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We heal as One against Covid-19. Click here to know how Pueblo de Oro is doing its part.

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6 Parks to Visit During Weekend

| by rei

6 Parks to Visit During Weekend

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Photo Credit: Aldrin Ayson

It feels good to breathe fresh air and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. Some people prefer going to a mall or just staying indoors during the weekend, but heading to a park to enjoy the scenery can give you a nice break from the usual. Interestingly, Pampanga has a lot of open areas and flat landscapes. These places are perfect for various activities like running, picnic dates and even organized community events. Choosing a house and lot for sale in Pampanga gives families access to these areas.


1. Air Force City Aircraft Park

Location: Andres Bonifacio Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone

The charm of this park comes from of the featured aircraft and aviation equipment. Local and foreign visitors can view the planes up close under the shade of the acacia trees and the cool breeze in the area.

The park can host various events and programs. It has a stage, pavilion, picnic tables, and a playground. Meanwhile, families can delight in the amenities of the area during regular days. The cemented pathway allows visitors to take leisurely strolls around the park. Those who wish to break a sweat can use the path for jogging. Other than the playground, families can bring their sports equipment such as badminton rackets, a frisbee or a volleyball. The flat surface of the park is wide enough to accommodate picnic goers and groups looking to sit back and relax.


2. Bayanihan Park

Location: M.A. Roxas, Clark, Angeles

The area was once an American air base, thus the park has modern architecture and structure. Before it became Bayanihan Park, it was named “Astro Park.” It was seen as the local version of Central Park in the middle of the city. Some locals are familiar with the area because of the “Salakot” or native hat shaped like a roof that stands in the middle of the green field. However, the residents of Angeles City has now moved the Salakot elsewhere.

The park is open for various activities. Annual festivities such as Easter Egg Hunting and national prayer gatherings are set up in the area. Beauty pageants, dance rehearsals, and small concerts all take place at Bayanihan Park. It’s also used as a venue for exciting competitions and dog shows. 

Besides these organized activities, the park serves as an outdoor gym for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It has a jogging path for runners and skaters while those who wish to relax can set up a blanket or foldable chairs on the grass fields. The open area is also ideal for flying kites. Close to the park are basketball and volleyball courts where residents can play their favorite ball sports.


3. Clark Air Base Bicentennial Park and Recreation Area

Location: Clark Freeport, Mabalacat

The Bicentennial Park is for on-break and retired members of the national air force. During their downtime, the place serves as a common place for their families. Under the shades of tall acacia trees are metal playsets for children. The grounds are available to those who wish to set up tents. Campers can use the row of charcoal grills on one side of the park to set up barbecue get-togethers. The kids, on the other hand, can play on the colorful monkey bars, see-saw, and swings. There are also basketball courts for families and groups who want to play ball.


4. Clark Parade Grounds

Location: Clark Special Economic Zone

Rich in culture, Clark Parade Grounds undertook different names before taking the title we all know today. It was called “Pati” by the Aetas and became a gathering point for Kapampangans during the Spanish Revolution. During the Filipino-American War, the U.S. 5th Cavalry Regiment settled on the open field as their base camp. A few years back, Clark Development Corporation developed the park’s jogging path.

The rubberized path is 2.2 kilometers long and 2.5 meters wide. The jogging trail uses polyurethane rubber matting topped with a sealer and anti-slip topcoat. Anyone can access the jogging path at any time of the day. The park also comes with 20 watts LED park lights and high-powered area lights—perfect for night jogs. 

There are benches, waiting sheds, and public restrooms for the convenience of the park’s visitors. The area also offers free Wi-fi connectivity.


5. Clark Nature Park

Location: Gil Puyat Avenue, Mabalacat

Compared to other open spaces, Clark Nature Park has a combination terrain. It has grasslands, mud, and some slopes. Like most parks, trees cover a portion of the land and there’s a playground for children.

The park is open for go-carting and horseback riding. It also has obstacle courses and wall for rock climbing. These facilities are ideal for team building and strenuous physical activity. The Ultimate Challenge—an obstacle course that targets balance, stability, and stamina—can be a team effort or an individual trial. It includes rows of tires for crawling and skipping as well as a short-distance zipline.


6. Nayong Pilipino

Location: Centennial Road, Clark Freeport Zone

Nayong Pilipino is the place to be for an educational downtime. The area is divided into sections. Some parts display replicas of historic houses and structures while others feature various indigenous tribes of the country.

The entrance to the park resembles an outdoor amphitheater. Visitors can gather in the area and take photos by the stone signage. Nayong Pilipino has a statue of Malakas at Maganda, a local legend of the origins of humanity. There is also the Torogan, the ancestral house by the datu or chief of the Maranao.

There are replicas and makeshift villages of the indigenous tribe from the North – Aeta, Kalinga, Ifugao. The Aetas are considered the group of people in the country. Meanwhile, the Kalinga Village features elevated houses, the Giletob and Piletong. As for the Ifugaos, there are replicas of Ulog houses in the park.

The Colonial section of the park features replicas of landmarks and historical markers. The Barasoain Church and houses of national heroes (Apolinario Mabini and Emilio Aguinaldo) are all in the area.

Nayong Pilipino has a lake for boat rides with families. There are also nipa hut cottages available for rent. Visitors who wish to spend a day or more can settle in the huts.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring appropriate sporting gear and pack some food when visiting these parks. The goal is to enjoy the ambiance of nature and appreciate what the area has to offer. Parks are best when visited with large crowds—family, friends, and colleagues. Invite the people close to your heart and have a blast.