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5 Benefits of EDGE Certification for Both Developers and Buyers

| by Apple Barretto

5 Benefits of EDGE Certification for Both Developers and Buyers

What are the benefits of EDGE certification to both the developers and buyers?

  1. Environmental sustainability
  2. Global recognition
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Enhanced property value
  5. Market differentiation


  • The real estate industry seeks innovation, sustainability, and diversity for positive social impact.
  • EDGE certification promotes environmental sustainability and offers global recognition for sustainable real estate projects.
  • The benefits of EDGE involve cost savings, enhanced property value, and market differentiation for developers and buyers.

As the real estate industry grows, there’s also greater emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and diversity. Having said that, Developers and buyers are looking for ways to make a positive impact beyond just making money. One approach gaining traction is getting an EDGE certification. This focuses on making buildings and homes more eco-friendly by cutting down on energy, and water use, as well as minimizing the environmental impact of construction materials.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of EDGE certification for developers and buyers. We’ll tackle how it meets industry needs and helps create sustainable and inclusive real estate projects.

Environmental Sustainability

For developers and interested buyers alike, EDGE accreditation is essential to promoting environmental sustainability. It is a tactical tool that developers employ to reduce water use, reduce energy use, and lessen greenhouse gas emissions when building.

Since the building sector is one of the main causes of resource depletion, this type of housing enables developers to design green buildings by coordinating projects with environmentally responsible methods.

The resource-efficient designs of EDGE-certified homes also save monthly utility bills for buyers by optimizing water and power usage. Beyond just the financial gains, these long-lasting homes are built with longevity in mind, providing environmentally conscious, cost-effective homes for purchasers and encouraging sustainable development for developers.

Global Recognition

Global recognition

Achieving EDGE accreditation elevates developers’ profiles internationally and shows a commitment to sustainability. As the leading house developer in the Philippines, we at Pueblo de Oro place a strong emphasis on ESG goals, exemplified by the successful attainment of the EDGE certifications at developments in Malvar and Cagayan de Oro. With almost 30 years of experience, we are pioneers in promoting “Green Living” across the Philippines. Through initiatives such as flood control measures, recycling programs, and the creation of green spaces and nature reserves, we’ve enhanced the environmental resilience of their communities while elevating the overall quality of life for homeowners.

Meanwhile, purchasing projects with an EDGE certification ensures that Pueblo de Oro houses meet strict sustainability standards and have a globally recognized seal of approval. This recognition makes the property more attractive and aligns with the preferences of discerning buyers seeking reputable and internationally recognized real estate investments.


This certification offers significant cost savings for developers and buyers, For instance, by adopting energy-efficient technologies like HVAC systems and advanced insulation materials, developers can minimize energy consumption and operational expenses over time.

Most of these structures also utilize sustainable construction materials, such as recycled or locally sourced ones. This not only meets certification requirements but also reduces costs and environmental impact. By integrating these measures, developers can lower construction expenses and providing buyers with more affordable and sustainable homes.

Enhanced Property Value

Enhanced Property Value

Obtaining EDGE certification as a developer is akin to earning a prestigious badge for creating a savvy and marketable investment. It signifies that the project not only prioritizes environmental sustainability but also resonates with the preferences of today’s discerning buyers. By emphasizing energy and water conservation and utilizing eco-friendly materials, the development offers benefits beyond just environmental stewardship—it’s also a financially prudent choice.

For buyers, an EDGE-certified home presents a compelling opportunity. These homes are designed to be highly efficient, resulting in significant savings on utility bills. Moreover, they tend to appreciate over time, making them a wise long-term investment.

Market Differentiation

Consider EDGE certification as the hallmark feature that sets your project apart, appealing to developers and buyers alike. Developers who’ve attained it signal a strong commitment to sustainability. This attracts environmentally-conscious buyers and carves out a unique niche in the market.

Buying this type of home also signifies a commitment to eco-friendly living. It’s more than just a residence; it’s a statement of environmental stewardship within a community that prioritizes sustainability. This mutually beneficial arrangement gives developers a competitive advantage while offering buyers a home they can take pride in.

Key Takeaway

In the current real estate landscape, promises lack substance without evidence. Therefore, when considering buying a home, EDGE-certified homes and developments ensure credibility and sustainability for one’s investment. So whether you are a homebuyer or developer, choose a property developed by an EDGE-certified developer like Pueblo de Oro.

As one of the leading developers in the Philippines, Pueblo de Oro proudly adopts green building standards. Our Malvar, Batangas, and Cagayan de Oro projects have achieved EDGE certification, and we’re actively pursuing the same recognition for our other projects nationwide, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices and pushing the boundaries of environmentally conscious real estate.

Join us in creating a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Contact us today and find your dream home with Pueblo de Oro!

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