expansive malls, Cagayan de Oro is quickly becoming known as one of the best places to relocate or retire.

The city also gives you easy access to beautiful destinations and environmental wonders perfect to explore with your family on the weekends. The city is located half an hour away from beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, and sandy beaches. Here is an in-depth guide for you to know more about Cagayan de Oro:


How To Get There

How To Get There

Want to get to this beautiful nature escape but don’t know how to? Luckily, you and your family have multiple options when it comes to traveling to Cagayan de Oro. You can get there by air, sea, or by land. Each choice you have has its own impressive set of benefits. Read on to learn more about them.

By Air

The most common way to travel to this city is by air. Local airlines offer direct flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro seven days a week with an estimated travel time of one hour and thirty minutes. These flights land at the Laguindingan Airport. You can book flights for as low as ₱1000-2000 or even lower when you book within seat sale promos. You can even get direct flights from Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, and more.

By Sea

The Cagayan de Oro port is one of the busiest seaports in the country. It offers boat trips to Cebu, Manila, Tagbilaran, Iloilo, and Bacolod. Traveling by sea is longer than most types of transportation, but it is a more cost-effective way. Tickets range from ₱900 or lower depending on the location you’re coming from.

By Land

Many terminals from different areas offer bus trips to CDO. The travel time from Metro Manila to Cagayan de Oro by bus takes approximately 30 hours. There are also bus lines in Pasay that offer daily trips to CDO. Tickets can range from somewhere between ₱2000-2500 pesos.

If you choose to relocate to the city, it will be much easier for you to get around. You will reduce your transportation costs as well as your overall travel time. Want to know why else you should relocate to this exciting city? Read on!


Unique Dishes

Unique Dishes

Before going through the places to eat in Cagayan de Oro, you should do research on the city’s authentic dishes and the meals they are best known for. CDO offers a broad range of comfort food as well as exotic delicacies.


Singulaw is a mixture of two completely opposite dishes, Sinugba and Kinilaw. This dish consists of grilled pork and raw fish soaked in a tangy vinegar mixture. Singulaw is found in almost all the restaurants in the city and is definitely something you should try when you’re in Cagayan De Oro.


Cagayan de Oro is known for one of its best delicacies, Binaki. This dessert is made from young corn, powdered milk, baking powder, and sugar. All of these ingredients are then wrapped in corn husks. The native corn used in Binaki is what makes this dessert flavorful and unique.

Pigok and Ludong

There are two seasonal fish highly available in CDO within the months of October and December: the Ludong and Pigok. These are fish with a rare taste. Their meat is tender and sweet. Make sure to keep this in mind to experience the taste of these one-of-a-kind fishes.

Puto Maya

Puto Maya is another famous kakanin (sticky rice snack) from CDO. This dessert is made from white and purple rice combined with ginger and mixed with coconut milk. It is best paired with hot chocolate or with a side of ripe mango.

Remember Me

Don’t miss out on tasting Cagayan de Oro’s famous soup “Remember Me”. It is also called “Soup No. 5”. The dish is known for its unique, exotic broth made from bovine innards, tendons, and a horse’s genitals.


Proben is made of pieces from a chicken’s organ that is breaded in flour and then deep-fried to a crisp. It is prepared on the spot and sold in mobile carts or wheeled stalls around the streets of the city.


Best Places To Eat

Best Places To Eat

Looking for more delicious dishes to try within the city? In Cagayan de Oro, you can explore different restaurants that specialize in various cuisines. You can experience American dishes, Italian dishes, and even exotic dishes made out of ostrich meat. Here are some of the well-known restaurants CDO offers along with their crowd-favorite dishes:

Circa 1850

Must Try: Truffle Grass-Fed Burger

If you’re seeking modern cuisine with flavors from around the world, pay a visit to Circa 1850. They offer a fusion of American, European, Italian, and Filipino food.

High Ridge

Must Try: Seafood Platter

This place is farther from the city center, but the delicious food and unique experience will make you want to come back for more. The High Ridge restaurant is known for its dining experience and good food. You can take in the breathtaking skyline and city lights of Cagayan de Oro all while enjoying some delicious dishes.

Kagay-Anon Restaurant

Must Try: Ostrich Salpicao

Being one of the oldest restaurants in the city, the Kagay-Anon Restaurant is the go-to place if you want to try unique and authentic dishes from Cagayan de Oro. This restaurant will help you experience CDO’s culture by providing you with the best taste of their traditional dishes. Be prepared to experience dishes that you may have never tried before such as their iconic Ostrich Salpicao.


Things To Do

Things To Do In Cagayan De Oro

Learning about Cagayan de Oro’s culture and the things they are known for will definitely be one for the books. In this city, there will always be an activity for you to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to ask around the community because kagay-ons are very accommodating. Here are some of the different things to do in Cagayan de Oro:

City Tour

Is it your first time in CDO? Or are you planning to relocate to the area? Make sure not to miss out on touring the gems of the city. There are many enticing museums, churches, and parks around. Here are a few must-see places for you to explore:

  • City Museum of CDO
  • St. Agustine Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Gaston Park
  • The Executive Building
  • Gardens of Malasand

White Water Rafting

The activity that Cagayan de Oro is most known for is White Water Rafting. There are rafting companies around CDO that offer basic to advanced courses that teach you rafting safety precautions. This fun adventure will take you through the famous Cagayan River and help you appreciate its beauty.

Water Slides

When in CDO, also make sure to try out the first world-class themed waterpark in the country. The Seven Seas water park offers numerous attractions and rides. If you’re traveling with family, your kids are most likely to enjoy this experience.

Mapawa Nature Park

Indulge in nature by adding Mapawa Nature Park to your list while you’re at Cagayan de Oro. You can experience beautiful waterfalls, go camping, and observe the stars. There are also other activities for you to enjoy such as ziplining and hiking.

Side Trip To Bukidnon

Bukidnon is just a 45-minute drive away from Cagayan de Oro. Its notable attractions are the Del Monte Pineapple Farm and Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline.


Key Takeaway

Cagayan de Oro is definitely one of the destinations you should consider including in your 2020 travels. Even better, why not make it your permanent home? Real estate developers in the Philippines highly suggest investing in this diverse city. Cagayan de Oro offers a perfect balance of lifestyle, culture, and food. The city has evolved beautifully and possesses many advantages that can help you live a more peaceful yet exciting life.

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