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5 Advantages of Living in a Master-Planned Community

| by Apple Barretto

5 Advantages of Living in a Master-Planned Community

What are the advantages of living in a master-planned community?

  1. Modern conveniences and amenities
  2. Variety of homes
  3. Potential for investment
  4. Growing communities and industries
  5. Created by strong developers

So you’re looking to move, and you’ve come across the concept of a master-planned community. You may have heard that these sprawling communities provide everything relevant to the modern homeowners’ lifestyle needs. But what are the advantages of a master-planned community, and why should you consider living in one? In this article, we talk about Pueblo de Oro’s master-planned communities and why it’s the best decision you can ever make. 

Modern conveniences and amenities

Modern conveniences and amenities

Pueblo de Oro master-planned communities are built like self-contained cities. Modern conveniences and amenities are located within a short distance from our residential subdivisions  — easily walkable, or within a few minutes drive. 

In  Lipa, our line of exclusive subdivisions and amenities are designed to offer a home where people can work, live, and play

Our exclusive communities feature pocket gardens, open spaces, full-sized courts, yoga decks, jogging trails, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, and more — all available for our residents! Plus, they’re just a quick walk from your doorstep, so you can enjoy them in your leisure time.  

For families, schools and hospitals are just minutes away. For busy professionals, major highways to nearby cities and bustling business centers are close by. And, with pharmacies, groceries, and shopping centers just around the corner, you can tick off your to-do list with ease on the weekends. You don’t have to leave our Lipa neighborhood to get anything and everything you need.

Pueblo de Oro’s master-planned community is also commuter-friendly! We account for the convenience of your longer travels by being strategically located near major throughways so commutes are easier day-to-day.

Variety of homes

If you’ve searched “master-planned community” online before, then you might have seen images of cookie-cutter houses. If so, don’t worry — communities like ours offer a wide variety of home designs. And, they’re on the market offering value-packed and flexible pricing schemes. So, getting your dream home at Pueblo de Oro will not break the bank. 

We commit ourselves to providing a mix of residential offerings within our master-planned townships. We have house and lots, townhomes, and prime lots with views all for sale in our Lipa development.

So, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer looking for a starter home, or a family looking to settle down, we have the right home for you.

Potential for investment

Potential for investment

It’s tricky to predict how your property value will appreciate in a few years — let alone in decades. However, because of our strategic location and proximity to major highways, modern conveniences, and landmarks, Pueblo de Oro adds stability to the resale value of your home. 

We give our homeowners the assurance that our Lipa house and lot for sale provide a lucrative investment opportunity. 

We purposefully built our communities to offer the lifestyle and convenience that homebuyers across generations can enjoy and this is the reason our properties will always increase its value. a green 

Growing communities and industries

We talked about the bustling city that Lipa is becoming. But you might be skeptical — after all, how great can it be compared to developed areas like Metro Manila? 

The great thing is that provinces like Lipa are experiencing exponential growth, leading to huge advances in what the city has to offer. Nowadays, life in Lipa, Batangas is one of comfort, accessibility, and potential. 

There are many great facilities that young families will surely benefit from. Educational institutions, like De La Salle Lipa, offer the same quality learning experiences Likewise, medical facilities like Metro Lipa Medical Center and Lipa Medix Medical Center provide health services that are as comprehensive and high-quality as Metro Manila hospitals offer. 

And the best part? You can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of living in the suburbs along with the conveniences that Lipa has to offer — all without making concessions in your professional life. 

As one of the Top 10 Next Wave Cities, Lipa City is one of the best growth corridors in the country. Not only is the local economy booming, but many businesses are also seeking to invest and establish a new presence within the area. Aside from that, the WFH movement allows you to continue pursuing your dream career while living in a city that you’ll surely love. 

Created by strong developers

Master-planned communities take, of course, tons of planning and preparation to build. They can take up to a decade to complete! So, the companies behind them are ones with long histories and track records that you can trust — like Pueblo de Oro.

Our newest development in Lipa, Batangas is yet another successful project under our belt. We have over 25 years of experience in building the gold standard of community living. With other communities spanning from Cebu, Pampanga, Batangas, and Cagayan de Oro we provide only the best homes for the Filipino homeowner. Each of our master-planned communities is not only of high quality, but also offers sustainable, innovative, and affordable homes for those living in these parts of the country.

Key Takeaway

Overall, the many advantages of master-planned communities show that they make daily life for its residents as effortless and carefree as possible. While many homebuyers struggle to find a home that meets both professional and personal needs, our master-planned communities enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds 

To learn more about our house and lots for sale in Lipa, and how you can be a part of an incredible community, contact Pueblo de Oro today!

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