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6 Reasons To Leave Manila For Cagayan De Oro

| by Apple Barretto

6 Reasons To Leave Manila For Cagayan De Oro


Families starting to build their home or young adults entering the next chapter of their lives can benefit from moving out of the overpopulated and traffic-filled Manila. If you are one of those people who plan to settle down somewhere other than the populous capital city, you should consider the land of golden friendship down South. A Cagayan de Oro house for sale is the place to be.

Here are six reasons to sway you into relocating.


1. Discover Opportunities in Northern Mindanao.

The city of Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is part of the province of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. The city’s claim to economic fame is its location. It serves as the opening of Mindanao which makes it accessible to the people of Luzon and Visayas.

The city was able to sustain its progress and vibrancy by venturing into crop production, industrial expansion, and forestry. The city ranks seventh in the Top 10 of Philippines’ Cities Competitiveness Index for the year 2016. The index is based on economic dynamism, government efficiency, and infrastructure.

The progress of CDO is evident given the data. Figures on the cost of maintaining business, which include the cost of electricity and diesel prices, were significantly lower in 2015. Meanwhile, the cost of acquiring land in a central business district remains unchanged since 2013.

Moreover, entrepreneurs are empowered due to various financial institutions giving them accesses to many options in monetary planning. The number of universal and commercial banks, finance cooperatives, microfinance institutions and pawnshops in the city experienced an increase in 2015.


2. Trust in a Responsible LGU.

Manila is plagued by quite a lot of problems. Overpopulation and poverty greatly affect the nation’s capital. Beggars roaming the streets and illegal settlers occupy abandoned properties are normal sights in the city.

This problem is magnified by the high cost of living in Manila. People are forced to cut corners to hold back on spending and this, in turn, impacts the quality of living spaces and resources these people acquire. Though the local government continues to churn out efforts to fight these problems, the progress is slow and the results minute.

CDO—with its fair share of these problems—has plans to reduce street children and beggars. Last 2015, the City Social Welfare and Development Office began its anti-begging campaign by improving dwelling and facilities to the less fortunate.


3. Forget about Manila’s Traffic

Traffic jams are frequent in Manila for many reasons. The number of car owners increased through the years. Drivers also lack discipline and do whatever they wish on the streets, ignoring traffic rules and street signs. Mass transportation is poorly maintained and is inefficient thus adding to the traffic problem as people are encouraged to get their own cars and, consequently, contribute to the already oversaturated car count.

The number of vehicle owners in CDO is also increasing as it continues to develop, but the city manages this by enforcing strict laws to maintain order and ease the flow of traffic. The Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) launched Oplan Hapsay Dalan, wherein additional traffic enforcers were employed to ensure its implementation. The new enforcers were trained on traffic laws, signs and hand signals. They are also in charge of getting rid of sidewalk vendors who overtake the streets.

Most of CDO’s public transport includes the UV express shuttle service, jeepneys, and the motorela—the city’s version of the tricycle. Jeepneys are common in the streets, but Kagay-anons prefer to travel using the motorela to reach short distances. A motorela can carry up to 10 people—nine passengers and the driver—making it more efficient than the tricycle.


4. Enjoy Natural Wonders

CDO has maintained the beauty and natural condition of its land and water formations. The city has Cagayan RiverGaston Park, and Macahambus Cave. It is also near the pineapple plantation-filled Bukidnon and sandy beaches of Camiguin Island.

People passing by the river can enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air. They can also try the extreme sport of white water rafting. Maharlika Bridge, also known as Marcos Bridge, connects Kauswagan National Highway to CM Recto Avenue is also a place where people spend their downtime. Another bridge frequented by Kagay-anons is the Emmanuel Pelaez Bridge or the Taguanao Bridge that leads to Balulang. People would stay at the bridge’s side in the afternoon to watch the sunset.


5. Pursue your Love of Knowledge

CDO also boasts outstanding universities and colleges. Here are the schools and colleges you can find in the city:

  • Academy for International Education – first multiple intelligence school in the South
  • Capitol University – most affordable university in the city that has commendable facilities
  • Golden Heritage Polytechnic College 
  • Liceo de Cagayan University
  • University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines – state university that provides advanced instruction in mathematics, science, technology, engineering
  • Cagayan de Oro College – Phinma Education Network – excels in Criminology
  • Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan – first institution to achieve the university status in the country and the first university in Mindanao


6. Relax in a Secured City

According to the South-Eastern Asia Crime Index of 2016, CDO falls on the eighth spot with a safety index of 57.54 while Manila falls on the fourteenth spot with a safety index of 50.79. Though Mindanao is associated with terrorist groups and other anti-nationalist groups, CDO is generally a safe place.

The city is a big place, but it has a tight-knit community. Most expats choose to settle in the city of Kagay-anons because of their friendliness, hospitality, and warm treatment.

Kyle Jennermann of #BecomingFilipino said,

People will look out for you here. Especially if you are a foreigner with THE RIGHT INTENTIONS.

Moving to the land of the friendly Kagay-anons can be the best decision you can make. Statistics and figures cannot show the experience of living in the South, but it can advise you to head over Misamis Oriental and look for a house and lot for sale in CDO.

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