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7 Hiking Spots in Batangas

| by Apple Barretto


There is definitely something for everyone in Batangas. Thrill-seekers and adventure lovers can find their home in the land of the valiant and discover the secrets of the province through its land formations.

Those looking for a peaceful and relaxing environment can head to a house and lot in Sto. Tomas, Batangas , for fresh air and to revitalize. If you want to add a new experience to your happy home living, here are some hiking spots in Batangas you can visit during your free time.


1. Mount Batulao

Location: Nasugbu, Batangas

With a height of 811 meters above sea level, the mountain is perfect for leisure hiking as it gives a stunning view of Balayan Bay. It will take at least two to four hours to reach the top especially if you plan to make multiple rests stops to appreciate the dinosaur spine rock formations.

The low temperature between January and February provides a crisp and refreshing environment for hiking. If you still have time, you can visit Mt. Talamitam which is only 630 meters high. The mountain is said to be the cousin of Mt. Batulao. It has a flat terrain which makes it an excellent training ground for mountaineering aspirants.


2. Mount Daguldol

Location: San Juan, Batangas

Its trail becomes a challenge when the ground is wet from the rain, making the terrain slippery. With a height of 672 meters, the climb takes three to four hours depending on the climbers’ skill.

There are friendly locals along the way housed in nipa huts. These huts serve as rest stops with cold drinks to quench the hikers’ thirst. Once you get to the top, you will find the surface of Mt. Daguldol similar to a golf course. It has smooth, tended grass in a vast open space, overlooking the shores of Laiya and the summit of its neighbor, Mt. Naguiling.


3. Mount Maculot

Location: Cuenca, Batangas

A popular destination for local and foreign thrill seekers, Mt. Maculot, is the best location to get a view of Taal Volcano. Its trails lead to the “Summit” or the “Rockies.” The hike only consumes an hour or less if you are an experienced climber. First-timers may take two to three hours, depending on their pacing.

The hike to the summit is steep, but the trees and lush greenery make up for the challenging trail. The dense forest also provides a stimulating environment.


4. Mount Makiling

Location: Borders the provinces of Batangas and Laguna

The mountain is said to be home to Maria Makiling, a goddess protecting the life and treasures of the mountain. Hence, it is considered a mystical and legendary land formation.

It has an altitude of 1,090 meters and takes four to five hours to get to the summit. The heavy monsoon of 2006 damaged some of its trails. Hikers can access the open trails in UPLB (Los Banos).

You can spot various flora and fauna in the area. For one, you can find the Rafflesia flower, flat rocks, and mud springs. The exotic flower considered as the world’s largest flower while the boiling mud gives off an overpowering sulphuric smell. People with asthma are not encouraged to explore the area.


5. Mount Manabu

Location: Sto. Tomas, Batangas

The Manabu Peak is a place in Batangas worth exploring. The surrounding environment is an ideal camping site for an overnight stay. Trees and plants growing high and low surround its trails.

It takes two to four hours to hike to the top, the mountain being 760 meters above sea level. The trail begins to get steep once it gets closer to the top.

Besides the satisfaction of conquering the summit, getting the chance to meet the legendary Tatay Pirying is something to look forward to. The man entertains hikers and visitors with his stories of the mountain while sipping a cup of alamid coffee.


6. Mount Pinagbanderahan

Location: Anilao, Batangas

The mountain features the Gulugod Baboy Peak because of its trail resembling a pig’s spine. Pinagbanderahan is 525 meters from the sea and offers a breathtaking view of the Batangas and Balayan Bay.

To reach the peak, you need to get past the hills with wild plants and tall grasses. The mountain provides an effortless ascent compared to other hiking spots in the province. It doesn’t require advance navigation skills. Therefore, those without outdoor experience can head to the area and explore what nature has to offer.


7. Taal Crater

Location: San Nicolas, Batangas

Taal Volcano is a unique land formation. It towers in the middle of a lake. Since it only takes an hour and a half to reach Tagaytay, the site is an accessible getaway destination for those who crave a natural ambiance.

For you to get a closer look at Taal’s Crater, it’s best to spend a few pesos and hike its hardened lava glistening under the rays of the sun. The area is managed by the tourism office. Thus, getting to the volcano will include charges less than P100. Entry to the Red Lava, for example, requires P50 per head.

The ground has a crimson hue and emits hot sulfuric fumes. It emphasizes the emerald green water in the crater. If you visit the area in the early morning, you can enjoy the unobstructed view of the pools and gaze at the various species of birds that flock the area.


Each town in Batangas represents the preservation of nature and all things living. The towns are also home to various species unique in the country. Exploring these summits requires stamina and a sense of direction. But what’s essential is to explore what’s out there. All you need for an enjoyable hike are good company, a sense of responsibility and openness.

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