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8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids at Home

| by janndel

8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids at Home

A typical Kapampangan summer is often spent doing exciting outdoor activities. Resorts, water and adventure parks usually take center stage during this season. Places like Ocean Park and Sandbox are highly accessible and near house and lots in Pampanga not to mention they are perfect for family getaways!

However, it is not every day that you get to visit these places with your kids. To prevent your little ones from being bored at home during the slow days, we listed down some fun indoor activities you can do with them this summer.

1. Camp indoors


Make summer nights unforgettable for your kids by building a camp inside your home and letting your children’s imagination run wild. You can even create a DIY campfire for a complete outdoor experience.

2. Build a cardboard fort


If you don’t have available tents at home, don’t worry. You can try building your own fort instead without breaking the bank. All you need is scrap cardboards and a little bit of creativity. Find out how you can do an amazing DIY castle fort here.

3. Hold picnics in your backyard

Pampanga is known for its delicious food and your kids should enjoy these delectable dishes. For a different experience, spread a blanket in the backyard and have a memorable picnic with your little ones.

4. Organize treasure hunts

Hide toys and treats around the house and let your kids find them. Treasure hunts wouldn’t be complete without treasure maps and clues, so make sure you also provide these before they start their search.

5. Stage mini-concerts

Invite some of your kid’s friends and let them create beautiful music together using makeshift instruments. A wooden spoon and pot will do—just let them explore their inner musician and enjoy their “big” event.

6. Write a book

Let your young one’s imagination flow and write a book with them. Begin by writing a sentence and ask your kid to compose the next one. Add illustrations to make the experience even more fun. You’ll have a wonderful keepsake this summer once you finish writing the book.

7. Play Dress-Up

Pirates, fairies, superheroes—with the a little bit of creativity, let your young ones mix and match clothes from their closet and play pretend as their favourite characters this summer. If they are crafty, they can even use common household items like blanket and pot as cape and helmet. The only limit is their imagination!

8. Hold your own mini-Olympics

Bring the Olympics right at home this summer. Organize gymnastics, relays, races and other fun activities inside the house. Don’t forget to invite other kids for a more fun and exciting experience.

Thanks to the activities above, spending summer in your house and lot in Pampanga with your kids will never be a boring experience. That said, it’s time to start planning your daily activities so the kids can look forward to a fun and exciting summer experience at home.