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What Are the Advantages of Sustainable Communities?

| by Apple Barretto

What Are the Advantages of Sustainable Communities?

What are the advantages of sustainable communities?

  1. Environmental protection
  2. Social well being
  3. Resource efficiency
  4. Property value
  5. Long-term investment

The process of building a sustainable community may be longer and demanding — but not only is it better for our natural environment, but it also provides many advantages over your traditional communities. 

But what are the advantages of sustainable communities? While many homeowners may simply be satisfied knowing that their real estate investment contributes to the welfare of their home, it offers many other benefits you should know about. Here, we take a closer look into what purchasing a sustainable home provides you: 


Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Creating a sustainable community starts with innovating the construction process. This is done in such a way that the environmental footprint of each home is considerably reduced — using materials and techniques to minimize wastage and construction time.

Each home is also built with the goal of reducing energy consumption, so these sustainable homes reduce emissions that impact climate change. Each community is also created with ample greenery and pocket parts to promote a closeness to nature.

So not only does your green home have a smaller carbon footprint — but it also provides many health benefits in the form of improved air quality, mental health, and wellbeing. These are the proven health benefits of being close to nature. 

This emphasis on harmonious design benefits the whole community, contributing to long-term happiness.


Social well being

A sustainable community, as we mentioned, does not only benefit the environment. It also provides many advantages to your social well-being. 

This is because sustainable communities employ the principles of new urbanism. In simpler words, communities are located close to many amenities and essentials, such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers, and much more. 

And, these are not only easily accessible by public transport or car — but also by walkable blocks and streets. In a sustainable community, you are encouraged to take leisurely strolls to your destination, which promotes both your physical health and eco-friendly habits. 

Locating close to so many amenities also promotes a holistic lifestyle. After work, you could quickly pop over to an exclusive village gym for a refreshing workout, or take a long walk outdoors around pocket parks. 

You could also quickly drive to commercial areas to enjoy shopping centers, restaurants, and other leisure activities! This is an incredibly important advantage for your mental health and well-being.


Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Green building practices significantly reduce the number of resources used, even after construction. This means that every property in a sustainable community is energy- and water-efficient. As a homeowner, this helps you reduce utility costs.

Such properties also emphasize better insulation to reduce cooling requirements, which means your home can maintain a comfortable and stable temperature indoors, no matter how hot it gets outside. 

This is also supported by community-wide measures to further reduce its use of non-renewable resources and their impact on the environment around them. Such measures include flood control, advanced irrigation systems, erosion mitigation, recycling programs, green living spaces, and nature reserves. These practices help make a community more resource efficient and environmentally resilient. 

In a sustainable community, you can enjoy lower bills each month, while knowing that your home is using natural resources responsibly.


Property value

The trend of environmentally-conscious investment is spilling over into the real estate industry, making green buildings a prime investment choice for many. Many studies also suggest that purchasing properties in sustainable communities results in higher resale values, as more and more buyers view such green features as “must-haves.” 

So, sustainable communities may provide a better financial return on investment (ROI) for investors. Properties here also tend to be purchased at a much faster rate, compared to those in traditional communities. 

In terms of investment potential, these eco-friendly communities are the way of the future.


Long-term investment

Developers for sustainable communities are also concerned with building homes that will last for decades. This is key to true sustainability. To achieve this, they design homes that are able to withstand whatever comes their way, so that they will not need extreme renovations that contribute to emissions and consumption of resources. 

Purchasing a property in a sustainable community is therefore a great long-term investment. On top of spending less on utility and maintenance costs, they also retain their quality for much longer. And, as we mentioned in the previous section, these communities tend to have higher resale values, thanks to the market’s shift towards green buildings and properties. 


Key Takeaway

There are many advantages of sustainable communities, which offer far-reaching social, economic, and environmental benefits. Developers like Pueblo de Oro go to great lengths to ensure that each of our master-planned neighborhoods is sustainable, and offer these very advantages — and more. 

Our house and lot for sale in Cebu, Malvar, Lipa, and other major cities are crafted with you in mind. This holistic design enables each of our premier homes to cater to your needs, whatever they may be. Message us today to learn more about our developments. 

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